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At EFF, we've become all too accustomed to bad news on copyright come out of Europe, so it's refreshing to hear that Portugal has recently passed a law on copyright that helps to strike a fairer balance between users and copyright holders on DRM. The law doesn't abolish legal protection for DRM altogether—unfortunately, that wouldn't be possible for Portugal to do unilaterally, because it would be inconsistent with European Union law and with the WIPO Copyright Treaty to which the EU is a signatory. However, Law No. 36/2017 of June 2, 2017, which entered into force on June 3, 2017, does grant some important new exceptions to the law's anti-circumvention provisions, which make it easier for users to exercise their rights to access content without being treated as criminals.

The amendments to Articles 217 and 221 of Portugal's Code of Copyright and Related Rights do three things. First, they provide that the anti-circumvention ban doesn't apply to circumvention of DRM in order to enjoy the normal exercise of copyright limitations and exceptions that are provided by Portuguese law. Although Portugal doesn't have a generalized fair use exception, the more specific copyright exceptions in Articles 75(2), 81, 152(4) and 189(1) of its law do include some key fair uses; including reproduction for private use, for news reporting, by libraries and archives, in teaching and education, in quotation, for persons with disabilities, and for digitizing orphan works. The circumvention of DRM in order to exercise these user rights is now legally protected.

Second and perhaps even more significantly, the law prohibits the application of DRM to certain categories of works in the first place. These are works in the public domain (including new editions of works already in the public domain), and to works published or financed by the government. This provision alone will be a boon for libraries, archives, and for those with disabilities, ensuring that they never again have to worry about being unable to access or preserve works that ought to be free for everyone to use. The application of DRM to such works will now be an offence under the law, and if DRM has been applied to such works nevertheless, it will be permitted for a user to circumvent it.

Third, the law also permits DRM to be circumvented where it was applied without the authorization of the copyright holder. From now on, if a licensee of a copyright work wishes to apply DRM to it when it is distributed in a new format or over a new streaming service, the onus will be on them to ask the copyright owner's permission first. If they don't do that, then it won't be an offence for its customers to bypass the DRM in order to obtain unimpeded access to the work, as its copyright owner may well have intended.

If there's a shortcoming to the law, it's that it doesn't include any new exceptions to the ban on creating or distributing (or as lawmakers ludicrously call it, "trafficking in") anti-circumvention devices.  This means that although users are now authorized to bypass DRM in more cases than before, they're on their own when it comes to accomplishing this. The amendments ought to have established clear exceptions authorizing the development and distribution of circumvention tools that have lawful uses, rather than leaving users to gain access to such tools through legally murky channels.

Overall though, these amendments go to show just how much flexibility countries have to craft laws on DRM that strike a fairer balance between users and copyright holders—even if, like Portugal, those countries have international obligations that require them to have anti-circumvention laws. We applaud Portugal for recognizing the harmful effects that DRM has access to knowledge and information, and we hope that these amendments will provide a model for other countries wishing to make a similar stand for users' rights.

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You know, I've always had a fondness for the body swap trope, and why not? Their funny little role reversal stories, always full of endearing antics as two people fumble about in brand new bodies with brand new lives. And such a versatile plot, too? With the right combinations of characters and settings, no two swaps need ever be quite the same! So yeah, I know it's 'Halloween Theme Week' and all that, but you can't exactly make a body swap with a kid and a toddler scary, now can you? So why don't we visit a story from this innocuous little anthology comic, and see what kind of a silly and heartwarming romp we get up to?

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Mice (Ensemble Studio Theatre - LA)There are many reasons I attend a show. Sometimes it’s on a subscription. Others I hear the description, and they sound interesting (like next week’s This Land). I may have heard the music, and that makes me want to see the show. For a small number, I have a personal connection to someone in the production. In the case of Mice, which I saw Sunday evening at the Ensemble Studio Theatre LA (FB) in Atwater Village, I know the playwright. Schaeffer Nelson (FB), who wrote Mice, has a day job at a ticketing service, and he has been the person with whom I’ve been working the last two years to do our Saroya (the venue formerly known as the Valley Performing Arts Center (VPAC)) (FB) subscriptions. He has always been patient with me on the phone, working to get us the most shows for what we could afford, in the best seats, at prices we like. So when EST’s publicist sent me the announcement for Mice and I saw Schaeffer was the author — and it was indeed the Schaeffer I knew — I knew I would try to fit it in. This was despite the fact that it was about a subject that I normally wouldn’t go see — horror and murder. Mice is a seventy-minute one-act play about a sadistic cannibal in a mouse costume who kidnaps the wives of pastors, binds them in a dungeon, tortures them, and eats them. If you’ve read my reviews, you know that’s a play I wouldn’t see. Well, to be precise, I wouldn’t go to see it unless there was song and dance (cough “Silence, The Musical”, cough, “Evil Dead, the Musical“).

When you are let into the theatre, you are confronted with the scene of two women, sitting on top of trash, chained by their hands and feet to two poles. As the show starts, the two start talking, with the one who had been held the longest, Ayushi (Sharmila Devar (FB)) attempting to calm the most recent capture, Grace (Heather Robinson (FB)). In doing so, she’s providing the necessary exposition for the show: why and how people are captured, what is done with them. She also encourages Grace to attempt to escape the next time their captor comes down to the basement for them. Shortly thereafter, we meet their abductor and capture, who is wearing a large mouse costume (Kevin Comartin (FB)). We soon learn why he has been capturing women, and why he has changed his mind about eating Grace. It is not, as you might think, that the suit told him to “Say Grace Before Eating”, which he heard as “Save”. Rather, the suit has told him that he needs to find a replacement, and both women smell right — so now he must decide. I’ll leave the plot hanging there.

I’ll first note that, although I went in expecting not to like this show — as I’m not a big fan of such dramas — this one caught my attention. I found the  story, umm, captivating, and I really had no idea where it would go. That’s good. From reading some reviews, there was a worry that it would be scary or sadistic, but I didn’t find that to be the case.

Second, it was really interesting to see this on the heels of Bright Star. There is an interesting connection with and parallel to the two stories, and a similar suspension of disbelief is required for both shows. I won’t give more away in that area, but see both if you can, near each other. I will note that I wasn’t the only audience member to walk out noting the connection.

There were a few sequences where the dialogue got into heavy Christianity discussions, which left me — as a Jewish audience member — wondering if I was missing something. So given that this was in an intimate space (and thus the script might be revised for future productions), I’d ask: What is there about this play that specifically requires both women to be familiar with Christianity? What might change if one of the women was a Rebbetzin (Rabbi’s wife), or a wife of an Imam, or the wife of the leader of an Eastern religion? How much Christian theory and practice must the audience know?

There were also a few plot slips that left me puzzled. Why, for example, after Mouseman was knocked out the first time, didn’t the women just take his ether soaked cloth and knock him out completely? It probably could be answered easily, but wasn’t. You don’t want to leave the audience distracted by such questions.

Other questions, however, remain. Why, for example, a mouse? Was it a reference to this being some sort of cat-and-mouse game? Was it a play on our thinking of rodents as dirty and nasty? Or was it just a costuming convenience. There should be a reason, and it somehow should be clear. And how to they do to the bathroom. People in plays never seem to have normal bodily functions. But I digress.

Some reviews I have read saw this story as a battle of faith, playing off the fact that Ayushi had essentially given up on her faith, but Grace was still strongly faithful. That battle didn’t come across to me — but it could be my lack of familiarity (or care) about Christian tenets, nor could I tell the difference between Ayushi abandoning Christianity and going back to Hinduism. There were a few pointed comments about the hypocrisy of Christianity, but the focus was more on self-loathing. Although it seemed to be a given that the wives of pastors are filled with self-loathing, I fail to see how that would be. Is there a particular reason that would be the case? I certainly haven’t seen it from the spouses of Rabbis that I know.

But overall, I found this an interesting play — as any discussion between two captors might be.

The production was directed by Roderick Menzies (FB), who kept the pace moving along, and helped bring out proper captive behavior in the actors.

On the production side, the Amanda Knehans‘s scenic design was simple: four poles for the captors (two each), some trash, tables, chairs, and a basement. Simple works.  Michael Mullen (FB)’s costume design supports this well — the women look like, well, women who were at church, and Mouseman’s costume is suitably mouselike and bloody. The sound design of David Boman (FB) is interesting. One wouldn’t expect a lot of sound design would be needed in a show like that, and one would be wrong. There were numerous sound effects, all of which worked well. Ellen Monocroussos (FB)’s lighting design worked well to establish the mood and suspense.  Other production credits: Mike Mahaffey (FB) – Fight Coordinator; Priscilla Miranda (FB) – Stage Manager; Liz Ross (FB) – Producer; Christopher Reiling (FB) – Associate Producer.

Mice continues at Ensemble Studio Theatre LA (FB) through October 29. Tickets are available through the EST LA Website. I was unable to find discount tickets on either Goldstar or LA Stage Tix, but small theatres like this can use the full price purchases. This show isn’t for everyone’s taste, but if you find the subject matter interesting — or attend  the Saroya (the venue formerly known as the Valley Performing Arts Center (VPAC)) (FB) — it is worth seeing. EST-LA has another well reviewed production playing during October, Wet: A DACAmented Journey. I won’t be able to fit it in my schedule, but you might. This production’s Mouseman serves as the director.


Ob. Disclaimer: I am not a trained theatre (or music) critic; I am, however, a regular theatre and music audience member. I’ve been attending live theatre and concerts in Los Angeles since 1972; I’ve been writing up my thoughts on theatre (and the shows I see) since 2004. I do not have theatre training (I’m a computer security specialist), but have learned a lot about theatre over my many years of attending theatre and talking to talented professionals. I pay for all my tickets unless otherwise noted. I am not compensated by anyone for doing these writeups in any way, shape, or form. I currently subscribe at 5 Star Theatricals (FB) [the company formerly known as Cabrillo Music Theatre (FB)], the Hollywood Pantages (FB), Actors Co-op (FB), the Chromolume Theatre(FB) in the West Adams district, and a mini-subscription at the Saroya [the venue formerly known as the Valley Performing Arts Center (VPAC)] (FB). Through my theatre attendance I have made friends with cast, crew, and producers, but I do strive to not let those relationships color my writing (with one exception: when writing up children’s production, I focus on the positive — one gains nothing except bad karma by raking a child over the coals). I believe in telling you about the shows I see to help you form your opinion; it is up to you to determine the weight you give my writeups.

Upcoming Shows:

The theatre drought has ended, and the last three months of 2017 are busy busy busy. October concludes with  This Land at Company of Angels (FB) in Boyle Heights. Looking into November, we start with the Nottingham Festival (FB) in Simi Valley, followed by The Man Who Came to Dinner at Actors Co-op (FB). The following weekend brings a Day Out with Thomas at Orange Empire Railway Museum (FB), as well as The Kingston Trio (FB) at the Kavli Theatre in Thousand Oaks (FB). The third weekend will bring Edges at the CSUN Theatre Department (FB) on Friday, the Tumbleweed Festival (FB) on Saturday, and Spamilton at the Kirk Douglas Theatre (FB) on Sunday. Thanksgiving Weekend will bring Something Rotten at the Ahmanson Theatre (FB) and hopefully Levi (a new Sherman Brothers musical – join the Indiegogo here) at LA Community College Camino Theatre (FB). November concludes with the Anat Cohen Tentet at the Saroya (the venue formerly known as the Valley Performing Arts Center (VPAC)) (FB).

December starts with ACSAC 2017 in Orlando FL. As soon as we return, we’ve got Pacific Overtures at Chromolume Theatre (FB) and the Colburn Orchestra at the Saroya (the venue formerly known as the Valley Performing Arts Center (VPAC)) (FB). The weekend encompassing Chanukah sees us back at the Saroya  (FB) for the Klezmatics. We also hope to squeeze in a performance of A Christmas Story at the Canyon Theatre Guild (FB). Of course there will also be the obligatory Christmas Day movie.

Right now, early 2018 is pretty open, with only a few weekends taken by shows at the Pantages and Actors Co-Op. But that will likely fill up as Chromolume announces their dates, and announcements are received on interesting shows. Currently, we’re booking all the way out in mid to late 2018!

As always, I’m keeping my eyes open for interesting productions mentioned on sites such as Better-LemonsMusicals in LA@ This StageFootlights, as well as productions I see on GoldstarLA Stage TixPlays411 or that are sent to me by publicists or the venues themselves. Note: Lastly, want to know how to attend lots of live stuff affordably? Take a look at my post on How to attend Live Theatre on a Budget.

===> Click Here To Comment <==This entry was originally posted on Observations Along the Road as A Mouse's Tale | "Mice" @ Ensemble Studio Theatre by cahwyguy. Although you can comment on DW, please make comments on original post at the Wordpress blog using the link to the left. You can sign in with your LJ, DW, FB, or a myriad of other accounts. PS: If you see share buttons above, note that they do not work outside of the Wordpress blog.

The Transitive Property of Marjoram

Oct. 23rd, 2017 01:19 pm
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I’ve been cooking a lot more since moving into a house with a kitchen big enough to be pleasant to work in, but I’m still not much of a chef. This is, in part, because I don’t yet have a good handle on whether things I like separately will combine well — especially when it comes to herbs and spices. Their flavor profiles, and how they meld with the different foods they might be used to flavor, are still terra fairly incognita for me.

But the other day I tried out a new recipe for a side dish of onions and bell peppers with marjoram, and had some left over. When I went to put it in the fridge, I saw I also had some leftover kielbasa. And I know that one of the recipes I’ve made several times, a kielbasa stew, includes marjoram.

So, by the transitive property of marjoram: I can combine these things, right?

And lo, I have Invented a Dish. Fried the kielbasa for a couple of minutes, tossed the onions and bell peppers in to warm them up, dumped the result over rice, hey presto, it worked. In the future I can make this on purpose, as its own thing, rather than just as a way to use up leftovers (though it can be that, too). I’m still not knowledgeable enough to go tossing marjoram into things without precedent to guide me . . . but I can pay attention to which recipes use which flavorings, and start absorbing the underlying principles there.

Baby steps, yo.

Lambiel vs. Polunin: who did it best?

Oct. 23rd, 2017 09:00 pm
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Bearing in mind that a fair contest requires you to imagine Lambiel 1) with top-notch high definition camera work and 2) wearing only a pair of ballet tights... I think it's close...

(Though you could argue that Polunin musters up more authentic agony, whereas Lambiel just looks like he's having a lot of fun.)

(no subject)

Oct. 23rd, 2017 03:32 pm
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Hiya Folks,

A bit of housekeeping before getting to Happy Hours for this week.

 A Big Milliways thank you to all the people who app'd. You should all be ready to go. 
The Cast and Contact Lists have not be updated yet, but I'm hoping to get to that tonight. But if not...likely tomorrow.
By Wednesday, the latest.

Happy Hour shifts this week include:

Today, or what's left of it.
Tomorrow! all day.

They go to the first good home that claims them.
Have at!


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I went on the Pop Tea podcast to talk about the ghosting ex, the guy who pooped in the potted plant, phone anxiety, and much more. It’s episode 10 here. My segment starts at 46:35 and lasts for about 40 minutes. (The hosts of this are really funny!)

I also discussed the ghosting ex on the Why Oh Why podcast, which talks about romance and relationships in the digital age (Vulture called the host “a genius of the cringe,” which is a title I covet). My segment starts at 20:00 here and lasts for about seven minutes.

here’s me talking about the ghosting ex was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

(no subject)

Oct. 23rd, 2017 02:11 pm
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I need to set some sort of alarm to remind me to take regular breaks to lie on the floor on my back. It hurts to do it, but it's the only thing that eases my shoulders at all, and when I don't do it, they just get tighter and tighter and tighter which also hurts. I'm pretty sure that the things that hurt when I lie on the floor aren't going to be harmed by it. The shoulder thing hurts and exhausts me. I'm pretty sure it's contributing to me not sleeping at night.

Cordelia and her friends were sufficiently bored by Saturday night's dance that they left after about an hour (considering it was a bit more than $25 per ticket, that seems like a terrible return on our money). They walked to one of Cordelia's friend's houses. Cordelia says she really wished for a jacket or sweatshirt because her dress is sleeveless.

Scott got really pretty cranky about not getting around to mowing the lawn on Saturday. The front lawn looks okay even when it doesn't get mowed for weeks, but the backyard actually gets sun for a lot of the day, and it gets pretty shaggy. I don't care because we don't do anything out there and because no one can see it but our neighbors who don't much care. Scott, however, was brought up with the idea that lawn care is Important as a sign of competent adulthood.

Seriously, when we were house hunting, we looked for the smallest lawn we could get. (Condos weren't an option because, in our price range, they were all either too small for our bed (or our books) or very, very vertical; most were both. We were more concerned about limiting stairs than about lawns.)

We got sandwiches while we were doing our library run yesterday because I was running out of time to eat. Scott got a sandwich with pesto, and the basil was so strong that I really wanted to get up and move because my mind associates the smell with getting sick after eating it. I hadn't expected to have that reaction, and I'll need to mention it to Scott so that he knows for next time. I don't mind him eating it, but it would be much better if we sat at separate tables for it.

We have no idea if we'll be able to go to the celebration for Scott's sister's birthday on Saturday. Her family needs to be done and gone before we can possibly get there if Scott's working that day. Sunday wasn't an option because of a choir fundraiser that will keep Cordelia most of the afternoon combined with me not being able to eat anything at all after 6 p.m. on school nights.

I think I'm in spitting distance of the end of the first draft of the story I'm currently working on. I hope so, anyway. I know the main thing I need to address when I edit. I just keep cat waxing, though. I can write a couple hundred words, and then I need to stop for a while. Mostly, right now, I'm looking over saved prompts to see which ones I really, really want to write. I think I need to delete any that don't give me immediate plot bunnies. Well, I'll keep the ones from people I know, too, with a generous definition of 'know.'

Black Vulture

Oct. 23rd, 2017 06:01 pm
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Black Vulture_1

He’s actually great to talk to if you are also interested in interwar European coinage.

Originally posted at
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Until the 30th. (That site was easier to navigate than Amazon's, which is all flashy flashy, of course.) There are also book giveaways this week, though you probably won't win.
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A devastating masterpiece. When Trump was elected, I was afraid that my lifelong nightmares of concentration camps would come true. I should have known that they already had. Since the inception of Reagan's War on Drugs, the USA has been a for-profit carceral state.
Today it is perfectly legal to discriminate against criminals in nearly all the ways that it was once legal to discriminate against African Americans. Once you’re labeled a felon, the old forms of discrimination—employment discrimination, housing discrimination, denial of the right to vote, denial of educational opportunity, denial of food stamps and other public benefits, and exclusion from jury service—are suddenly legal. As a criminal, you have scarcely more rights, and arguably less respect, than a black man living in Alabama at the height of Jim Crow. We have not ended racial caste in America; we have merely redesigned it.

I had known bits and pieces of this - one can hardly live in America without knowing it. Alexander's achievement is to put together the evidence in as damning an indictment as one can imagine. The fact that this was written two years into the first Obama administration, and seven years before the inauguration of a white supremacist demagogue, just underscores the seriousness and urgency of its message. Black lives matter.

Figure to yourselves my bogglement

Oct. 23rd, 2017 06:09 pm
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A booklist which includes Tropic of Cancer and Little Women:

Goodreads' 200 Most Difficult Novels. "Novels that made you work the hardest. Let's assume that you actually finished the book and felt that it was worth the effort."

And some of those are Very Long Important Novels but some of them are quite short, and not even short in the sense of 'compressed and elliptical and dense'.

And some of them are challenging reads on account of subject matter but others, really, not so much I would have thought.

And, generically, quite a mishmash.

But a list that includes Clarissa and Coraline?

Okay, some of those books look like set texts that people had to struggle through and then found worth the journey, but others, presumably, are not the kind of books that feature in lit courses.

And some are even in the category I would have considered rattling airport reads...

cinema & Indian concert

Oct. 22nd, 2017 06:08 pm
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I knew I was going to be sooo tired after the 5 gig run, but rather than zombie out at home I decided to do things. i went to see Bladerunner 2049 at a 1pm matinee (when did I last go to a matinee???) Alas I didn't like the movie at all!!!! - I wont go into all the reasons but I came out of it wound up by it, so I stopped for a thali at my local Indian lunch spot, went home and Facetime discussed/argued with my brother who thought the film was great. Opinions - who needs 'em? :-)

Then to change my brain I went to an Indian classical concert at the cathedral - just 1 jour - of tar shehnai (a bowed sitar with a metal horn) and tabla. it was nice enough - hadn't been to an Indian classical gig in quite a while. Saw some chums there including my sitar tutor Dharambhir Singh from 25+ years ago - it was nice to chat to him and them.

Home - tired but accomplished. Just a shame about the movie.
And early bed

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Partly a concert and partly a ceilidh - we had played their before but not for a couple of years. Jolly crowd loved it and we sold some CDs.
Thus endeth my 5 gigs in a row after the poorly week. I took time off during the days and the gigs went well. Probably tired tomorrow though


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This biannual event is huge - about 115 people all up for nothing but dancing - no songs inbetween - no pleading for dancers to come onto the floor -  really keen dancers in a big square hall. It was all rather jolly.

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A curious gig which as part of the festival Andy Nicholls and I played in the bar area while people went in and out of 2 musical shows. So we played to a very busy space for 45mins, then were on our own for an hour and a half - we rehearsed and jammed a bit - then we played when they all came out again for the 15 minute interval. then they went in and that was it.

We had a soundman and a very eccentrically designed backdrop made from random props.

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[personal profile] unclechristo

I limped through a tired, headachey day, but almost completed my accounts. Then with a tactical nap & food I somehow turned it around and played a nice jazz gig with Andy Nicholls at the Marabel with a very appreciative audience.

'Behind You'

Oct. 23rd, 2017 12:54 pm
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 'Behind You' is a webcomic by Bryan Coldrick. A compilation book is being released by IDW. Here are a few selections, you can view the rest here.

Comics under the cut... )
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Last year my Happy Landings trio had a concert celebrating out 25 year anniversary, plus saxc player Andy Nicholls joining us in the 2nd set celebrating CCQ's 20th. I was asked to do another jazz gig at The Regent and I left it open for a while thinking I might've managed to create a new trio but things got busy so i opted for a repeat gig with HL & CCQ.

Despite just one pretty rough rehearsal when I was poorly, it went much better this time I think. I was more chilled about it and was happy I managed to bring the music down to a less busy level, adding more spaces. I also played my new tune Lament For A Broken Phone which went nicely. Plus we did an improvisation with flutes & kalimba that went down well.

CCQ was livelier and in both sets I threw a few light songs to break up the "art" - Damned, Green Clothes, Days Gone By.

The coast road

Oct. 23rd, 2017 04:48 pm
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Yesterday we drove from Roscoff to Paimpol, along the coast road. To avoid disappointment, I'll say right away that this is always a dance, coming down to the sea, following it for a short distance and then drifting apart, and that the best views are always the ones where it's impossible to stop the car and take photographs. In fact, the photo that I liked best as it came out of the camera is this one:

I lift my lamp...

Morlaix and points east )

From there it was only a short distance to Paimpol - but that's another story.

Back from time out/poorly week

Oct. 16th, 2017 05:40 pm
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I had 9 days with no gigs :-) But I kinda had a bug thing - (headache, neck glands up, etc) that I thought could be a little return of glandular fever, then just a virus, then I thought a rumbling wisdom tooth, then stress, then an ear infection. So after trips to doctors, dentist, and antibiotics, I was told there was no infection, and maybe it was fatigue and whatever it is it'll probably go away.

The good thing is it made me take the 9 days off properly and be lazy.
Next up I am back to work with 5 gigs in a row, 3 of them luggung the big piano keyboard around...

he's off doing inspections

Oct. 23rd, 2017 10:08 am
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does ever one wakeup
in the morning
wondering how their partner is?

this bright idea
just a wee bit of duct tape

makes me wonder

its quiet.
last night one of the smoke detectors
started a bleep every 10 minutes
we finally figured out it was the kitchen one.
not before gus got rampped up into panic mode
so Mike turned on his music
and I went down stairs
it was so loud i heard it just fine down there
and it wasn't just the music
Mike blathered away making nonsense
competing with jobim.

last monday night
when the virus started
he spent the whole night moaning
he complained he'd been dreaming the same dream
but he never was quiet long enough to sleep
deeper than REM. I finally tried to
sleep and told him shush!
he was quiet for maybe 2 minutes
next day he complained about how tiered he was. doy.
he's finally feeling better.

its getting cold in here
just turned on the upstairs space heater
now I'm feeling crappy. dratted virus.

I put window screen aside thinking about stitching on it
it will not break down like plastic canvas-
that is a down side of plastic canvas all that work
and it degrades. it won't biodegrade but it will stay around.
the problem with screen is its purty flimsy.
some one else solved the problem by putting it in frames

the place i've been using memory up on

there are rumors of snow
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"My friend Sam who falls down a lot (I can say that because she doesn't read my comics) once referred to me as 'shitty Bendis' and it was one of the nicest compliments anyone had given me at that point in my career." - Matthew Rosenberg

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Partly because the artwork was rushed and largely inappropriate to the subject matter, but mostly because I was simply having to produce too much material in too short a time — seven scripts all at once! — and ended up putting most of my attention to the five “middle” books. Say what you like about KINGDOM #1 and #2, which aren’t great, but I genuinely feel that Offspring, Planet Krypton and Son of the Bat are as good as anything I’ve ever written or likely ever will. -- Mark Waid

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Posted by Ask a Manager

A reader writes:

I recently graduated from college and moved out of a fairly precarious home situation into an awesome apartment in a neighboring state and a perfect first job.

The holidays are approaching and I have Monday and Tuesday of Christmas week off but not the rest of the week. I’ll go home for that long weekend, but my parents expect me to request the rest of the week off (I have a very good PTO package so I’ll have the days available). However, I want to be back in town right away due to the aforementioned rocky home situation. They’ll try to make the unilateral decision about my vacation time so I can’t really just flat-out refuse to stay home if it’s an option. I don’t want to lie to my parents (tell them my vacation request was denied if I haven’t asked/was given a go-ahead), but can I get my boss to refuse to give me that time off?

Note: I know this home situation may raise some red flags, but my question is more focused on the vacation requests with my boss, not those issues.

Well … in theory you can ask your boss to do that, but you shouldn’t.

If you do explain the situation to your boss and ask her to deny your vacation request, a lot of bosses would say something like, “Feel free to say we needed you here if you want to.”

But you’re going to make yourself look a lot more like a kid to your boss if you do this, and you don’t want that. You want your boss to think of you as an adult (which you are!).

Plus, if your goal is to not lie to your parents, this isn’t going to accomplish that. Even if your boss does what you’re asking, that’s not a real vacation denial. It’s a charade that you requested. So if you then tell your parents that you couldn’t get the time off, it’s still going to be a lie — even if your boss went through the motions of denying the time off at your request. (That’s actually part of the reason that this will make you look less mature to your boss — because it’s an odd sort of game-playing.)

But if you don’t want to spend that whole week at home and you don’t want to have to debate it with your parents, you’re allowed to just tell them that you can’t get the whole week off, without involving your boss at all. “I can’t get those days off” is a time-honored way of getting out of plans that people don’t want to make. And yes, it’s better if you can be honest and up-front with your parents, but it’s really common to have family dynamics that make that tough to do. And people who try to unilaterally control other adults’ vacation time forfeit their right to honest, forthright answers.

Hopefully at some point in the future you’ll feel comfortable asserting yourself with your family about this kind of thing — and hopefully you’ve resolved to get yourself to the point in the future — but if you’re not there right now, you’re allowed to use the “have to work” white lie.

can I ask my boss to deny my vacation request so I don’t have to go home for Christmas? was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

Monday DE

Oct. 23rd, 2017 08:12 am
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Blame [personal profile] sunbaked_baker for this one...
At the risk of sending everyone into the internet black hole that is TV-Tropes, what are your favorite tropes that appear in your pups' canons? Or what tropes do you find yourself using in your own writing?

For example, I'm a sucker for Badass Bookworms trying to Refuse the Call, and Affably Evil, Deadpan Snarkers. Surprise, surprise. ^_^

Longsword locks

Oct. 23rd, 2017 03:48 pm
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If the longsword photos didn't work for you, try now -

I've redone all the images from Flickr instead of Google photos. I'd forgotten that you can't even cut and past images from Google photos, let along link to them. (They look fine when I'm putting the entry together, but I don't think anyone else can see them)

Movie review: Residue

Oct. 23rd, 2017 10:45 am
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Residue (Written and directed by Rusty Nixon, 2017)
This film combines two of my narrative fetishes, horror noir and a supernatural book, which is what persuaded me to watch it in the first place, but it turned out to be a surprisingly likeable movie.
It's not an instant classic, but it might well turn out to be a cult classic.

Set in a seedy futuristic city, James Clayton plays Luke, a really, really, down on his luck private eye working for crime boss Mr. Fairweather played by the maniacal Matt Frewer). Luke is hoping for a big job that will allow him to provide a better life for his estranged daughter, so when Fairweather offers him a lot of money to deliver a mysterious briefcase, Luke takes the job, and instantly hitmen show up trying to kill him. When Luke opens the briefcase and finds a creepy book, things become even more desperate as he attempts to solve the mystery of the book before the hitmen succeed in killing him.

This low budget indie film does a lot with a little. The storyline is solid, and becomes increasingly complex as Luke progresses through the book and spins off an increasing number of timelines. When Luke's estranged daughter shows up, Luke's desperation increases as he tries to keep her safe from both the hitmen and Luke's own personal demons.

I found the multiple timeline aspect of this film really interesting, and the relationship between Luke and his nearly grownup daughter was endearingly awkward. (I realize this is a slight spoiler, but I need to mention that this film has one of the best daughter coming out to dad scenes *ever*.)

The pacing of the film is good, with tension being relieved by occasional darkly humorous moments. One of the things I look for in a film is a director who trusts his audience to pick up the story without having everything explained, and Residue offers a satisfying amount of ambiguity to provide for lively conversation after the movie ends.

Note: We watched this movie on Netflix, but Netflix also has a 3-part pilot titled Residue (Dir. Alex Garcia Lopez, 2015).

Back From California

Oct. 23rd, 2017 02:34 pm
[syndicated profile] scalziwhatever_feed

Posted by John Scalzi

As you know if you follow me here or on other social media, I’ve lately been in the great state of California. What was I doing there? Well, in no particular order, going to and being a photographer for my niece’s wedding, seeing family and friends, having business meetings and going to my 30th(!) high school reunion. Not all at once, mind you. Mostly one after the other.

It was both an enjoyable and productive trip, but now I’m home and glad to be here and seeing my pets and sleeping in my own bed. I’ve also got about two weeks of mail to sift through. One thing I did open up immediately, however: The box from Tor that contained my author copies of the Old Man’s War mini-hardcover. Folks, it looks great, inside and out. I’m super pleased with this edition and would recommend it highly even if I wasn’t the author. If you’ve been looking for a print edition, this is the one to get.

In any event: I’m back in Ohio! And it’s nice to be home.

A Mixed Bag

Oct. 23rd, 2017 08:28 am
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It's a good thing I had scheduled activities, this weekend, or I could easily have hermited under a blanket the whole time.

Friday night was dinner with friends and a concert; I didn't gym, but did walk home, a little over a mile.

Saturday, I did two loads of laundry and then met up with Ms. 9; among other things, we walked to the ice rink for the public skate, and got milkshakes, because the nearby gelato place closed! Shocker! Then I met up with a friend for an evening concert. We had gelato at the place in my neighborhood afterwards while we discussed the concert. You know it's art if it makes you think about it afterwards.

The concert was a World War One-themed program, which transitioned between movements from a period (English) requiem, popular songs done as solos or chorally, and poetry. Being a WWI geek, I was familiar with all the material except the requiem. I discovered I didn't like the poetry aspect, because the narrators were often speaking over either the percussionist or singing, and I apparently can't track that sort of thing, despite being very familiar with the poems. The mixture of mediums throughout left me a little unsettled, unable to concentrate on the music as much as I would have liked. I think I would have preferred hearing the requiem all in one go, instead of having the movements spread throughout the program; though I can see why did it, as the program was broken into three thematic sections. So, it was art, and I got to chat briefly with my friend in the choir afterwards.

Sunday, I woke up normally, but then went back to bed for another three hours. I went to afternoon brunch with a friend, bought peanut butter, then went home, put away some but not all of the laundry, and spent the rest of the evening reading in bed.


Oct. 23rd, 2017 02:01 pm
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I had always wondered why some water birds had such weird feet.

Never would have guessed underwater branches.

Originally posted at

(no subject)

Oct. 23rd, 2017 09:41 am
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A lot of social media is sending coded messages to the minions.

Feeling creaky

Oct. 23rd, 2017 09:23 am
[personal profile] herooftheage
In Ze Olde Days (tm), I would fight all day, party later than anyone else, and then get up early enough to one-shot the latest up-and-comer who claimed a polearm was no match for a sword and shield. Now, I get wasted playing 18 holes of a relatively short golf course.

Still, it was better than not playing. I was with a couple of long-time friends, and we all enjoyed each other's company immensely. They even put up with my point-of-view being dramatically different from theirs. Really, the only downside from the day was the soreness I'm feeling today, and that was a remarkably small price to pay - I'd do it again in a flash, and no doubt will.

Last chance to get your bids in

Oct. 23rd, 2017 02:23 pm
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Bidding at [community profile] fandomlovespuertorico closes today (thanks to [personal profile] sholio for the heads-up).

What's This?

Oct. 23rd, 2017 01:00 pm
[syndicated profile] cakewrecks_feed

Posted by Jen

Earlier today John had the song "What's This?" from Nightmare Before Christmas stuck in his head.

After looking at these Wrecks, now *I* do.


What's this? What's this?

There's color everywhere


What's this?

There's white things in the air


What's this?

It's orange and so hairy - what's the deal with those two berries? I don't care!

What's this?



What's this? What's this?

I can't believe my eyes,


What's this?

A donkey tank surprise?

What's this? A swirly mass so curly, could the purple be too girly? Should this song be ending early?

No we're going 'til we hurl-y!!

What's this?


Could it be, oh could it be? Did I get my wish?

Here's something that makes sense: a meteorite bird fiiiish!

What's this?




What's this? What's this? There's something very wrong!


What's this? That blue thing's really long.

What's this?

It's positively crappy, and yet I feel so happy, have I possibly gone sappy? I think I need a nappy 'cuz this song is kind of rappy so I guess I'll get a frappey and go shopping at the Gappy...





S.K., Patrick T., Chris E., Reagan B., Rebekah W., Austin L., Alex S., Kaylyn M., & Mikaela, your guess is as good as mine.

Oh, and for your continued "enjoyment" I have a special treat today: while we were writing this post, John & #1 (aka "the other Jen") kept singing it to get the cadence right. really entertaining.

So, I decided to tape them.

There were a few interruptions, but overall I think you'll find their don't have the volume up too loud, k?


(If you're wondering what my contribution is here, I'm the one doing the scrolling. And giggling.) Update from john: Please note that no animals were harmed during the making of this video. :)


Thank you for using our Amazon links to shop! USA, UK, Canada.


And from my other blog, Epbot:

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Oct. 23rd, 2017 09:02 am
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Hi there, Milliways! My name's Catharine and I'm brand new to this game, after being in the Dreamwidth RPG scene for a while and then kind of vanishing for a few years, then getting the itch to play back. I'm bringing in Graverobber, the grave-robbing, drug-dealing, plot-narrating character from Repo! the Genetic Opera.

I'll put up a post to the bar for Graverobber later today, but I figured I'd say hello since I'm brand new to the game. Looking forward to meeting/playing with you guys!

(no subject)

Oct. 23rd, 2017 08:00 am
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Good morning everyone, and welcome to Radio Free Monday!

Ways To Give:

Devyn was hit with a series of emergencies and medical bills in the last month, and is fundraising to help pay a large vet bill, her own MRI bill, and multiple urgent-care trips as well as a car repair. You can read more, see some cute kitty pictures, and support the YouCaring here.

[ profile] silversouledcat is raising money to stay in college and still be able to feed herself; she depends on her status as a college student for her meds, and on her independence to keep her sanity and distance from her parents. You can read more, find her paypal email, and reblog her post here.

Buy Stuff, Help Out:

[ profile] roguewrld linked to a Planned Parenthood fundraiser -- buy a nerdy Klingon shirt and support Planned Parenthood! I...don't actually know what the shirt says but I understand it's a form of play on MAGA. You can read more and buy a shirt here!

Help for Free:

Anon linked to a petition regarding -- the Malaysian government has blocked FFN due to the "lewd and explicit nature of its erotic stories" and the petition is to unblock the site. If you guys aren't following this story, it's something everyone in fandom should be aware of; it looks to me like a test run before they go up against AO3 next. You can read and sign the petition here.

And this has been Radio Free Monday! Thank you for your time. You can post items for my attention at the Radio Free Monday submissions form. If you're not sure how to proceed, here is a little more about what I do and how you can help (or ask for help!). If you're new to fundraising, you may want to check out my guide to fundraising here.
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or if you're less comfortable swearing than me


(no subject)

Oct. 23rd, 2017 11:23 am
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Please send thoughts and prayers that I actually survive this week X_X

On Thursday I'm supposed to submit my thesis. I... am having strong doubts that's going to happen. My back is back to being tender and less-than-fully-functional on a daily basis. I have a minor cold that's making me extra tired and sluggish and if I could just take it easy this week and rest I'm sure it would go away in a day or two? But since that's not an option I'm scared it's going to develop into full blown in-bed-for-days illness. (I was JUST sick! I can't handle that shit again right now!) Work has also been extra busy and stressful :/

To give you an idea how yesterday, the first day of the work week went for me: stayed at work late, came home exhausted and with back pain. Couldn't deal with hassle of cooking so roommate and I ordered in food (she also baked delicious cookies for my arrival, which was a plus). Came home, showered, changed into PJs, ate the food we ordered, watched the double episode of Outlander together in the living room, had some tea and cookies.

Me: what time it is?
Roommate: ten to 9.
Me: Sounds legit. I'm off to pass out.

laid down in my bed and didn't get up again until it was time to go to work. And today my back is still fucked up and my thesis hasn't budged and work is only getting busier. Ugh. I just want this goddamn thesis to be OVER ALREADY and it's like the last few days of getting it done are harder than the last five years put together.
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Hi everybody. Subject line pretty much sums it up. I'm wondering if anyone could test out the following website for accessibility: . I realize that this is probably a loaded request, especially given that accessibility means different things to different people. However, I've been having some issues with some parts of the website and am wondering if other people also experience these issues. I have been trying to purchase a free course from the AFB eLearning Center with no luck. It seems that this site is logging me out constantly, unless I tick the box that says "Remember My Username and Password." Even then, I am sometimes automatically logged out. Please see a prior entry of mine in this comm. I realize this is probably a security measure to protect against spammers and so forth, but the frequency with which it happens seems to be much greater than on other sites. The other issue I'm having is with the online store. It seems that, with VoiceOver at least, the navigation is somewhat off. It wraps around in a loop, but just a few days ago I was able to read a bit of information that was not accessible to me before. For the most part this website with its accompanying portals seems to work pretty well with VoiceOver and the latest version of Chromevox Classic, but I've not had good luck contacting the admins. Thanks in advance for anybody's assistance with this.


Oct. 23rd, 2017 08:06 am
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Air temperature 50 F, dew point 50 F, calm, visibility .2 miles. Supposed to get rain starting tomorrow night. We need it.

Star Trek: Discovery 1.05 and 1.06

Oct. 23rd, 2017 01:06 pm
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1.05: In which the first TOS character other than Sarek shows up, the spotlight of the episode is shared by Saru and Lorca, and we finally get on screen canon m/m which is not limited to a few silent seconds.

Read more... )

1.06: In which it's time for another round of everyone's favourite dysfunctional Vulcan family saga. Luckily for me, since I eat this stuff up with a spoon.

Read more... )

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