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Rough week. Especially yesterday, when N and I took a very sick Bronx to the emergency vet in Seattle. He had a fever of 106; apparently I can't tell at all from his nose and ears. He was also throwing up and not eating, and wasn't anywhere near his usual rambunctious self.

Note: apparently a virus. He's recovering well, and we'll be taking him home tomorrow.

The house seems very quiet and lonely without our Bronx boy. Brooklyn and even Ticia are rambuncting as best they can, but it isn't the same. Meanwhile, apparently cats really are liquids. Or should I say that cat is a liquid?

Thursday, one of our neighbor's cows got loose in our yard. One of those things that's very funny in retrospect. We've also been having a hard time finding a caregiver for Colleen.

As I said, rough week.

Two public service announcements:

  1. Breach at Equifax May Impact 143M Americans; How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace the Security Freeze
  2. If you happen to be on Whidbey Island next Sunday (the 24th, a week from today), drop by our house for music and food. "The usual potluck bash", as we used to say of the Starport.

I'm trying to establish a schedule, so that I actually get things done, have some time for Colleen, and don't spend all my spare time online. 9-11 on Tuesdays and Thursdays are earmarked for "Unpleasant Chores" - unpacking, cleaning litter boxes, finishing up the taxes, taking out the garbage, and so on. Tag "UC:"

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Somewhat eventful week, and I see that I didn't get it posted yesterday. Grumph. And today is a busy one, so this will be worked on only in the interstices.

This was our first week of school for both of N's kids, and in particular of homeschooling for j. N and I are taking turns, with N on Tuesday and Thursday, and me on Monday and Wednesday (when C has a caregiver in, although it's a little more hectic right now because we're between caregivers). Friday is for catch-up and projects. J also got the first weekly call from his teacher, where we were able to determine that we have a lot more freedom to choose which activities (e.g. science experiments) we actually do. It's still a bit of a scramble.

This weekend (ok, last weekend -- I'm finishing this up on Tuesday at this point) one of our neighbors, Dean, threw a huge party. He apparently does this every year for his birthday. He's 67, and has been building his house and "landscaping" his property since sometime in the '70s. It's awesome. "Landscaping" in quotes because landscaping doesn't normally include secret tunnels, grottos, and water slides. I only found out about it because I was standing behind him in line at the grocery store. Fairly large amount of music. He's a fiddler! We have a lot of songs that could use fiddle. He also repairs pianos.

The hash I made of "Wheelin'" on Saturday afternoon prompted me to finally reprint the LgF songbook -- two-sided, using my new style definitions. Worked great. There are still a few glitches, but on the whole it's a big improvement.

I made fudgies for the party. Recipe in the notes.

We hired a new caregiver for Colleen. As soon as we saw her purple hair we knew she was going to be a good fit. She'll start on the 25th, after giving two weeks' notice at her previous job.

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mdlbear: Welcome to Rainbow's End (sign) (rainbows-end)

RainbowCon 2.1 (our second convention, in our third year, thanks to a brief hiatus for moving) will be held on May 4-6, 2018! North American Guest of Honor is Cat Faber; Overseas Guest of Honor is Gwen Knighton Raftery. We are hoping there will be a toastmaster, but we don't have a name to announce for that yet.

Location is 4414 Skyline Drive, Freeland WA (on beautiful Whidbey Island), and there is information about local hotel options for people who want them. The new location has two acres of outdoor space in which we can spread out, hold our traditional maypole dance, and have outdoor song circles around the fire pit. Keep your eyes open for our neighborhood deer, who like to browse on the lawn.

We're still doing free membership but accepting donations to offset the out-of-pocket expenses of bringing our guests here and running this thing, for those who are able and willing to contribute. We welcome members who want to run events -- workshops, games, theme circles, or whatever. RainbowCon is a participatory event... everyone's welcome to take a turn at leading if they want to, but nobody is required to do more than show up and have fun!

Please contact with membership requests, or questions about the convention. Ditto if you want to be part of the programming. It will be really helpful to us if we can get early memberships, because then we'll be able to block out hotel space nearby.

We look forward to seeing you here!

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Before you abandon LJ altogether, or even if you don't intend to leave at all, go over to your Dreamwidth account and claim your LiveJournal OpenID (see instructions here)

Doing that ensures that all the comments you made over on LiveJournal will link to your Dreamwidth account when people import them. And if you haven't imported your LJ yet, do it soon before LJ notices that it's going on and blocks it.

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If you use Livejournal, you will already have seen the pop-up demanding that you agree to their new terms of service. med_cat has an excellent partial translation and analysis. A full copy of the agreement can be found in archangelbeth | And the translation of the New User Agreement for Livejournal

I will add more as they come in. The salient points are:

  • [The user must] Mark Content estimated by Russian legislation as inappropriate for children (0 −18) as “adult material” by using Service functions.
    Who the heck knows what this includes? Play it safe.
  • The user may not:
    • without the Administration’s special permit, use automatic scripts (bots, crawlers etc.) to collect information from the Service and/or to interact with the Service;
      Which arguably covers backing up to DW or your local hard drive.
    • post advertising and/or political solicitation materials unless otherwise directly specified in a separate agreement between User and the Administration;
      This presumably covers promoting one's CDs or other ventures.

Many of my friends are leaving altogether. I don't blame them.

What I have done:

  • I post no original content on LJ -- it's all cross-posted from here on Dreamwidth.
  • Copied all LJ content -- posts and comments -- over to Dreamwidth.
  • Comments on cross-posts are disabled; the footer has a link to the corresponding DW post.
  • I use LJ only to read comments and posts that are not on Dreamwidth. I read DW first so that I can skip cross-posts that don't have comments.
  • I have started to take people who no longer allow comments on LJ off my friends list.
  • Effective immediately, I am marking my journal as "adult content", and disabled my participation in "user rankings".
  • I have reduced the amount of information shown in my profile. In particular, I have removed my list of interests.
  • I have taken my website link off the journal headers and out of my profile. If you want more information, look at my DW profile.

Future action:

  • Sometime in mid-April, I will disable comments altogether on LJ, at which point all existing comments will be hidden. They've already been copied over to Dreamwidth, so nothing will be lost. This is for your protection, in case you've posted a comment that could be construed as violating Russian law.
  • At some point, I will stop cross-posting, both because of the legal risk and as a protest.
  • At some further point, I may delete all or most of my posts, or possibly replace them with links to the corresponding posts on DW.

Sorry, LJ. We had a great time together, but I think it's best for both of us if we go back to being just friends. OK?

And I'm not saying you treated me unkind / You could have done better, but I don't mind / You just kinda wasted my precious time. / Don't think twice, it's all right.

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I opened up LJ this evening to find that the posts it's showing are out of sequence -- the top post on my friends' feed is from yesterday sometime, and there's a later one further down the page. It isn't most recent comment, either: both of those are from an account that turns comments off on crossposts.

My conclusion is that either they're using some kind of ranking system which they're not telling us about (and which I didn't see any setting for that that might fix it), or possibly that crossposts are arriving weirdly out of sequence. So...

PSA #1: If you're posting on LJ and not DW, or posting different content on LJ, I might not see your posts.

PSA #2: If you're crossposting and redirect all your comments to DW, I'm going to stop reading you on LJ to cut down on clutter. (If you allow comments on LJ I'll still go over there and read them, if I can find your post. That is, obviously, no longer guaranteed.)

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I'm not going to go as far as some people, but I'm going to turn off comments on my crossposts, for several reasons:

  1. to save me the trouble of having to import them into Dreamwidth,
  2. to reduce my presence on Livejournal, now that it's wholly owned by Putin and Trump,
  3. to encourage people to move to Dreamwidth.

Apropos of that, if you have a DW account that I'm not reading yet, just comment on this post and I'll add you.

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It was a long year last week. 2016 is dead and buried; it wouldn't be hard to do better, but I don't expect 2017 to make the effort.

I was going to put a summary of the year here. I'm not up for it. See my previous post for a wrap-up of what I mostly didn't do. I can't think of any major accomplishments to report, except maybe living through it. That may have to do.

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Thanks to a heads-up from [personal profile] madfilkentist, I can now confirm that LJ's servers were, in fact, moved to Moscow. The lag was presumably due to DNS propagation delay, which sometimes takes up to a week.

Geolocation data from IP2Location (Product: DB6, updated on 2016-12-5)
    Domain Name	     	  	Country		     	Region	City	Russian Federation 	Moskva	Moscow
    ISP					Organization	Latitude	Longitude
    Rambler Internet Holding LLC	Not Available	55.752220153809	37.615558624268
    (End of the road for LiveJournal [The Mad Filkentist])

See also my previous post on the topic, mdlbear | Dirty deeds afoot on LJ

One thing I forgot to mention: after you've set up an account on Dreamwidth, you should claim your Livejournal OpenId. That links your DW and LJ identities, so that anyone importing data from LJ will see comments as coming from your DW account even if you wrote them on LJ.

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Several security-minded people on my reading list have been moving from Livejournal to Dreamwidth; some have even deleted their LJ accounts. Meanwhile, huge numbers of Russians have been moving their blogs to Dreamwidth. Apparently LJ has quietly moved all of their servers from the US to Russia. That LJ availability glitch a couple of days ago? Yeah, that. A large spike in the number of new Dreamwidth accounts being created by Russians.

As for me, I'm not changing much: I don't lock posts (I think I have maybe two or three, and those are merely somewhat embarrassing), I post only to DW, and I and have it set up to crosspost to LJ. I have permanent accounts in both places, so dropping LJ wouldn't be denying them any money at this point.

There are some things you can do:

  1. Get an account at if you don't already have one.
  2. Set it up to crosspost to your LJ account. Unlike LJ, Dreamwidth is a US-based organization that, unlike LJ, is entirely supported by its users.
  3. Every so often, back up your LJ journal to DW.
  4. Subscribe to the DW journals of all your old LJ friends. Note that DW separates your access-control list from your reading list -- none of this abuse of the term "friend" that LJ does.
  5. Don't post any secrets! Especially not to livejournal. Go back and delete anything you wouldn't want to be read by any three-letter agency on either side of the pond.

Notes from today's investigations: )

Let's put it this way: regardless of whether LJ has actually transferred your journal to a server in Russia, you should consider the privacy of your livejournal to have been breached.

Sorry to be the bear of bad news.

ETA: LiveJournal servers moved to Russia: darkoshi

As some people have pointed out, this doesn't change very much. Sure, it adds support for the notion that LJ's Russian owners are slime, but we already knew that. Move to DW, set up crossposting, delete all non-public posts, don't give LJ any more money, and carry on.

ETA 12-30 Looks like DNS updates have finally propagated:

  : Geolocation data from IP2Location (Product: DB6, updated on 2016-12-5)
    Domain Name	     	  	Country		     	Region	City	Russian Federation 	Moskva	Moscow
    ISP					Organization	Latitude	Longitude
    Rambler Internet Holding LLC	Not Available	55.752220153809	37.615558624268

(thanks to: The Mad Filkentist)

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Not that it's likely to apply to anyone reading this, but mail from charities with no return address (so that I have to open it to see whether it's important) will be dumped. So will anything with the name of a celebrity or public figure. If they want to communicate with me in person they can damned well call.

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Advisory 01/2014: Drupal - pre Auth SQL Injection Vulnerability

A "highly critical public service announcement" from Drupal [] "Automated attacks began compromising Drupal 7 websites that were not patched or updated to Drupal 7.32 within hours of the announcement of SA-CORE-2014-005 - Drupal core - SQL injection. You should proceed under the assumption that every Drupal 7 website was compromised unless updated or patched before Oct 15th, 11pm UTC, that is 7 hours after the announcement."

Impressive. I think this is an appropriate place to quote one of my father's aphorisms: "A locked car with an open window is NOT a locked car."

If PHP is your open window, you may as well leave the keys on the dashboard where they're easy to see.

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(This bit of nonfiction is being written in response to recent events; it also seems to fit the "communication" part of the theme, "Community & Communication", of this month's Crowdfunding Creative Jam)

Someone died recently and left his widow with a problem: his computer's hard drive is encrypted, and he didn't leave the recovery key or his password anywhere that she can find.


This is not unlike losing track of the key to the safe deposit box, forgetting the combination to the safe, or neglecting to make out a will. "But I have all that in a file on my computer!" I hear you cry.

Oh, right.

You need a JustIn Case file, someplace where it's safe but reasonably easy to find if anything happens to you. (I'm talking to myself here, too, by the way.) The bare minimum is whatever it takes to get into your computer (a FileVault recovery key, BitLocker PIN, or alternate admin password) and possibly into your password file, browser keychain, or whatever. *That* information needs to be in a couple of different places known to your family! At least one place should be outside your house, e.g. with a trusted relative, your lawyer, your safe deposit box, or the like. The other place should be in your house, e.g. in a locked filing cabinet (they're pretty easy to break into if necessary). Lable the file "Justin Case".

Even if almost everything is on your hard drive, there's a minimum set of things that have to be written down on hardcopy:

  • Your master password, recovery key, or whatever it takes to get into your data. Or at least all of your data that you don't want effectively burned when you're gone. (Keep that separate.)
  • The location of your will, safe deposit box, offsite backups, retirement and bank accounts, life insurance policies, and so on.
  • The name of your executor/executrix.
  • Any important information that your family is likely to need

My plan is to add an SD card with my most important files on it -- I checked, and the directory with all my passwords, tax information, receipts, and so on is only about 200MB. Perfect use for an old 500MB card or thumb drive that's too small to be useful for anything else.

Don't forget to update it if you change your password! That, after all, is the main point of this little exercise.

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I'm available. I don't promise to be coherent after 11pm, but you can call any time. 408 - 896 - 6133.

(Inspired by ysabetwordsmith | Moment of Silence: Robin Williams. His death has, understandably, shaken up a lot of people.) (The userpic? Citalopram.)

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Doing somewhat better tonight -- it's hard to be depressed with a cat on one's lap. (I can do it, but it's harder.) Anyway, today I'm thankful for...

  • A house big enough for concerts, like Tracy Grammer here this Saturday night!
  • A cat who has finally decided that my lap is an ok place to hang out sometimes. Better than drugs.
  • Friends willing to drive a U-Haul over 800 miles after loading it up with the last of our stuff from the Starport. Friends help you move.
  • Not having a need for good friends from the previously-referenced joke.
  • Nice weather.
  • Not being woken in the middle of the night. (Not thankful for Monday night.)
  • Refactoring operations in Eclipse.
  • Leftovers for breakfast. Especially when they include something I can make into fried rice.
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I'll do one of my usual "done recently" posts tomorrow, maybe. For now, the big news: Yesterday Colleen's orthopedist told her she can go back to using her formerly-broken ankle. It's healed!

She has another week and a half of fairly intensive physical therapy to go before she comes home, but I'm getting my wife back!

(For those of you just dropping in from other planets, Colleen broke her ankle the day we moved into the house, on May 24th, and has been home precisely once, for half a day, since then.)

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Rainbow's End, in West Seattle, is hosting its first housefilk today, with special guest Alexa Klettner, from Germany. Starts nominally around 2pm, but show up any time.

From the West Seattle Bridge turn right on Genesee (one block past the first traffic light, which is 35th Ave), take the second right onto 37th, and park. Look for the sign on the fence; you can't miss it. If you get lost, call me: 408-896-6133.

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I've just paid $10 for "The Cybernetic Sorcerers" by YsabetWordsmith -- you can get yours at The Wordsmith's Forge - Unsold Poetry from the October 2-3, 2012 Poetry Fishbowl. Ysabet is my favorite web poet, by far. Check out her Serial Poetry page and you'll get some idea of why.

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Because of the recent major increase in anonymous spam comments on LJ, I have disabled them there. Either register, or come on over to Dreamwidth where anonymous comments are still enabled. Besides, I can always use more comments on the DW side.

Also, I've pretty much stopped posting "hippo birdie" posts, in part because the LJ portal is going away, and in part because I've taken the LJ portal and home page off my "AM" list. They were pretty useless to begin with and have become more so. With the demise of birthday posts, I now have no unique content on LJ -- it's all cross-posted from DW.

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Move-out day is a week from today; we won't be here. There are still some things up for grabs, including a largeish pile of old computers and cases.

Meanwhile, things are mostly sorted and packed, the main exceptions being tools in the garage, and some random debris in the office and bedroom. Come enjoy the pizza, and be amazed at our new bamboo floor, walls without bookshelves, garage without shelving units, and other seldom seen wonders of the modern world.

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My trusty Linux router has, apparently, been gradually dying. As of Saturday night it was basically unusable, slowing down to a crawl within minutes of a reboot. It passed memory and rootkit checks just fine, though. Sunday morning I decided to scrap it. This may have been a mistake. I tried several different approaches. The mini-ITX box I _had_ been using as my router wouldn't boot. Spent quite a while chasing my tail on that one. Finally, after much flailing, got my WAP on line as the router. Nice and fast, and of course low power. Sweet. I'd been meaning to do that for a while. Except that by then it was 4pm, and nearly time to head to the airport. (Note: I'm up in the Seattle area until Thursday afternoon; I'm available for an interview Wednesday afternoon. Hint.) A couple of things got forgotten, chief among them being testing ssh. Oops. I thought briefly about setting up port forwarding, but got distracted by things like hugging my wife and daughter goodbye. I read my email by ssh-ing in to my file server. But the ssh daemon on the router doesn't appear to be listening to the WAN port. This is an excellent security measure, but right now it sucks. The other thing I do only on the home system is keep my password database. OOPS. Fortunately, I was able to set up email forwarding this morning, so I only lose access to my archives (including a lot of job-related stuff) and anything that was sent to me yesterday. But still... It could be a painful couple of days, and it certainly made for a bad trip yesterday. Flying out of San Jose on a Delta puddle-jumper didn't help.
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Quote of the day:

Colleen (raising glass): To the move!
me (raising glass): To adventure!
Colleen: To adventure!
YD (walking by): Hobbit!

Public Service Announcement: The Starport House-Cooling Party is today! Lots of stuff being given away, including books. Potluck, as usual.

I refreshed my job application at LabKey, this time via StackOverflow. And put in for a couple of jobs at Facebook. And did a little music practice in the morning, which is a habit I want to get back into. And a walk! I'm trying to get back into a productive routine, and not doing all that well at it.

I realized, during my walk, that I had probably made a copy of my pension paperwork. And indeed I had, so I'll mail that in today.

Did some more packing and organizing in the office.

Some links.

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A week from yesterday, on Saturday, June 9th, we're having our last party at Grand Central Starport. It's been a long run, and a good one. We've thrown at least two parties each year since we moved in 36 years ago, and four most years. Over a hundred parties.

We're moving.

Moving out, moving North, and moving on. Parties at the Starport will probably continue -- our renters are fannish. We will certainly continue to have parties, though perhaps not until we move from our apartment to a house, a year or so down the road.

But... our household, our Starport... yeah. Last chance.

We're also downsizing. A lot. So a lot of things will be up for grabs. We're giving away a lot of books, because we'd rather see them go to good homes than get a few cents for them at a used bookshop. A goodly pile of other stuff. Get it while it's hot.

There will be potluck, and soft drinks in the tub -- bring something you know you can eat, plus enough to share. There will be filking. There will be nostalgia.

The maps and directions are, as usual, on the web at the Grand Central Starport Home Page.

Bonus Song for Sunday: "So Long It's Been Good To Know Yuh" by Woody Guthrie [YouTube].

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I am going to be in Seattle from Thursday, 4/5 through Wednesday, 4/11. I'll be arriving at my hotel, the Coast Gateway sometime after 9pm Thursday, and leaving on the 7:30pm flight Wednesday.

Friday through Sunday I'll be at Norwescon, but since I'm not scheduled for anything I'll be available for conversations or phone interviews on a few minutes' notice.

Monday noonish through Wednesday afternoon I'll be looking at apartments and, and hopefully, going to job interviews. You can get to all my relevant information, including my resume, at

I'll be going up again in early July for Westercon; I'll take a trip up before that if there are interviews to be had.

We expect to be moving up permanently sometime between July and September, most likely sometime in August.

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Wednesday was a pretty good day, though I didn't take a walk. I drove home toward a gorgeous full moon rising, with wild geese flying overhead. You know, I should have been suspicious at that point.

In the evening, [ profile] jilara brought over the yukata that she had taken home to hem, and I found its belt tucked away at the bottom of one sleeve. It's lovely.

Thursday morning I got in to work and was greeted by $BOSS and $CFO, and the news that I'd been laid off. Along with two other researchers in my building, and at least two three people in Menlo Park. Plus two from Japan who decided to leave the company rather than go back.

Public service announcements:

  • New tag: 8.3%
  • Party tomorrow at Grand Central Starport. I will have copies of my resume.
  • I am currently looking for work in the San Jose and Seattle areas. Please address job-related correspondance to or
  • I will be available to start work any time after April 1st

Felt very restless yesterday evening. Should have taken a walk.

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A very special Thankful Thursday today. Today I am thankful for:

  • Three weeks' notice and 6 months of severance pay
  • Friends
  • A great set of soon-to-be-ex coworkers
  • My skill as a programmer and software architect
  • My 65th birthday, in less than a week
  • The Starport's annual "It's Green" party on Saturday.

Yup. Laid off, after 19.5 years at Ricoh. It's been a good run. I can't afford to retire; I took about half the equity out of my house, and the housing market has taken almost all of the other half. I'll consider work either locally (Silicon Valley) or in the Seattle area, broadening to include Oregon and Utah if it becomes necessary in a couple of months.

I'll have copies of my resume at the party on Saturday. See you there?

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I've actually gotten quite a lot done, including no less than three complete run-throughs of my Consonance set (plus some discussion with Naomi about it). Well, ok -- that plus my tech reports is about all I got done. A short walk on Tuesday.

Public Service Announcement: My Consonance concert will be at 7:30pm on Friday, March 2nd. That's, like, tomorrow night. Actually, I feel ready for this one.

Another PSA: Grand Central Starport's annual "It's Green" party will, as usual, be the Saturday after Consonance, March 10.

Quite a few links. They're pretty much all good; just look in the notes and take your pick.

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Cat Faber wrote the song, and Lookingglass Folk sang it at Conflikt. But nobody seems to be doing it -- yet.

[personal profile] pocketnaomi thinks it's time somebody did. I'm boosting the signal. Check it out. Watch for more; we're working on it.

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A pretty good day, despite not getting very much done. Took a 2-mile walk, which went pretty well modulo a little hip pain and the fact that my pants don't fit very well right now. My weight was under 190 for the first time since 2009! It was still down this morning, so it's possible I have some momentum going there. Hope so; my goal is to have a waist again.

I installed Puppy Linux on one of my keychain drives using UNetbootin, which totally rocks! Puppy didn't quite know what to make of the large screen on Cygnus, and it didn't have the right wifi drivers, but it has enough tools to be useful and it'll probably do just fine on my older hardware. UNetbootin, for those who don't know, is a cross-platform program that lets you select from a list of dozens of live CDs, which it then downloads for you and installs on a USB drive. Slick.

Public service announcement: Google apparently added all my gmail contacts as IM "buddies". Growf. I have, accordingly, disabled the gmail and lj accounts in my IM client; if you want to talk to me, you're stuck with Yahoo or AIM for the moment. I'd welcome feedback on that decision.

Link sausage: Can Augmented Reality Save the Printed Page? (cute hack) and What would Sharon do? - Cringely (computers and education).

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Using code from, I'm going to be blacking out the following websites tomorrow to protest the evil, evil bills called SOPA (House) and PIPA (Senate). You'll be able to click through to the actual site.

I'd say "sorry for the inconvenience", but I'm not. It's worth a little inconvenience to help prevent a disaster. Deal. Then write to your congresspeople. Ask them whether they're working for a handful of huge media corporations, or their constituents.

You can find out more here and here.

And listen to The Day The LOLCats Died

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Second notice: there's a party this Saturday at Grand Central Starport (maps and contact info at the link).

The usual potluck winter thingie. The household contains one person with a gluten sensitivity, three allergic to blueberries, and one allergic to mushrooms. Bring something you like to eat; we'll have chili and ham on the stove.

There will probably be filk singing. And folk singing. See you Saturday?

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Here, in two easy pieces, is how to fix Livejournal's recent problems.

Fixing the comment page.

  1. First, if you're still using an S1 (ancient) style, switch to S2.
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. Go to Journal > Journal Style, and in the box headed <yourID>'s Current Theme click on "Customize your theme" (or just follow the link)
  4. Under "Basic Options", find the line labeled "Disable customized comment pages for your journal". Select "No". (As in "no, don't fsck up my comments".)
  5. Go to Profile > Settings > Display(tab) (or just follow this link.)
  6. Under "Comment Pages", check the box for "View comment pages from my Friends page in my own style"

Fixing DDOS attacks, Rich Text Editor failures, and a host of other problems.

  1. Go to and create an account. For the rest of this year you can create a free account without an invite code, but a paid account is well worth the price.
  2. From your profile, go to Organize > Manage Account > Other Sites (tab), or follow this link.
  3. Add your LJ account under "Crossposting", and check the boxes under "Crosspost by Default" and "Display Crosspost Link". Now anything you post on your shiny new DW account will be crossposted to LJ.
  4. Go to Organize > Import Content (or follow the link to Import Journal). Import your old LJ contents. Do this every month or so to import the accumulated comments.

Now, sit back and watch the ongoing decline of LJ with a certain air of amused detachment.

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Yes, once again it's a winter party season at Grand Central Starport. We're having our annual "Somewhere Around New Year's" party on Saturday, December 31st -- it's the usual noon-to-midnight potluck bash.

We're also having an "open house" from roughly noon to midnight on Christmas, mainly for friends who don't have family to be with, though of course everyone's welcome. Gifts, needless to say, are not expected. We'll be making Ukrainian borscht; bring something you can eat, especially if beef-and-cabbage soup isn't your thing.

Both days are likely to include filking.

Maps, directions, and contact information can be found on the household web page.

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I have been reminded that I haven't been posting party announcements early enough. The next party at Grand Central Starport will be on Saturday, October 29th. Directions, etc., at the link as usual.

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Colleen has asked me to mention that the Starport has air conditioning and fast internet, and that she is almost always home. Call first, but there's no need to suffer in the current heat wave.

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raw notes )

Somebody in Redmond, WA actually bought a copy of Coffee Computers and Song at CD Baby! That's my first physical sale there in over a year. You can also buy very high quality MP3s of either the whole album, or individual tracks. Yes, that's a shameless plug.

PSA: I lose control over my tone of voice when I'm seriously overloaded and trying to concentrate on a task, especially under the combination of stress and back pain. I curse, loudly, and anyone attempting to say anything to me at this point is going to be snapped at. Maybe I should work on responding quietly, but have no idea how to go about it. Anger management? Something else? Is there such a thing as "frustration management"?

Also along the River, an unexpectedly affectionate response to a comment elsejournal felt... nice, but rather odd.

It was another day of mostly meetings at work. I think my main job for the next couple of weeks is going to be documentation, AKA doing a brain-dump before I return to research at the end of May.

Some good links in the notes.

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I am not getting on a plane for North Carolina right now. Mom called just as I was getting up, to say that the storm on the East coast was making flights into RDU dicey for today. I looked and found that Southwest was allowing no-cost flight changes, so I booked a flight for tomorrow at 1pm. It'll be getting in pretty late (10:15), but I'm a lot less likely to get stuck in Chicago. Especially since it goes through Denver. (Of course, if it snows there tomorrow I'm hosed, but that doesn't look likely.)

mdlbear: portrait of me holding a guitar, by Kelly Freas (freas)

I realize that it's rather late, but here's my schedule for the weekend.

1111 Th
  o San Jose, CA to Portland, OR Thursday, November 11, 2010	1 h 45 m 
    #680	 Depart San Jose, CA (SJC) 	1:35 PM
 	 Arrive in Portland, OR (PDX)		3:20 PM

1113 Sa
  o 1:00:pm   2:00:pm	So You Want to Produce a CD
    PNW Ballroom        Making a CD without living on the cutting edge of
    Steve Dixon, Steve Savitzky, (*)Tony
  o 2:00:pm   3:00:pm	Kinderfilk
    PNW Ballroom        Music for children - Which may include a zombie song
   		    	or two 
    Frank Hayes, (*)Callie Hills, Steve Dixon, Andrew Ross, Steve Savitzky
  o 7:30:pm   8:00:pm	Concert: Tempered Glass
    PNW Ballroom        Concert: Tempered Glass
    Steve Savitzky, Callie Hills

1115 Mo
  o Portland, OR to San Jose, CA Monday, November 15, 2010	1 h 45 m 
    #1685	 Depart Portland, OR (PDX) 	6:20 PM
 	 Arrive in San Jose, CA (SJC)		8:05 PM

I will have lots of free time on Friday, Sunday, and Monday.

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If you're a US citizen of legal age, please remember to go out and vote.

Autographedcat has a post you should read.

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I will not be cross-posting my LJ comments or links to them on twitter, facebook, or any other social network. I may conceivably cross-post my own posts between Dreamwidth and LJ, though in which direction is unclear, and I haven't done it yet. I may conceivably cross-post my twitter updates to LJ via one of the usual culprits; currently it doesn't represent enough bandwidth to be worthwhile.

I try hard never to put links to other peoples' locked posts anyplace in my LJ, even in friends-locked posts, because I know that some people don't even want the existence of their locked posts known. Similarly, I don't put links to my own locked posts anywhere except in other posts on the same filter.

If I make a comment on somebody's locked post that I think is worth making public, you'll find it here with all the serial numbers carefully filed off.

I actively encourage people to link to my public posts, and have no problem having my LJ name associated with my real one. However, when I finally get around to establishing a presence on Facebook, it will not link back here. The last thing I need is FB rummaging around in my friends list.

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This coming Saturday, June 12, Grand Central Starport will be hosting its 28th annual two-Saturdays-after-Baycon party, mainly (this time) in celebration of the YD's graduation from High School.

As usual, it's potluck; kids, friends, and musical instruments welcome. Noonish to midnightish. Directions and contact info on The Starport's web page.

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If I'm obviously frazzled and desperately looking for something valuable that I'm afraid I've lost, DO NOT say something to the effect of "It's all right." It is manifestly not all right, and you will get snapped at. I don't want to snap at you.

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raw notes )

Weird day. A little actual work accomplished at work, but mostly the day was dominated by a meeting where we discussed what would happen soon when (if all goes well) our current research project starts turning into a product. It promises to be, um... an adventure.

It was raining all day, which made a good excuse to get in a half-hour walk on the treadmill. Third time in the fitness center. Both of the last times there was someone running on the treadmill next door. I'm not sure they even noticed me.

A couple of days ago I'd spotted the DVD of Where the Wild Things Are in Safeway, and Colleen and I watched it last night. I didn't like it. Painful in spots; none of it lighthearted like the feeling I got from the book. Very hard to suspend disbelief, especially the voices. And very much NOT for young kids, especially if they like the book.

Nice long snuggle and conversation in bed.

Only one link, but it's a great one: a comment by [ profile] judifilksign: 'Sometimes, I have to go through the "HALT" to myself: Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired?' It's a fantastic mnemonic for a checklist I hadn't realized I needed. Thank you!

PSA: did you know that Grand Central Starport is having its annual "It's Green!" party today? You're invited.

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Between now and next weekend the Starport is pretty much open every day: we take in strays for the holidays. Today's menu is borscht, honey-glazed ham, and the smoked duck my brother sent us. The annual "sometime around New Year" potluck is January 2nd, a week from tomorrow. (The only exception is that we'll probably be off on a family outing this Sunday.)

The [ profile] chaoswolf and [ profile] selkit will be hosting on New Year's Eve.

If you feel like stopping by any time in between, you'll be welcome if anybody's home; it's usually a good idea to call ahead except for today, Wednesday, and next Saturday.

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Today is Wishful Wednesday, when I point at my Caregiver's Wishlist.

Thanks especially to [ profile] tetralizard, who sorted my health care receipts last weekend.

And a reminder: Saturday, November 14th, our friend Andrew M Crockett (contact him via the preceeding name, with no spaces, at gmail dot com) has organized a "Starport Hardware Upgrade" work party. This will not be a potluck -- we're supplying food and drink, so you need to contact either Andrew or me so we know who's coming.

We also need rakes and shovels and implements of destruction: we'll be putting in raised vegetable beds in the back yard, and concrete ramps in the front. Besides the "day laborers", we could also use some help in the kitchen and elsewhere inside the house -- don't feel that you shouldn't come if you can't do yard work.

Thanks in advance.

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If you're not at Grand Central Starport right now (and I can see from the empty chairs that most of you aren't) you're missing the party.

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Again, it's Wishful Wednesday, when I point people at my Caregiver's Wishlist and casually mention that the household could use a little help.

This Saturday we're having our "sometime around Halloween" party on Halloween. It's the usual potluck. There will be children present, so any costumes should be street-legal. Directions and contact info on the household website.

... and just two weeks later, on Saturday, November 14th, our friend Andrew M Crockett (contact him via the preceeding name, with no spaces, at gmail dot com) has organized a "Starport Hardware Upgrade" work party. This will not be a potluck -- we're supplying food and drink. The goals are ambitious: nothing less than making the house handicap accessible, and making the back yard into a vegetable garden. Needless to say, this will take care of a whole bunch of wishlist items if we can pull it off.

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Just in case anyone still thinks that letting a third party control your data is a good idea, here's T-Mobile telling Sidekick users that their data has all been lost. If you have a Sidekick, don't turn it off!

I just love the fact that the company that developed the Sidekick is called Danger. And that they were bought by Microsoft.

Have a nice day.

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