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I guess the big news from Friday is that I finally upgraded to an android phone: a Pantech Burst from AT&T. They were able to confirm that it'll be upgraded to ICS, and it's smaller and lighter than either of the two I'd been considering. The screen is gorgeous. The one thing I don't like is that the clock widget isn't as good as the one on the HTC phone I have at work; that's annoying; there really doesn't seem to be a good equivalent. (The HTC widget includes alarms and a desk clock. Pantech's links to the calendar, which is useful, but I miss having quick access to the desk clock. Fortunately there are lots of great, free widgets out there.)

I got my phone at lunchtime; needless to say I didn't get as much writing done that afternoon as I'd intended. Yesterday afternoon I went out and got a microSD card for it. I also made dinner (red snapper and brussels sprouts, with a rather bright guacamole as appetizer), made our hotel reservations for Westercon, and decided to go up to Seattle for Norwescon.

No walk, but no depression, either. I'll take it.

0210 Fr
  * up 6:30; W=190.2; drugs, nose, teeth, laundry, dishes, exercise, light
  * on the Respberry Pi mailing list (confirmation mail filtered to
    mail.starport because my addy is in the subject line)
  : Walgreen's had the micro-sherpa throws again; snapped up a green one.
    Not as pretty as the one I got at Ross for Colleen, but I wanted one for
  * Pantech Burst (TM) Cell Phone - from AT&T 480x800 AMOLED screen
    bought Pantech Burst at AT&T.  Will be upgraded; smaller than the others.
    MAC address   (spent too much time playing with it)
    apparently supports tethering and mobile hotspot out of the box
  @ The AFM applauds passage of FAA Bill (kayshapiro)

0211 Sa
  * up 7:30; W=189.6; drugs, nose, teeth, dishes
  * 10am - appraiser coming to the house
  * s4s:  The Bears (+ links to The Bear Spectacle and Mark Elf)
  * tracked down an empty 8GB uSD card for Colleen's phone
    turns out she already has a 2G, so give the 8 to the YD.
  * 15min:  put away CDs that have been hanging on the latch-handle in a
    plastic bag for several weeks now.
  * buy:  groceries (onions, garlic, fish)
  * buy: uSD card for my phone.
  * order humira  Approximate ready date:   02/13/12 12:00 PM 
  * after consultation with N, put up complete audio for the LgF concert
  @ Lookingglass Folk at Conflikt 2012
  : Moira and Michael visiting.  Kinda eats up the evening.
    She liked Kitchen Heroes; said N has a "nice instrument"
  * book Westercon hotel room  0705 Th -8 Su.  lv Mon.     86953722
    accessible room would have been $160 more; this may get fixed
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