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I've actually gotten quite a lot done, including no less than three complete run-throughs of my Consonance set (plus some discussion with Naomi about it). Well, ok -- that plus my tech reports is about all I got done. A short walk on Tuesday.

Public Service Announcement: My Consonance concert will be at 7:30pm on Friday, March 2nd. That's, like, tomorrow night. Actually, I feel ready for this one.

Another PSA: Grand Central Starport's annual "It's Green" party will, as usual, be the Saturday after Consonance, March 10.

Quite a few links. They're pretty much all good; just look in the notes and take your pick.

0228 Tu
  * up 6:30; W=191.8; drugs, nose, teeth, laundry
  @ The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (2011) +Kee Hinkley
  @ commodorified | "Come along, Bridget, the gravy needs sieving"
  @ ysabetwordsmith | Gender Performance 
    -> Femme Doctors and crossplayers: Not that different 
    -> Gender-swapped Doctors are our new favorite form of Doctor Who cosplay 
  * practice:  Whole set.  59m; the last 3 songs are 13m
    ! I was ON for several of them.  Wish I'd recorded.
      nailed Landscapes, Riverheart, The River, October Country, last 3.
      -> probably drop River, Another Country; one other
      	 N says one of Riverheart and OC.  More people have heard me do
      	 Riverheart.  Where the Heart Is could go before Inherit the Earth
  * buy: Walgreen's: pantsu, pads (they have 'em in $20/30 packs)
  @ The Internet Blueprint | Developing bills to build a better internet
  * short walk:  d=.8, s=2.9, c=79, t=16:38; to McClellan & Stelling
    | a little back/hip pain; decided to keep it short.
  * some mail cleanup:  mail.soc.twitter folder

0229 We
  * up 6:50; W=191.6; drugs, nose, teeth, exercise, 
  @ Raspberry Pi, a $35 PC, Sells Out in Minutes
  * practice:  Full set:  39m  That's probably just about right, allowing for
    narration, tuning, etc.  Plus taking October Country a little slower.
    River, Riverheart, and Another Country are out.
  * last possible day for low-cost Fanime memberships (Wells Visa via PayPal)
  * buy memberships in Clockwork Alchemy 2012 (= Fanime) $55 by end of Feb. 
  * Avoiding group
  * buy: sudafed, hair ties
  @ naamah_darling | Please spread the word about Paypal censoring ebook retailers! 
  * practice:  entire set (Underground Rail out of order; add Lord of the Buffalo)
  @ PayPal Alternatives (Ravan )
  | been having trouble breathing since 8ish.  Even sudafed isn't helping.
    resorted to afrin.  Colleen appears to have a sinus infection.  :(

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