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I spent most of the week sick, miserable, and barely able to breathe at times, but got quite a lot done regardless. Everything is now out of the West Seattle house, which I suppose could be called "Rainbow's Ended" now; the third and final pod has been taken away, and all of the paperwork for both the sale of the old house and the purchase of the new one has been signed, in sessions with the respective traveling notaries. The respective closings are Tuesday and Wednesday.

In other news, my final payment from Amazon arrived -- less than I expected because I hadn't allowed for social security and medicare -- but my promised health care still hasn't. Should have just started COBRA and asked them to pay for it, which is probably what's going to happen.

Oh, yes -- our sink fell down. It had apparently been glued to the underside of the counter with a thin bead of silicone; the maintenance guy came by and propped it up with 2x4s. I feel like I'm living on Desolation Row.

Yes I received your letter yesterday, about the time the doorknob broke,...
When you asked me how I was doing -- was that some kind of joke?
Right now I can't read so good; don't send me no more letters, no
Not unless you mail them from Desolation Row

OK, so it was the sink and not the doorknob. My poetic license hasn't expired yet.

I do seem to be experiencing less anxiety this week, and I'm starting to look forward to living on Whidbey Island. I still don't feel as though I'm getting as much done as I should, but I do note in passing that I've updated my resume and three of the five websites that most needed it. I've gotten out of the apartment at least five of the last seven days, though not necessarily on foot. The other two did include something that might count as exercise, however.

BTW I'm feeling quite a bit better (physically) today, though still not up to par. Psychologically I'm still having problems. It's like a break-up, or losing a pet -- I keep wondering whether there was anything I could have done differently. It's going to be a rough couple of months, until we can actually move in -- we gave the present owner a 60-day leaseback, though it's not entirely certain that he'll use all of it.

Notes & links:

  & Awake 3:30ish
  * up 6:45; W=201.4; shower
    ~ apparently I forgot my drugs again, presumably because shower.
  * be down at RE at 10 to let Tayvon et. al. in; ride back with them and the ox
    x N will provide list of other things to do/get.
  ~ movers coming with "Here I Stand" on the way to Manny's with the piano
    Actually, on the way back from a recon trip to M's in Tayvon's car.  The stairs would
    have been completely impossible, which is what I'd remembered, but fortunately there's
    a back alley.  The piano will be in an unheated space, but hopefully ok.
  # The idea of appending "[]" to the Sunday entry as a reminder to look for and delete a
    "[...]" section worked perfectly.
  * 628 words in the summary section of the weekly post.  Not too bad, I guess.
  @ Venus Documentation
    " Planet is a flexible feed aggregator. It downloads news feeds published by
      web sites and aggregates their content together into a single combined feed,
      latest news first.  This version of Planet is named Venus as it is the
      second major version.  The first version is still in wide use and is
      also actively being maintained. "
  ! Weekly post has made me feel down and discouraged, as well as nostalgic.  I should try
    to do something about that.
  * st/roll: 4ish - up Roosevelt to Ravenna; back by way of Taste of India.  Yum!
  : Signal appears to be very ill-behaved as a Chrome app -- it put up an alert and
    chrome froze, taking most of the session with it.  Had to kill the session from F1
  * Mother's Day call to Mom -- got answering machine; she called back 8:28
  * 21:30 G back with Princess Van
  * RP: update work status to retired in (including resume)

  * up 7am; W=202.2;
  @ ysabetwordsmith | Three Weeks for Dreamwidth: "Hot Chicks" fried chick peas
  : 10:06 g and j finally arrive.
  * Updated and websites
  % headache; generally slightly out of it.  Probably coming down with what everybody else
    has. -> naproxen.
  * Contact Dish for return shipping label.
  * 6:00 take g and j back to M's.  Left ~6; got back at 6:47
  * made asparagus chicken for dinner.

  & Awake 2am; stayed up until 3:30 or 4.
  * up 6:40ish; W=202.2; 
  % definitely down with something; k
  * ask for wire instructions for house purchase
    -> Premier Title - search gmail for "earnest money"
    -> The two title companies are now in contact.
  * leave ~noon.
  * 2:15 Colleen, 2pm Steve - UNW  They'll need a $150 deposit for C.
    I don't remember them doing blood work at the start of the appointment -- that's new.
    My blood pressure is down, too.  Fancy that.
  * we don't have the kids today - {,Hebrew} school stuff
  % I seem to have a lot of trouble believing that things might be going well.
  * a little cleanup in steve/Lyrics while waiting at UNW
  * ... but we do have N and the kids coming for dinner ->  boeuf bourguignon.
    -> lovely visit.  Kids going up to Whidbey with N.
  & arrange with N that she will bug me ~11am to go walking somewhere between 9 and noon
    I need to start developing routines, and that's a good one to start with.
  * did a little noodling while N and the kids were here.
  % Ferocious headache all day - presumably sinus headache.  Can barely breathe.  Neti
    helps with the breathing, but only for a while.
  : 10:20 kitchen sink detached itself from the counter -- it was apparently held onto the
    underside of the counter with just a ring of what looks like silicone adhesive.

  * up 6:30; W=202.2;
  : Call from Amazon ERC re: benefits.  Complete no-op.  Transfered my call to Benefit
    Service Center, where it's case# 171846 and they don't know anything about it either.
  @ CompuMatter – All Things Computer Anacortes
    They sell a Linux Mint box targeted at low-vision, non-technical users.
  @ - Events, Festivals, Lodging, Lifestyle and More
  * noonish - very short walk, to Walgreens for Afrin
    Talked with Jaime - apparently the sink won't be usable until maybe Friday.  :P
    apparently this happens _all the time_ with the handicap rooms.
  * 12:03 received wire instructions for the purchase on Whidbey.
    -> perfect timing, because...
  * 1pm notary here for signing papers related to Seattle house sale.
    Denise.  Gave her the wire instructions for Whidbey.
  * Maintenance guy came by to block up the sink so we can use it.  Somebody will come out
    later -- who knows when -- to re-glue it.  IDIOTS.
    (This really calls for a vembletroon) 
    cf. vembletroon
  * Fired off a follow-up email to Cindy K at Amazon referencing this morning's call.
  * Ship Dish equipment.  Closest drop point is Ted Brown Music; may have to go farther
    afield for tape or a shipping pouch.  Walgreens is probably the best source for tape
    -> actually, we _have_ tape.  Nevermind.
  * walk: to Ace Hardware by way of Ted Brown Music (see above) going, and Safeway
    (chips, sour cream, gin) coming back.
  * re-ordered cat food; moved date up, increased frequency to 1/month.
  * Caught up on Science.  (That is, of course, only because all the unread back-issues
    had been recycled a couple of weeks before we moved.
  @ Whidbey News-Times
  @ News — WhidbeyHealth
  @ Whidbey Island Conservation District - WICD
    website rather broken
  @ Whidbey Island Area Fair 7/20-23
  @ Whidbey Island Distillery
    How JavaScript Helped Create the Highest Rated Spirit in North America
  % nose doing quite a bit better -- I managed to catch it while I could still breathe --
    but my right eye itches at the left corner (tear duct, I suppose)

  & awake 3:30; water nose.  still congested; -may have to- use afrin.
  * Up 6:30; W=202.2;
  @ Inkygirl Wordcount Challenge (1000, 500, 250 wds)
    Tips for Writing in Short Blocks of Time - Elizabeth Spann Craig
  * RP: Use FixedColumn layout for in WS=2 (from Retirement Projects!)
  ~ go down to RE and disassemble trampoline, put padlock on pod.
    -> trampoline can't be easily disassembled; too big for pod   In order to make it fit
       one would have to take the springs off; impossible without tool to stretch them
    -> strapped the pod; had to rotate N's display case and put in some 1x2 verticals to
       keep it away from the bed behind it.  Also had to rotate it because the idiot
       movers had put the glass facing the bed, where it would have been smashed.
       Fortunately I had cargo straps in the van.
  o Look in N's wall pocket for key to pod#2.
  : trainwreck:  am I going to get stuck with taxes for RE? -> no
    " How your sale qualifies.   Your sale qualifies for exclusion of $250,000 gain
      ($500,000 if married filing jointly) if all of the following requirements are met. 
      * You owned the home and used it as your main home during at least 2 of the last 5
	years before the date of sale. 
      * You didn’t acquire the home through a like-kind exchange (also known as a 1031
	exchange), during the past 5 years. 
      * You didn’t claim any exclusion for the sale of a home that occurred during a
	2-year period ending on the date of the sale of the home, the gain from which you
	now want to exclude. " -> that last one may be tricky.
	-> 343 Leigh was sold 2014-11-14.  That was ~2.5 years ago.  Whew!!

  & awake 11:30ish; pain 5ish mostly localized near my jaw now; took methocarbamol
    nose-watering - 2 pots.
  . applied for Medigap: Premera, plan N.  F will be better for Colleen; N has co-pays and
    works out to less if you don't use too many office/ER visits.
    -> Stopped at the signing; they'll mail me paper and I can hopefully fix a few things
       at that point: start date (may want to be July) and current insurance type.
  * up 7am; W=202.2;
    % pain 3.5ish and located at my temple rather than my jaw, so maybe it _is_ related to
      clenching.  Don't know.  Down to 1 after naproxen this morning.
  * Disconnect/discontinue internet at RE        conf# D66859567 
	206-367-0667 026   877-803-8414 Disconnect or Cancel Mon. - Fri., 8 AM - 6 PM
  * -11am- _11:30_ walkthrough on Whidbey.  Left my cane someplace there.  Silly bear.
  % massively congested again by 2ish; stopped at 3rd place and found some sudafed in my
    * Picked up ice cream at C's request -- Tillamook was 2/5, so I got chocolate and
      French vanilla.  Also two bulbs of garlic, and a bake-at-home loaf of garlic
      rosemary bread and baby back ribs.
  % 6:30ish sleepy.
  % my eyes are watering enough to make it dificult to read.
    -> Hmm.  allergy?  Took a benedryl.  Should help me sleep, too.
0520-21 U-District Street Fair
  @ University District Streetfair

  * up 7am; W=202.2;
    % eyelids glued together; cough and sore throat, though not too bad.  Weakness - I
      suspect a bit of a fever.  Slept well, though--the benedryl clearly helped a lot.
  * Amazon final payment arrived.  ~39K, which is a bit less than I expected after taxes;
    looks like they took out Medicare and Social Security as well :P
  % took an onling M-B test and came out in the middle on two dimensions.  So,
    I[NS]F[PJ].  Looking at the descriptions I'm definitely closer to P than J, probably
    borderline on the N/S (intuitive/sensing) dimention.  So INFP or ISFP?  I'm not sure I
    fit F rather than T.  A lot of the choices were between things neither of which
    described me very well.  And I'm not sure that F fits me, either.  In touch with my
    feelings?  Not so much.
  * 1pm Notary to sign loan docs for Whidbey house.
  * Universary Ave Street Fair.  Fun; didn't buy anything.  Ran across M, J, j, +g;
    several times, actually.  In all cases it was one of them--usually g--who spotted us  
    % nice and warm.
    : Unfortunately C didn't want to get any food; I picked up some tuna at Walgreens and
      we had that and ice cream.
  & dive into roots of cubic equations, started from a Quora question.
  % 9ish - sleepy  Taking some diphenhydramine for the nose before it becomes a problem.

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