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Note: I'm terrible with phone calls. I put them off for weeks, sometimes. If I don't have everything written out ahead of time, I don't remember what to ask, and leave out important stuff.

  • discmakers [Berkeley Office]: 1-800-468-9353 (See extra questions below) [650.58 -- 200 extra for 4-color art. quote sent by email. minimum 500, no inkjet-printed blanks. No actual presence in Berkeley. quote in pdf.][you *can* get duplicated disks with no content, apparently. $447/300; $567 for 2-day. So they're still in the running.]
  • shortstacks [Huntington Beach, CA]: 1-877.969.4561 [ -- send email for pricing; inkjet might be cheaper; 4-color silkscreening has a minimum order of 500.] [300@1.10 + 130 setup for silkscreening; 500@.89 + 130; 300@1.50 for Hydro inkjet. All 5-7 business days from approved artwork. Black thermal is 300@.74, 3 business days]
  • Oasis [East coast]: 1-866-409-8170 []
  • diskfaktory [Irvine, CA] 1-888-877-6777 (extra charge for CD-Text etc.) [phone useless, contact page doesn't have general email. Doesn't look hopeful -- they don't appear to do inkjet at all. Giving up.]
  • Can you make 4-color-printed blank CD-R's? Can you do it from uploaded artwork?
  • If so, price and delivery (quantity 300)?
  • Can you make CD-ROMs with audio tracks from uploaded files? Can you take a cue file or toc file?
    (I know diskmakers can do it with all-audio or all-data. Can they mix them?)
  • (added) Do you support Linux? [unlikely, but worth a try] [of course not]

Specific questions for discmakers:

  • Can I get faster service by hand-delivery to your Berkeley office? Pickup instead of shipping? Just for short runs, or can I do this with pressing? Mastering?? (800-468-9353) Are you open on Saturdays? [Berkeley office is sales only; everything else gets shipped out.]
  • Can I buy a duplicator, specifically a pico there? [no -- sales only.] If not, what's the delivery time? [~ 2wks, direct from mfr.]
  • (added) Does the Pico do nothing but rip and duplicate, or can I assemble a CD out of track files and a cue file or table-of-contents file? [own sw, but you can assemble disks]

Also: (found via google search for "robotic cd duplicator":

  • diskduper slightly higher prices, but they advertise very fast turnaround.
  • Octave sells a huge selection of duplicators and printers. The MF Digital Baxter is only $750.
  • ProActionMedia has an even bigger selection. They have the Acronova DupliQ, which is a lot like the Pico. A review indicates that the Pico's software probably won't do what I need, and that Nero, etc. won't write to it. OTOH the DupliQ comes with Nero Express and can supposedly handle multi-session and CD Extra. Something to consider. They also have printing on CD-R for 350@.84; better quality (Hydro, looks like) 350@1.24; 3-5 day turnaround. So they're very much in the running.
  • Here's Acronova's product page for the DupliQ. The hopper capacity is 25 disks, BTW. The software is just Nero Pro with an autoloader app that works with it.
  • Musician's Friend also has the DupliQ, $700 for the DVD version (normally $800). We loves our MF, we does. here's the manual. They also sell media. Taiyo Yuden apparently have an excellent reputation. $42/100 white inkjet printable.
  • Young Minds has long supported Unix, and now Linux. Their CD/DVD Studio product is $3K. Cool, but...
  • Here's a home-built CD changer. Wood and DC motors. It occurs to me that this might be a good approach. Very hackish. Très Giquish, in fact.
  • has reviews and presumably other info. Here's a review of the Primera Bravo II, which is basically the DiscMakers "medley" except that it appears to be available from Staples for $2K (pricegrabber link off burnworld).
  • looks as though it's worth a look, too. Found via newcyberian's forum.

Found via google for "cd duplicator bay area"

  • New Cyberian. In San Jose!; 10 working day turnaround. 1,180.00/1000 with jewel boxes, inserts, and tray cards (!!) Full color silkscreening. None of the music industry extras, but... They use paper labels for duplicated disks, so no joy for the immediate problem, and they don't appear to do shrinkwrap (though I might have missed it). But they're way ahead for replication. Open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm. (408) 922-0682 OMFGBBQ!

Note: I'm calling discmakers, shortstacks, and Oasis; I'm mainly interested right now in printed blank disks and short-run CDROMs with added audio tracks. Any other recommendations?

Date: 2007-05-10 11:52 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] hms42
Kathy Sands (of Tales from the White Hart) is using as the duplicator for her 2nd CD. We used them last time and they did a good job on the duplication.

They do respond to email fairly quickly and do take an online submission, but I don't know what they charge for the mastering on their end for the disc. We opted to mail in a disc, but had online upload as a backup method incase of USPS cracking the disc. 7 to 10 business days turn around on 1000 CDs.

When you have CCS done, I am going to make sure she knows to get a batch of your CD.

Harold S.

Date: 2007-05-11 01:24 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] hms42
I'll email them about the broken text version.

I have had no problems dealing with them via email. Good luck with whomever you choose to use.


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