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0627 Mo
  * up 6:30; W=197.2; drugs, nose, teeth, hair, laundry, dishes, light
    (coffee, too, but I'm going to default that off the list now because I
     never forget it.)
  * YD doesn't have school this week
  * buy: pantsu, 4-footed cane
  & looked at scooters at Bischoff's (ABC is moving July 1)
    -> the larger (non-GoGo) Pride scooters look big enough, but don't come
       apart easily for travel.  We'd need a lift for the car and a travel
       scooter for air travel.  Also looked at a used travel scooter; same
       rear-axle width as Colleen's but lower seat.  Looked very stable.
  & lowered the seat on Colleen's scooter by about 1.5".  That should make it
    a lot more stable.  If necessary, might be able to get a little more using
    a hacksaw and drill press.
  % sleepy and somewhat at loose ends at work.
  & 15min: add all files in ~/bin to git control.
  & aspirin and methocarbamol on coming home. 
  * 15min: emptied the three smaller compartments of Rolly.  (mostly onto the
    spare chair in the office, for now, but...)  Huge amount of change in the
    outer one -- that's where I dump it out of my pockets when I'm traveling.
    The electronics and CDs all fit into the dopp kit I got at Ross a couple
    of days ago, but it's not clear that that's the best place for them.
  * practice:  where, qv, wheelin, cicero
  * where the heart is:  chord correction, scripting

Not a very eventful or notable day, which is on the whole an improvement on Sunday. I came home for lunch, after buying Colleen a 4-footed cane and looking at some scooters. The cane was an obvious next step for her, since she's been using her walker one-handed since breaking her arm; she gets around very well with it.

I looked at two scooters at Bischoff's. One was a Pride Celebrity X, they advertise it as disassembling into 7 pieces, but that includes the two batteries, for which one has to remove the cover and disconnect cables. One could do that for a long trip, maybe, but it's impractical for a quick jaunt to the store. Not that it would fit in the trunk of my Honda anyway -- we'd need a lift.

The other was clearly a travel scooter, used, no bigger than Colleen's current one, but the seat was lower and it looked a lot more stable. When I came home, I found that the seat-post on Rosebud could be lowered about an inch and a half. We determined that Colleen could still get in and out with the lower seat, so that's a big win. I'll have to see whether we can get the seat any lower, though I suspect not without power tools.

I think we will get a larger scooter eventually, since it would give her a lot more confidence and stability on streets and sidewalks. But we'll probably keep the GoGo for travel and indoor use. How we'd store the two of them is, of course, an open question. We might have to enclose the porch or clean out space in the garage.

It wasn't a very productive day at work, but once back home I managed to get in some practicing, and made progress emptying out the old Rolly.

No links, oddly enough.

Date: 2011-06-29 04:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm behind as usual. Berta told me tonight about Colleen's accident.

Much hugs and soft strokes for both of you and well wishes for speedy recovery. Scooter happiness on the horizon!!!!

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