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Almost productive this week. The weekly design meeting brought some much-needed clarity to my current project, and provided the justification I needed for the simplest design, which I had already partly implemented. Win. Also Q4 scaling. The service I'm working with is one of the easy ones -- it's old, deprecated, and most of the use cases have been moved to its replacement. So it's already massively overscaled.

I've started practicing for my concert at Orycon - late as usual, but I'll get there. Also as usual, it will take a day or three for my finger-calluses to come back.

Reading: finished Mindline and Family, completing the Dreamhealers series by M.C.A. Hogarth. I should keep better track.

Not getting much housework done. That could be a problem. Something about motivation?

Notes & links:

  * Up 7:10; W=205.8; dishes, laundry
  * bills:  Amex, Seattle (one overdue)
  @ Molly Beans - A life in development (ysabetwordsmith)
  : having trouble printing from Cygnus.  CUPS rejecting connections from localhost.
    Annoying:  apparently it has to be started from gnome.
  % My right knee hurts, or rather, a spot just below the knee on the left front.
    Probably a muscle or tendon, then.  I feel as though I'm getting more fragile, and I
    don't know whether I'm walking less because I hurt more, or the other way around.
    -> I should assume it's the latter, and try to walk more.
  * 15min: went through mail stack and discarded UNW bills because I paid Friday.  cleared
    out banker's box with the remaining unsorted mail.  Still has to be sorted, but a lot
    of it is for accounts that are closed now.  (Of course, more has accumulated in my
    cubby.  But still.)
  % 5:50 and I have done no $A work all weekend.  I did reboot my computer -- twice, once
    because I'd neglected to plug it in, and once because it told me to.  Can thank the
    combination of MCAH and Molly Beans for that, probably.
  % P=137/89, p=61.  The first reading was insane.

  * up 5:35; W=205.4; laundry, dishes
  @ The Joy of Tech comic... The War of the Webs!
  : New office location.  Way too close to the PMs across a too-short partition, but I'll
    manage.  There's something oddly comfortable about it; can't quite place it.
    We had "welcome waffles", plus crepes that Bogdan brought.  I'd volunteered to help.
    with cleanup, so I did.
  @ 'The radical inside the system': Tom Hayden, protester-turned-politician, dies at 76--LA Times

  * Up 0610; W=205.4, P=125/75, p=60; dishes
  * take van in for tires -> also wanted rear brakes - pads and rotors.  That turns out to
    have been a mistake, because the guy who did them screwed up.  They tightened the lug
    nuts on the rear tires, but there were still problems evident when I drove off.  Drove
    around the block and dropped it off.  I'll bring them the keys in the morning.
  @ Folk Music in a Digital Age: The Importance of Face-to-Face Community Values in Filk
    Music by Sally Childs-Helton cover/abstract here 
  : The maroon shirt I wore today has developed tears.  I don't know how old it is, but it
    clearly needs to be retired.  And replaced soon, because I have comparatively few
    sufficiently-large long-sleeved shirts.  Especially since I've gained weight.
  # I observe with some bemusement the fact that my notes have recently become noticably
    more verbose.
  : Quora is being slow tonight.  DDOS?
  : Looked at IRA report.  Not too good.  Need to tell them I'm more interested in growth
    at this point.
  : Email from my financial advisor, who had apparently seen my DW entry.  So that's
    going, without my having to overcome my procrastination.

  * Up 5:05; W=206; laundry, dishes
  * go down to Elliott's and drop off keys.  Insist that they take a test drive.
    Still clunking, and the brakes felt low.
    -> no word from them by end of day; will inquire tomorrow.
  : Raining.  Some idiot put a rubber doormat in front of the downstairs side door.  In
    the little well there.  Right on top of the drain.  I am slightly soggy.  Fortunately
    I had left my phone on a charger at my desk.

  * up 6:15; W=207;
  * Picked up the van in the morning.  Apparently not quite as broken as I feared; a
    matter of a brake pad not being fastened correctly.

  * up 4:35; W=207; dishes
  * Actually a fairly productive day -- had a good design meeting that cleared up some
    things, and got most of the resulting code written.  (To be fair, a version of it had
    already been written and stuck on a branch, so most of what I had to do was pull it
    off and tweak it a little.) Still have to write unit tests.  Watched a training video
    on I18N (little that I didn't already know.)
  * Found a nice audio file on YouTube of rain with distant thunder.  It helps a lot.
  % 10ish - sleepy

1029Sa National Cat Day
  * Up 6ish; W=206.4; shower, dishes
  * Music - The Mary Ellen Carter, request from N.
  : Cricket is sick - not eating, showing cold symptoms.  G has taken her to the vet.
  & gnome to xmonad on Cygnus, mainly to pick up touchpad settings, but the ssh keyring is
    useful, too.  Gnome+xmonad crashes; one has to start it with --replace after starting
    a normal session.  Works, though; I've been doing it on my work machine all year.
    Having gnome-panel as the bottom-bar has advantages.
  : Today appears to be National Cat Day
  * Music:  Stuff that Dreams are Made Of, Millennium's Dawn, Riverheart.  Kind of rough.
  @ Depression-Busting Exercise Tips For People Too Depressed To Exercise
    " The perfect exercise is anything that you will actually consider doing. The perfect
      body is a breathing one. "
    " As a depressed personal trainer, I’ve done ... I’ve done every sort of ... workout
      you could think of. And nothing has ever left me as physically and mentally drained
      as the simple act of staying alive "

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