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Moderately productive, though not as much as I needed to be. Story of my life, I guess.

Plans have firmed up: I am retiring next year; we are putting the house on the market in Spring, and moving to New England. We will probably buy a house there, unless things look so bad that we think we'll have to leave the country within the next year. I hate this. At least I can't blame myself for Trump and his gang. I can and do blame myself for the financial trainwreck. I was in denial for a loooooong time. We all were. I still am, to some extent.

Colleen, Giselle, and Naomi have done a lot of decluttering in the sewing corner, cubhouse, downstairs, and some of the books. It's a start. I've started, too, clearing off the clutter from the Great Room hearth, starting to sort through my boxes. I'm still attached to a lot of things; I need to be more ruthless. There are boxes and boxes of little things I never used, kept because there might be a use for them someday. Or that turned out to require more effort than I wanted to spend, and hung around until they were totally obsolete. (A lot of little Linux boxen in that category.) We still haven't started on the garage. For the second time, or is it the third?

Did I mention that I hate this? I hate this.

I've been having a little fun with the guitar I brought in to work last week. That, at least, has been ok. And my family is awesome. And we have cats.

Notes & links:

  * up 6:01; W=204.4; laundry, dishes
  @ A Housing Project Run by Dutch Youth and Refugees - CityLab (ysabetwordsmith)
  @ Hānai - Wikipedia(ysabetwordsmith | Poem: "Dreams of New Zealand")
    So Naomi is my hanai sister.  Neat!
  * family meeting, hopefully
    -> N's rating: 95% going; 50% M et. al. going with us.  Was 50%/5% before meeting.
       We'll make it work.  We _have_ to make it work.  I still hate that we have to.
  * threw together mac and cheese for dinner.  Should probably have made a little more.
  * set up mirror cron job on nova

  * up 6am; ; laundry, dishes
  * verified that mirror cron job is working:
    (nova:backup 527) cat /vv/mirrored 
     start Mon Dec 12 03:10:02 PST 2016
     end Mon Dec 12 03:13:12 PST 2016
  @ Why Time’s Trump Cover Is a Subversive Work of Political Art - f(G)
  % I seem to be spending less time on FB.  "Wonder" why.
  * 15min: sorting.  Colleen, G, and N have done a fantastic job -- cleared out the
    cubhouse completely, and sorted most of it.
  * started clearing out the case I want to move Nova into.  It's a quarter-inch too short
    for a second (mirror) drive.  Simpler to just move the drives back where they were.
  * 15min:  took the buttons off my old button-mail hat.  Hat and about half the buttons
    not worth saving.  The rest are, arguably, not worth keeping either, but they're
    interesting enough that somebody might want one.

  * up 5:45; W=203; laundry, dishes
  * 3:30 Anita Brown
  & stopped at Petco on the way home and got 8 cans of catfood
  % 8ish sleepy
  & went looking for the missing slim computer case in the garage.  Nope.  Gone.  Possibly
    in one of the cabinets, but if so it's behind things, and not in the case parts box.
    So I'll probably end up using the case from Polaris.
  * moved Colleen's sewing machine from the cabinet (which is too low for her power chair)
    to a card table.
  : Ticia has apparently been locked up in our room all day, presumably while clutter was
    being taken out to the van.
  : odd: got a LinkedIn connection request from a Gwendolyn Burney -- only her profile URL
    had a long string of digits after it, and all her connections were named Stephen.
    Dropped.  Had to ask Quora how to do that -- LI doesn't make it obvious.

  * Up 5:05; W=203.6; laundry, dishes
  : Ticia has, of course, plopped herself into my chair in the Rainbow Room.  Purring.
  @ How to Protect Yourself From Government Surveillance and Criminal Hackers | ACLU
    Trump Preparedness: Digital Security 101 - The New Yorker
    A Few Easy Steps Everyone Should Take to Protect Their Digital Privacy | ACLU
  x benedryl spray for C -> couldn't find any at Bartell's - C will order online if such a
    thing exists.  Which I doubt.
  & Music: at work after Whiskey Wednesday - WItC, plus guitar for Silk and Steel and a
    few others.  One of the PMs (first name Dylan - go figure) also plays, and $BOSS is
    interested in learning.
  * Humira
  * up 6:10; W=206; laundry, dishes
  % lovely snuggle with Ticia this morning -- she was curled up next to my face, so I took
    my mask off and just nuzzled into her fur for a while.
  * Paycheck for G'
  * Updated Yahoo password.  However, I have no content there.  Delete?  Only reason to
    keep it would be to follow Beckett's flikr stream.  Haven't used it in years.
  @ OpenID for authentication []
  * pay speed camera ticket.
  * Up 6:15; W=207; laundry
  % back hurts.  Heat, and should take a naproxen
  : 11:15 Colleen UNW
  * A little guitar and singing (WItC, sort of by request) at work.  Sang a verse and a
    half of Silk and Steel, quietly enough that I don't think anyone heard.
  : Colleen ordered pizza for dinner; I carried N's down to her, along with a couple of
    slices on a plate for me.
  * Added underpads to the Jan. 3 subscription order.

  * up 7:20; W=207; laundry, shower, dishes
  : Colleen called about 10:30 to say that the engine check light went on in the Van after
    G' got back from grocery shopping.  Great.  Hopefully it's just a loose gas cap, but
    I'm not really all that hopeful.
  @ CONTRARY BRIN: Final words for straw-clutchers... just hang in there f(Jim Wright)
  @ This [move] has the potential to make The Japanese Art of Decluttering look like a
    somewhat haphazard good start.
  * Walgreens, Petco.  Pantsu, catfood, and litter on sale
  % Can't tell whether I'm cold, scared, or what, though since my curl-up was triggered by
    having trouble remembering words, it was probably the second or third.  Feels like
    cold, too, but it's hard for me to tell.
  @ Hundreds of Amazon Employees Used an Anonymous App to Vent About How a Recent Suicide
    Attempt was Handled
    Amazon Suicide Attempt: Sometimes Big Events Lead to Big Change...
    Amazon Worker Attempts Suicide | The Daily Dot
    "jumped off 12-story building" is a distortion: he jumped off a 4th-floor balcony and
    landed 20 feet below.  So it's not really surprising he survived, but still...
  @ Blind (Phone app)
    Talk With Your Colleagues Anonymously, With Blind | TechCrunch 
  * finished off the Evenstar shucho (pretty full glass, since there didn't look like
    there was much left)
  & Mac + Cheese for dinner - better than last time.
  % over the last few days I have been decreasing my time on Facebook and, to a lesser
    extent, Quora.
  % current earworm:  Outside of a Small Circle of Friends, by Phil Ochs 
  @ I do not want to adult today.  I do not even want to human today.  Today, I want to
    bunny. | Dobrador (particularly nice animated snow, apparently in JS because the
    image is a JPEG)

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