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Nasty, uncomfortable things!

As my dedicated readers (all three or four of them) are probably aware, Rainbow's End is being sold. It goes on the market, in fact, in a couple of weeks. (BTW, if you want a superb 6-bedroom house in West Seattle, complete with concert hall, ...) In order to present the place in the best light, we have vacated the top two floors, replaced the carpets, and removed the stair lifts. Colleen and I have been sleeping on our sofabed in the Rainbow Room.

Saturday, we moved. Or, rather, went out to a terrific Japanese restaurant in Port Townsend to celebrate the Younger Daughter's birthday, while our moving crew hauled what turned out to be three truckloads of stuff to the apartment. The plan was for us to drive home; pick up (cat) Ticia, (guinea pig) Clea, and (guitar) Plink; come back to an apartment full of boxes; and get settled in. Um..., not quite. In retrospect, leaving Clea at home was the best decision I made all day.

Because the keys, with the all-important fob that gets one into the building and then the elevator, slipped off a box and went through the crack between the elevator and the floor.

Meanwhile, I was driving home. Attempting to follow slightly confusing directions, on a phone that suddenly did not have a visible display! It was particularly confusing because I had missed a turn, and the phone was trying to direct me to turn around. But I didn't know that, either. I pulled off at an intersection in Kitsap that had a convenience store where I could use a bathroom, and switched to Colleen's phone. Fighting, again, with Google Maps, that wanted to direct me to a route it thought was faster, using a ferry. The last thing I needed was to wait an hour or two if I missed the ferry. Of course, I spent nearly that long in a traffic jam in Tacoma.

The traffic jam in Tacoma was where N called me to give me the bad news about the keys. The backup plan was to get buzzed in using the building manager's door code. Which worked fine until I used it too many times figuring out how to keep the garage door open, and said building manager started sending it to voice mail. (I'd thought that it was automated. Nope.) Leaving me outside in the cold, Colleen and Ticia inside waiting for an elevator, and both our phones, plus the litter box that actually had litter in it (we'd sent an empty one ahead), in the van.

After some kind person finally let me in, we proceeded to the apartment. Which is where we determined that we had no phones, no cat litter, and no way of getting back into the elevator after getting them. After meltdown, panic attack, or whatever it was, I proceeded to knock on doors until I found someone who actually opened the door and said they would buzz me in. I arrived downstairs just about the same time as the police, who were investigating an apparent intruder who was knocking on peoples' doors. This is apparently a standard MO for homeless people in the area.

Fortunately, at this point I was well beyond the panic and able to see the humor in the situation, so I had a pleasant conversation with one cop while another went upstairs to knock on my door to confirm with Colleen that we actually lived there.

It wasn't until I got back to the apartment that I took a good look at the phone and realized that the screen wasn't dying, it had just had its brightness turned all the way down. I also figured out that setting up my phone to let people in couldn't be done without having an account set up on And we had a nice visit from the young lady who had called 911 to report me.

I've lost track of how many anxiety meltdowns I had; at some point I got over the panic and had a nice bout of acute depression.

We have spent the rest of the weekend in the apartment, finding out what's missing and what we have to send back to Rainbow's End to go into the storage pod after all.

Today has been cozy and domestic, sorting through boxes and figuring out which things we actually have room to keep in our apartment's tiny cabinets. And eating veggie, because while I was able to find two cans of crabmeat, the only can-opener we had was a battery-powered one that Colleen had just purchased. Batteries not included.

Oh, and did I mention the scratches I got as I attempted to corner a terrified Ticia and get her into her carrier? Those too.

Meanwhile, here we are.

Notes & links:

  * up 4ish; W=199.2; laundry, bath, dishes
    Had to change top sheet; couldn't get warm again so went up and took a bath.
  * 15min: got rid of the oldest of the small seat pads.
  * 15min: packed my shirts and pants into lower right drawer of Colleen's dresser.
  * 15min: more replacing outlet expanders with the original faceplates.  Some screws have
    gone missing.
  * 15min: spent altogether too much time looking for the prescription I'd picked up
    yesterday; it turned up on my folding table/desk in the GR.
  : My CPAP bag and prescription have almost certainly been podded; not necessarily in the
    same place.
  % 12:39: sore back.  Standing up too long making bagels and lox.  Seems to pass fairly
    quickly these days, especially if I spend some time with the heating pad.
  & Talked with N, mostly about j's education -- I will likely be tutoring, if not
    teaching, science and math -- but also houses and planning our impending move.
    % She pointed out that I seem to have lost sight of the fact that *this is what I
      asked for* -- it's all a consequence of my wanting to retire.  Did I mention that
      I'm not all that good at planning?
  * 15min: packed bottom sheets for pod (2 boxes)
  % 10:30ish - very sleepy.  Can't go to bed yet because C is using the bathroom and I
    have to take my meds.
  % This was the second day this week that I didn't take my morning meds.  It happens when
    I wake up very early -- I don't want to take drugs that close to the evening batch,
    but then forget to take them later.

  * up 5:45; W=199.4; laundry
  & WFH - G' called in sick and C had an appointment for labs at UW Shoreline.  Needs
    antibiotics.  Of course.
  & While I finished up some unit tests after C was done with her labs, she went over to
    Office Max.  We came out with a nice little all-in-one inkjet; it's wireless, duplex,
    and prints from Android etc.  Looks like a good replacement for the WF600.  Decided
    not to go out for lunch with C.
  $ OE $79 Brother MFC-J480DW printer
  : Heard back from Prexy Apartments about adding C to the lease -- I'd gotten confused
    filling out the application, and was horribly worried about it.  But no problem.
  * Paid Seattle utilities.  The electric bill wasn't due until the end of the month, but
    the utilities were overdue.

0321Tu Vernal Equinox, j's 11th birthday
  * Up 6:20; W=198.8; dishes
  * Most of the day was taken up by a team lunch and "event" -- a bartending class.  Fun.
    Learning proper shaker technique was probably the most useful part.
  : The blue sectional has been hauled off. 
  * meeting with realtor team to go over listing input and sign stuff.
    Looks like they're expecting it to list for somewhere between 775 and 825
  * got annoyed at G' for losing the silverware.  What she kept out would have been
    enough, but it wasn't in the silverware drawer.  And what she packed was in a box
    labeled only "snacks".  G' has no sense of organization whatsoever. 
  * 15min: took down the hallway shelf, and the one remaining elfa strip on the GR.  That
    leaves the RR and kitchen.  My two-step stepstool has, of course, vanished.
  * packed up the pewter switchplates.  All original switchplates and outlet plates are
    now, apparently, reinstalled.

  * up 6:20; W=202.6;
  * Called Evergreen; learned quite a bit about getting prequalified.
  * Derek got most of the garage loaded into our second pod.  He's coming back tomorrow
    with suitable boxes for the tools.  
  @ Finding Balance: A self care quiz for grievers | Hello Grief
  * 22:50 suddenly feeling weak and lightheaded.  A little concerned.  Drank some water --
    I probably haven't had anything to drink since noon -- and got myself some yogurt.
    Headache.  P=139/101, P=114/99.  Not sure how far I can trust that, but the problem
    probably isn't low blood pressure.

  & awake 1:30ish - 4ish
  ? trying to decide whether to
    - keep Nova and its UPS in the covered rollybin and either
      -> take it with us to Split End, or
      - leave nova and the rolly here until we move out.
    - use the rollybin for all of the office stuff and either
      - put Nova in mothballs until we move into Other End,
      - move it to a laptop + external drive, and eventually perhaps a pi.
    -> I'm almost certainly not going to have the time to replace it.
  * started reconfiguring network for the split.
    Configure East (wap3) for the 128/25 subnet; connect lj to it.  When it moves
    downstairs, it will be possible to put rainbow up in the GR, though it wouldn't be
  * Up 6:40; ; laundry
  * Reasonably productive at work: refactoring.
  : Someone or something destroyed our front gate.  My guess is that someone, possibly a
    delivery person, forced it.
  * 15min:  Moved lp over by East (wap3) - to go downstairs.
  * 15min:  continued to take down curtains upstairs.
  @ cybersecurity | 9. VPNs
  : C panic attack during family meeting; came off sounding like an attack on G.
    I hate this.  I hate this.  I hate this.
  * packed monitor, laptops; took down the rest of the drapes;
  % in the grip of some sort of emotional storm, but I have no idea what.

  * Up 6:35; ; dishes, ..., laundry
  * 15min: more puttering
  * work: got my cr out, finally
  * Picked up key and fob for the apartment.  Only one key so far.  Confirmed that the
    piggie is ok.
  : Ticia gave me a scare by disappearing, but she must have been under our bed because I
    saw her coming out of the rainbow room, after searching the house for the second
    time.  Silly cat.
  * finish bringing down bathroom/vanity/closet stuff.

  * up 6ish; ;
  : stuff will get moved into Split End while we're out
  * Lunch with E in Port Townsend
  % the rest of the day was pretty much a disaster.
    : On the way home, somebody -- probably me -- picked up my phone wrong and turned the
      screen brightness all the way down.  I assumed that the screen was actually broken,
      since I couldn't see it and was, in retrospect, freaking out from overload.  Stopped
      at a convenience store in Kitsap and switched to Colleen's phone, alerting Naomi.
      : I note in passing that when one misses a turn Google Maps doesn't actually say so;
	instead, it simply starts giving directions that sound absolutely random intended
	to get you turned around.
    : It took 3 loads to get all our stuff into the apartment; almost all of it boxes and
      boxes of stuff from the kitchen.  Some of which we'll send back to be podded, along
      with the drapes.  C and G' simply packed up the entire kitchen, without regard to
      what might actually be needed in a tiny apartment kitchen.
    : While unloading, one of the movers managed to drop the keys, with the all-important
      fob, down the elevator shaft.  You can actually see it if you look down the crack.
    : Meanwhile, everyone was blythely using the apartment manager's door code, not
      realizing -- or at least I didn't realize -- that she had to respond in order to let
      someone in.
    : I went first to Rainbow's End to pick up Ticia.  I decided to leave (guinea pig)
      Clea for another trip later in the week, and in retrospect that was the best
      decision I made all day.
    : It took a couple of tries with the door code to get the van into the garage, because
      I didn't understand how the door worked.
      : (I note in passing that someone with a black SUV and no placard was parked in the
	handicap spot, which I had been told that I could use.)
    : eventually the apartment manager started sending door pings to voice mail.  That
      happened while Colleen was inside with Ticia waiting for the elevator, and I was
      outside.  Without my leather jacket.  Fifteen minutes or so later somebody came out
      and I was able to get us upstairs.  Unfortunately I had left *both phones* and the
      litter box in the van.  There was another litter box in the batch going to the
      apartment, but no litter.  Also Colleen's scooter bag, with most of her supplies.
    : At this point the only alternatives were going down to the car and then waiting for
      someone to come by and let me back in, or knocking on doors to find someone who
      could buzz me in.  I eventually found one, but had knocked on quite a few doors in
      the process.
      : background.  There have been several instances recently where homeless people have
	snuck in and knocked on doors, saying they had lost their keys.  They usually ask
	for money to replace them.  Residents have been instructed to call 911 if they
	encounter such suspicious activity.
    : Having found someone who would buzz me in, I went downstairs just as the police were
      coming in to investigate.  It took some doing to convince them that I was legit;
      eventually they went upstairs to speak to Colleen.  I was, fortunately, in pretty
      good humor about all this.  It was an absolutely silly situation.
    : Had a nice little chat with the young lady who had called 911 on me.
    % I had a couple of assorted panic/anxiety attacks and meltdowns.

posted late because my emacs client is flaking out. Probably due to the HTTPS redirection.

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