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Today's FAWM song, the second this month, is up: "Besties'.

It's the anticipated follow-on to "Twenty-First Century Breakup Song". I'm very unhappy with the audio of the first two verses; it's still very unstable and was even more so when I made the recording.

As the liner notes say, as soon as I'd written "Twenty-First Century Breakup Song", it was clear that I had to write the other part of the story. The only question was whose point of view to use, and that answered itself with the first line.

Besties Copyright Stephen Savitzky. Some Rights Reserved: CC by-nc-sa/4.0. I saw her walking down the driveway to the bus stop; With a backpack and a suitcase, and tears running down her face She stopped and looked me over and said "Honey, you're a wreck I sure don't like to leave you in this place." "I'd like to take you with me but I don't suppose I can; He's treating you as bad as he did me." And then said "This is crazy, but I'll be in town til noon, So just in case I'm leaving you the key." I'm just an old self-driving truck, I don't like taking chances, But I want to change my luck, I'll meet my friend tomorrow and I hope she'll treat me right I wonder where we'll be tomorrow night. I met her at the hotel door next morning She jumped on board and said to me "Hey Honey, you're the best!" With a dress that matched my paint job and a camper shell for me, We hit the road at noon and headed west. A woman and a self-driving truck You have to take some chances And make your own damned luck, We'll be best friends forever and we'll treat each other right, And I know who will sleep with me tonight.

(Just as an aside, it's really hard to type with a warm, cuddly cat in one's lap. Should I write a song about you, Desti?)

It's been suggested (see comments on the song page) that this could turn into a theme album. I'm not sure I can sustain it for a full month, but there's certainly enough material in this story for an EP. *rubs hands together gleefully*

February Album Writing Month: FAWM.ORG/fawmers/mdlbear/.

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