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From [ profile] solarbird via this post by [ profile] technoshaman, a pointer to a particularly well-written article about depression and suicide. (Could be depressing in itself -- think before clicking.) But one of the points it makes is that sometimes the right thing to do is to take medication to correct a chemical imbalance in your head.

This gives me an excuse to clear another of my browser tabs to quote from a comment I made in a locked post elsejournal:

Over the years I've accumulated quite a large "pill salad" of drugs and supplements, mostly for the various chemical imbalances that cause high blood pressure and high cholesterol. When you get down to it, neurotransmitter imbalances are no different. Sure, changing the way your brain works is a little scary in the abstract. But that's what caffeine does, and I don't think you'd turn down a cup of coffee to get you going in the morning.

I often need a bit of a nudge (well, ok, usually it's the [ profile] flower_cat going behind my back and talking to our doctor about me) to go get checked for health problems. But you out there don't have to be equally stupid. Sometimes the hardest part is figuring out that there is a problem. Other times the hard part might be admitting to someone else that there's a problem you can't handle on your own -- I tend to fall into that category.

Whatever it is, if you have some problem you've been putting off having a doctor look at, just go and get it looked at.

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