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1111 Th Orycon - have TGl gig
  * up 6:30; W=194; drugs, nose, teeth; dishes, coffee, breakfast
  * pack CPAP, drugs
  @ British team send paper plane to the edge of space before it flies back
    to Earth | Mail Online via autographedcat
  : cookie fortune from last Sunday:  "You will enjoy doing something different
    this coming weekend".  Well, yeah.  Rare for them to be that accurate.
  * email to Callie about Orycon
  @ ebonypearl: Too Young to Know - on not forcing gender roles on kids
  * Marty drove us to airport.  Very worried about C, who didn't come home
    last night.
  * print boarding passes at airport
  @ ($25 until 12/31)
  = have membership -- transfer to Colleen, Chaos, or somebody else if I have
    a freebie with the band.
  * 1:35 flight: XCJWZI
  * San Jose, CA to Portland, OR Thursday, November 11, 2010	1 h 45 m 
    #680	 Depart San Jose, CA (SJC) 	1:35 PM
 	 Arrive in Portland, OR (PDX)		3:20 PM
  * 10:30ish reserve room for Orycon Fri 11/12-Mon 11/15 (?)
    Confirmation Number:	 83687040  Lloyd Center Doubletree
    		 Check-in:	 Fri 12 Nov 2010
		 Check-out:	 Mon 15 Nov 2010
  * extend room back to Th.
  = note that MAX has deployable mobility ramps.	
  * Upgrade to suite?  Try for accessible
    1-503-281-6111 - may take a couple of hours to filter through the system
  : flight late with mechanical problem, but we'll get there.
  & arrive only about an hour late.  Colleen managed with the walker.
    The ride on MAX light rail was very easy.
  & dinner, hanging out in lobby with Rick and Tess.  
    Rick wrote an instafilk about the hotel's cole slaw.
  * green room not set up yet; got a badge at reg that I will transfer to
    Kaylee tomorrow
  * managing on sudafed; forgot my flonase :(
  & Phone call from N; Owl and the Pussycat, Lily.  Need to rehearse more
    C leaving Friday; injured finger.  Thanksgiving will be expensive.  Pay
    for mileage as TGl?

1112 Fr
  % ferocious cramp in my upper right arm.  Fortunately went away.  Weird.
  * up 7ish; slept rather badly.  hot bath helped the shoulder.
  <-thought about TGl goals for Thanksgiving.  
  @ Joe Blogs: The Promise via filkertom
  @ Stop Paying Attention - It Gets Better via filkertom
  : the hotel doesn't have coin-op laundry.  Neares 3 miles away.  Bummer.
    Hand-washed a pad; will try disposables backed with a real pad later.
  & mall crawl - no Stash store (which Colleen wanted), but got honey-ginger
    crystals at Vitamin World. 
  * Callie should be arriving early afternoon
  * Dinner with Callie (TGl/HSX)
  * Art show with Callie, Colleen.  Some print purchases.
  * Concerts: Frank Hayes, Steve Dixon, Cecelia Eng
  * art show reception    
  * rehearsal with Callie.  Shortening set to accommodate a Callie+Louise
    subset.  Did better on No Greater Love than I expected, but suck on the
    chords still, so it's just as well we're dropping it.
  * Up to the room for bed a little after midnight

1113 Sa
  * up 7:45ish; drugs, nose, "laundry", shower
    Washed rubber pants in tub; not very successful.
  * noon: bandura concert and workshop PNW ballroom
  =*note: forgot tripod, flonase, throat coat, laundry soap.  Make a travel
    bin and keep it stocked.
  ~ go upstairs and fetch music stand; hot water from green room
  * 1:00:pm   2:00:pm	So You Want to Produce a CD
    PNW Ballroom        Making a CD without living on the cutting edge of
    Steve Dixon, Steve Savitzky, (*)Tony
  * 2:00:pm   3:00:pm	Kinderfilk
    PNW Ballroom        Music for children - Which may include a zombie song
   		    	or two 
    Frank Hayes, (*)Callie Hills, Steve Dixon, Andrew Ross, Steve Savitzky
  * 3:00 Jam in C
  & Safeway via the mall.  Picked up another nailfile for Colleen.
  * Seanan's concert (mixed Vixy and Tony's)
  * 7:30:pm   8:00:pm	Concert: Tempered Glass
    PNW Ballroom        Concert: Tempered Glass
    Steve Savitzky, Callie Hills    -> Went well.  Sounded good; Callie's
    injured finger had recovered enough for flute, and both of us were in
    good voice.  Yay for the combination of honey ginger and throat coat.
  * look up the 101 route; email to N.
  & hung around filk room until ~1; didn't sing.  Did some party-hopping;
    finally got to bed around 1:30

1114 Su
  * up 8ish?  Slept badly
  @ Invasion of the body patters via technoshaman
  % still somewhat apprehensive about Monday
  * artwork went up with Callie and Jeff, since it doesn't fit in suitcases
  * Final filk -- QV (for Steve Dixon), The Bears
  @ The 'Israelification' of airports: High security, little bother
  * call Mom
  @ Why chocolate protects against heart disease via kayshapiro 
  & long catch-up talks with Joan and Roy.  Walking around the park
    next door with Joan 
  * bed ~11
  * unpleasant dreams, 2-3 wake-ups 

1115 Mo
  * up 9ish; drugs, nose, teeth; packing, coffee
  ~ not about to pay for a net connection when I can get one free in the lobby
  @ New evidence that dark chocolate helps ease emotional stress  
  @ The Face-down Publishing Paradigm - The Scholarly Kitchen via haikujaguar  
  * 1pm late checkout
  * Leave for airport 3-3:30ish
  @ The Dendarii Chronicles - OryCon--Day Three "It was sad to miss
    pocketnaomi, but the other members of Tempered Glass, cflute and
    mdlbear, kicked ass."
  @ TSA Opt-Out Day, Now with a Superfantastic New Twist!-Jeffrey Goldberg
    via Sounds Like Weird LJ - wear a kilt ;)
  @ The Five Best Linux Live CDs | (LWN)
  @ LAA Renoise 2.6 Geek Edition
  * 6:20 flight: XCJWZI
    Portland, OR to San Jose, CA Monday, November 15, 2010	1 h 45 m 
    #1685	 Depart Portland, OR (PDX) 	6:20 PM
 	 Arrive in San Jose, CA (SJC)		8:05 PM
  : PG&E bill $70 lower than last month; 300KWH less than last year.  Go me!!
    62KWH to go to get under 200% of baseline.
  @ Five Geek Social Fallacies via ysabetwordsmith

It was a great con. I guess a lot of it was summed up in this con report "It was sad to miss [ profile] pocketnaomi, but the other members of Tempered Glass, [ profile] cflute and [ profile] mdlbear, kicked ass."

Not having Naomi on board made for a set that wasn't nearly as good as it could have been, but I guess we did OK. It felt like a good performance, anyway.

My recording of our concert, unfortunately, does not appear to have survived -- it cuts off mysteriously after a couple of seconds. :P Clumsy bear was probably clumsy with the buttons again. I know there were several other recordings made, though, so all is not lost, though it may be a couple of days before I can get my hands on them.

Lots of catching-up with people we don't see very often, especially Roy Torley and Joan Gaustad, who we spent several hours talking with on Sunday (and whose concert also kicked serious ass).

Travel was a lot easier than I expected; having (niece-of-choice) Kaylee along helped immesurably, since it meant that we could take all the bags while Colleen scooted. Public transit from the airport to the hotel and back was cheap and smooth.

Lots and lots of links under the cut, along with the usual details.

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