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Rough week. Even a con, with a concert that came off well, didn't help all that much. My anxiety--or whatever it is, because alexithymia--levels are through the roof, even after cutting back on coffee and Facebook time.

Getting through the concert did reduce my stress quite a bit; that effect lasted through the rest of the weekend. A couple of great conversations; the one we had Sunday evening/night reminded me a lot of the conversation I had with Naomi all those years ago at OVFF, which arguably led to a lot of what's happened since. So, yeah. Friendship is good. Making new friends is wonderful.

I'd originally planned to leave Sunday afternoon. I'm incredibly grateful to Naomi for giving me an excuse to stay on the extra day. I wouldn't have missed that conversation for anything. (That's assuming, of course, that I'd known about it ahead of time. One can't exactly schedule such things. One can, however, be open to them when they happen. I seem to be moderately good at that; it's just getting started that's so rare.)

The concert. Well. Of course, being totally frazzled leading into it, I neglected to record it. I'm hoping that the woman who recorded it on her cell phone gets back to me -- of course I neglected to get her contact info, too. The set list was drastically revised after the election; what we ended up with was:

  • Kitchen Heroes
  • Quiet Victories
  • Windward
  • Nemesis
  • Mary Ellen Carter
  • Bells of Norwich
  • The Times, They Are A Changin'
  • Gentle Arms of Eden
  • The Dreamer
  • Ship of Stone
  • Millennium's Dawn
  • Most of them had new arrangements--N has started composing harmony lines. Millennium's Dawn, with her harmony and the new last verse, worked particularly well. Bells of Norwich was new to me, as was the guitar part for Nemesis. You know things are going to be different when QV is the second song in the set.

    Oh, yeah: the bad stuff. Colleen's stairlift finally broke past my ability to jury-rig it. Much cursing, while I set up the sofabed in the Rainbow Room. (Although that was another good reason to stay the extra day at the con -- the sofabed is horribly uncomfortable.)

    ...Aaaaand the ... ugly? Maybe. N handed me a card that said "YOU MATTER". Which is something Colleen says to me quite frequently, also. That started a train of thought, because it reminded me of an article that had come by earlier in the week and that I felt... odd... about. Some initial reactions below in the notes. I know it's meant to be encouraging; to make me feel good about myself or something like that. It doesn't, though, and I can't figure out why.

    I really hate important stuff I can't figure out. If it was a server I'd be busy analyzing logs and cursing the lack of comments in the code. Come to think of it,...

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    So here we are at Orycon. For some reason I'd forgotten to register Colleen, so we had to do that at the desk.

    Here's my schedule:

        o Is Open Source Really Open? Salon C (LL1) Sat Nov 19 10:00am - 11:00am
          Blake Hutchins, Frank Hayes, Mark Niemann-Ross, *me (moderator)
        o Concert: Steve Savitsky Mt Hood (2) Sat Nov 19 1:00pm - 2:00pm
        o The Changing Face of the Computer Interface Sunstone (3) Sun Nov 20 12:00pm - 1:00pm
          *Frank Hayes, Jeff Soesbe, Matt Huntley, Matt Huntley, Rhiannon Rhys-Jones, me

    The concert is going to be good. Promise. The setlist was completely revised last week (for reasons that should be obvious).

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    Between network problems (which I caused), the disastrous US elections, being off my antidepressants (which may have been helping a little after all; it may just be too subtle an effect for this alexithymic old bear to have noticed), pain issues, and just generally feeling harried, it was kind of a bad week.

    I threw my set plans out the window, and put together what turned out to be a pretty good little set at the last minute: "Bigger On the Inside", "Someplace In the Net", "World Inside the Crystal", "Millennium's Dawn", "Keep the Dream Alive". Recordings (thanks to Rick Weiss) later this week.

    I pretty much nailed the lyrics. A lot of missed notes, but the nice thing about the guitar is that as long as you have the right chord fingered it's going to sound ok no matter how sloppy the playing is. Got comments from a couple of people after the set, so that was nice.

    The hotel was a distinct disappointment -- they'd overbooked the handicap rooms (the king room we're in is ok, but it would have been nice to have more manoevering room in the bathroom), and the restaurant didn't have a regular dinner menu. (The bar did have something more like a dinner menu, but it was expensive.) The breakfast buffet was no more than adequate. I see it's in a different hotel next year.

    I have so far failed to connect with any of the people I'd been hoping to connect with; this is not unusual but does little to improve my mood, which I think is still somewhat volatile.

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    So that would be... two weeks and a day. OK, I've been busy. Starting a new job will do that. This is going to be totally disjointed.

    It was also a pretty eventful couple of weeks. I didn't do nearly as much practicing as I'd wanted to, nor advertise my concert at Orycon, which was last Saturday. But it came off fairly well, considering. As of Saturday morning all I had was a stack of lyrics in no particular order, but I manage to string them together into a sequence that, I think, made a certain amount of sense. You can see the results here, though I haven't uploaded the audio yet.

    I performed at Westercon, too, and I haven't uploaded that either. Yeah, I've been busy. But that busy? Especially before I got a job...

    A lot of things got done that had been waiting too long. Colleen started getting back into cooking, which was (and is) a Good Thing. Not so much because it takes some of the burden off me and the YD, but because it makes her feel good.

    Saturday before last, we (me, Colleen, and the YD) went down to the Wayward Coffeehouse for Leannan Sidhe's concert. Sunday before last we (me, Colleen, and Naomi) went to our new-job-celebration dinner at the Herb Farm. This time it was the "Mycologist's Dream" -- fabulous, as usual. I spent much of the time in between reading about Maven, which is the build system we're using at work.

    This weekend we went down to Orycon. Drove down Friday night after work, and headed back a little after 2pm on Sunday. So a rather hectic and very tiring weekend, but we enjoyed it.


    ... and, well, more details below in the notes. Sorry about that.

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    Orycon was good. Lots of music. A couple of good conversations. Not so much exercise; I gained a couple of pounds. But good.

    Getting there was frustrating -- WiFi still wasn't working worth a damn on my netbook, and the way I had our bags stacked made for an exhausting trip from the airport to the hotel on Max. But we got there, around dinner time on Friday (missing a concert that we would have liked to get to).

    Saturday morning I nuked the root partition on Barnard and installed Ubuntu 11.04, the last good one before they jumped the Gnome 3 shark. With working WiFi (reconnecting much faster than earlier versions, too), the rest of the weekend went very well indeed from a computerish point of view.

    The con itself was great. I spent most of my time either in the concerts (there was a set of tables in back within reach of a power socket), or nearby talking to filkers. Not having a concert slot myself meant that I didn't have to spend any time rehearsing or fretting about not rehearsing, which helped make for a relaxed weekend.

    Also adding to the relaxed experience was the fact that Colleen was more independent than she's been in years, able to get up to the room and back by herself. An independent cat is a happy cat, and makes for a happy bear.

    It seems that I really need about 8 hours of sleep. Not too happy about that.

    I also had conversations with musicians in the airport on both ends of the trip -- I traded CDs with Edward Dee, who had noticed Plink while waiting for the same flight we were on up to Portland. And had a good talk with Jimmy Free in PDX, admiring his skill with a 7-string violin and a looper.

    Musical highlights of the con itself included concerts by The Doubleclicks, Katy Tinney, and Betsy Tinney (solo, with cello and looper). Want a looper. I missed most of Alexander Adams' concert in favor of a good conversation with [personal profile] runnerwolf, which was something I'd been wanting to do for a long time. Looking forward to more. A good dead dog in the almost-empty filk room swapping songs and talking with Andrew Ross and two women named Elizabeth and Jennifer whose last names I never caught.

    Good con. Good weekend. And we came home to dinner and a clean house, thanks to our wonderful Younger Daughter, Emmy. We win.

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    I don't have all of the OryCon concert online yet -- I'm still waiting for audio to replace what my fat fingers missed. But the video of about half the concert is up on YouTube, and the audio from our songs in the KinderFilk concert is up on

    The best, I think, is the video of Mina's Song by Zander Nyrond. Unless you're in a tearing hurry, watch the introduction too.

    I'll let you know when the rest of the audio makes it up.

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    It was a great con. I guess a lot of it was summed up in this con report "It was sad to miss [ profile] pocketnaomi, but the other members of Tempered Glass, [ profile] cflute and [ profile] mdlbear, kicked ass."

    Not having Naomi on board made for a set that wasn't nearly as good as it could have been, but I guess we did OK. It felt like a good performance, anyway.

    My recording of our concert, unfortunately, does not appear to have survived -- it cuts off mysteriously after a couple of seconds. :P Clumsy bear was probably clumsy with the buttons again. I know there were several other recordings made, though, so all is not lost, though it may be a couple of days before I can get my hands on them.

    Lots of catching-up with people we don't see very often, especially Roy Torley and Joan Gaustad, who we spent several hours talking with on Sunday (and whose concert also kicked serious ass).

    Travel was a lot easier than I expected; having (niece-of-choice) Kaylee along helped immesurably, since it meant that we could take all the bags while Colleen scooted. Public transit from the airport to the hotel and back was cheap and smooth.

    Lots and lots of links under the cut, along with the usual details.

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    Oops. Been a while. I've been crashing early most nights, which doesn't help with Getting Things Done.

    Since Sunday it's been a time of recovery from the misery of losing a friend, and somewhat frantic preparation for Orycon. I think I'm finally back up to a reasonably positive mood. We went out for Chinese on Sunday; my fortune cookie said: "You will enjoy doing something different this coming weekend". Well, yeah. It's rare for them to be that accurate.

    In a little over four hours we'll be taking off for Portland. Saturday will be frantic, but apart from that I'll have lots of time for conversations, which is what I really love about conventions these days.

    Lots of links, as you might expect in a four-day catchup post.

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    I realize that it's rather late, but here's my schedule for the weekend.

    1111 Th
      o San Jose, CA to Portland, OR Thursday, November 11, 2010	1 h 45 m 
        #680	 Depart San Jose, CA (SJC) 	1:35 PM
     	 Arrive in Portland, OR (PDX)		3:20 PM
    1113 Sa
      o 1:00:pm   2:00:pm	So You Want to Produce a CD
        PNW Ballroom        Making a CD without living on the cutting edge of
        Steve Dixon, Steve Savitzky, (*)Tony
      o 2:00:pm   3:00:pm	Kinderfilk
        PNW Ballroom        Music for children - Which may include a zombie song
       		    	or two 
        Frank Hayes, (*)Callie Hills, Steve Dixon, Andrew Ross, Steve Savitzky
      o 7:30:pm   8:00:pm	Concert: Tempered Glass
        PNW Ballroom        Concert: Tempered Glass
        Steve Savitzky, Callie Hills
    1115 Mo
      o Portland, OR to San Jose, CA Monday, November 15, 2010	1 h 45 m 
        #1685	 Depart Portland, OR (PDX) 	6:20 PM
     	 Arrive in San Jose, CA (SJC)		8:05 PM

    I will have lots of free time on Friday, Sunday, and Monday.

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    raw notes )

    A pretty good day. I even got a walk in, though I cut it a little short because I was getting some foot pain. Naturally it went away as soon as I turned around. (It's because I have shoes with three different insoles. I get arch pain sometimes when readjusting between them. :P )

    Quite a lot of puttering around the websites and associated makefiles, including finally getting online. After owning it for how many years? Did I mention that I procrastinate?

    Speaking of procrastination, I also got No Greater Love fully chorded out. About 2 weeks late, but in time for Tempered Glass's Orycon gig. Which is next Saturday evening. Eeek!

    Lots of good links under the cut. Don Marti provided a lot of them, including a few great git links, one of which had this marvelous quote:

    It is easy to shoot your foot off with git, but also easy to revert to a previous foot and merge it with your current leg.

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