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So here we are at Orycon. For some reason I'd forgotten to register Colleen, so we had to do that at the desk.

Here's my schedule:

    o Is Open Source Really Open? Salon C (LL1) Sat Nov 19 10:00am - 11:00am
      Blake Hutchins, Frank Hayes, Mark Niemann-Ross, *me (moderator)
    o Concert: Steve Savitsky Mt Hood (2) Sat Nov 19 1:00pm - 2:00pm

    o The Changing Face of the Computer Interface Sunstone (3) Sun Nov 20 12:00pm - 1:00pm
      *Frank Hayes, Jeff Soesbe, Matt Huntley, Matt Huntley, Rhiannon Rhys-Jones, me

The concert is going to be good. Promise. The setlist was completely revised last week (for reasons that should be obvious).

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Just got my Baycon schedule in the email; no concert slot this year; I'll put in for a one-shot if they have them.

  • Fri, 20:00, San Jose: Music Publishing and Recording [update: I'm moderating this one.]
  • Sat, 13:00, Cedar: Cynthia McQuillin Memorial
    I hope they scheduled two hours for this one! [update: it's an hour and a half.]
  • Sun, 13:00, Chardonnay: Found Filk
    This should be interesting. I think it might even have been my suggestion; I know I mentioned it. I need to haul out my John Denver songbook and re-learn "Toledo, Ohio" now.
  • Sun, 15:00, San Juan: Filk Sing-A-Long
    You never know what's going to turn out to be a singalong, but I know "Mushrooms" and "Rocket Rider's Prayer" are on the list. [update: turns out this was intended as a kids' filk; I'm keeping it that way, but it won't all be singalongs, and other people who want to sing kids' songs are more than welcome.]

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