Jul. 14th, 2007

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... to [livejournal.com profile] ravan!!! Have a great one!!!

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Just after Baycon [livejournal.com profile] cflute and I listened to the album on my livingroom stereo and Callie noticed that the bass was exceptionally boomy. The effect largely went away on my high-quality headphones or my studio monitors (which, admittedly, don't have a whole lot of bass).

Giving it another listen in the livingroom, I finally realized why: It's not that my speakers are particularly bass-heavy, it's all the junk piled in front of them. In particular, piled right in front of the tweeters. It's not that they have a lot of bass, it's that the treble is being attenuated. A lot.

I feel much better now that I understand it.

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It crossed my mind at the last Très Gique gig at Westercon that my usual sound check song, "Jabberwocky" as a talking blues, is totally lame. A proper sound check song should be a throwaway, sure, but it also has to be something that everybody in the group can sing on, with verses we can trade off singing, geeky, totally silly, and loud.

"Old Time Computing" came to mind. Then I came up with:

When your drummer plays a doumbek
You had better run a sound check
Or you'll end up sounding like heck
And your audience will flee...

... Possibly with a chorus about a real-time musician, after which things could easily degenerate into verses about emacs/vi, unix/vms, and other software religion. But I'm not going to go there right now.

Wiped out

Jul. 14th, 2007 10:03 pm
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Normally, a mere four-mile walk plus an afternoon of shopping does not tire me out to the point where I'm practically falling asleep before dinner. It seems to have done so today; possibly because I didn't get quite enough sleep last night. The Wolfling was up early, for once.

The [livejournal.com profile] flower_cat made some excellent soup for dinner, and some pesto that was supposed to have been a garnish for it. I had some on pasta instead -- yum.

It's only 10pm. If I go to bed now I'll be awake at 4am. Blink.

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