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Oh, right. Thursday. Today's gratitudes include...

  • Colleen finishing her two-week course of IV antibiotics. She has her central line out (her veins have been so overused that they can't even use a PICC anymore) and is much more comfortable.
  • Desti has had no complications or even apparent discomfort from having her teeth cleaned and the big fluid-filled cyst on her shoulder removed. She get her sutures out Monday.
  • Additional gratitude to our cats. We have wonderful cats.
  • My singing teacher, Nancy Nolan, who among other things has convinced me to capo up two or three frets on most songs.
  • My friends here on Dreamwidth, with a special call-out to [personal profile] jesse_the_k for this post pointing me at Fan Is A Tool-Using Animal and some of the things it points to -- great read. Watch out for the rabbit-hole.
  • Back-handed thanks to Tumblr for driving more users to Dreamwidth, inciting some fascinating posts (vide supra), and giving me something interesting to post about tomorrow.
  • Slack, which plays a significant role in holding our bilocated family together.
  • Damnation with faint praise to Medicare.

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