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0418 Sa
  * up 7:40ish; W=191.2; drugs, nose; coffee, C.
  & 10:30ish visit Colleen
    ! contented.  Even though I forgot her laundry and shallot pepper
  * walk: 3 miles by Los Gatos Creek
  * TJ:  cranberry Emergen-C, other stuff as needed
  & Fry's.  Looked at cheap DECT phones, but didn't: they don't wall-mount
    I like the way GE aux handsets go into clock mode, though.
  * Colleen wants shallot pepper (now in bag with laundry, salad dressing)
  * Emmy making dinner; she wants to visit Colleen later.
    ! happy, pleased with her, proud.
  & update gig list in
  & Visit Colleen with Emmy
    ! contented
  & mixing puttering/decluttering with posting "state of" posts
  * see whether Baycon rooms reserved -> they're not, and there's no entry yet
  * check out full electric hospital beds at Amazon.  
    = Under $1000 for Invacare bed+mattress pkgs; no specs.  Check ABC
  . start packing up bedroom for major cleanup
  * bed ~midnight

I don't feel as though I got very much done yesterday. Especially considering how much I'll have to do if I want to get our bedroom cleared out and cleaned up by the time Colleen comes home on Friday.

In fact, I haven't done much during the entire last week, when I had the Younger Daughter home from school to help. She did clean her room and the kitchen; that's something.

I did some cleaning, anyway -- more like puttering, but it's a start. And I researched hospital beds at Amazon. If these are the same beds I saw at ABC Medical Supply locally, I could save somewhere between $500 and $700 buying a pair of them from Amazon. If I trusted them and their third-party vendors, some of whom list "10 pounds" for both the dimensions and shipping weight of the objects in question. Nobody lists the actual dimensions or weight, which worries me. And if the difference didn't get gobbled up in shipping costs.

Apart from these "done yesterday" posts, I don't seem to be posting much. Maybe just as well given how long it takes to write one, but I really ought to get back to writing at some point.

The astute reader may notice that I'm using both colleen-200903 and colleen-200904 as tags. I change the date when something major changes; I figure coming home counts, so I'll use the 200904 tag for planning toward that event.

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