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0611 Th
  * up 6:25; W=191.4; drugs, nose, teeth; coffee, C
  * meditate ?5min (wasn't tracking)  ! more calm now.
  * 8:30 sign up for caregiver support group  Kay
    Actually got through!  ! relieved  | (8:35) big sigh of relief
  * 8am: Valley Heating & Cooling coming for routine maintenance
    => clear the grass and bamboo from around the AC; at least 12"
    => clean filters every couple of months
  * 9:30 start getting Colleen up; need to leave house at 10:30
  * 11:00 Colleen: PT  Dept 174.  Bring 4-wheel walker.
    she's in remarkably good shape, considering.  More walking.
  & up 12 flights of stairs, down 8 (in lieu of a walk)
  ! proud of YD for bravely correcting a potential disaster at school
  * Colleen needs to call for an app't:  (I found the numbers)
    -> next Monday at 9:30.  (She'll have to get up early)
  * AMS (mic stand quick-connect) order arrived
  * code written for $demo (not debugged yet)
  & Colleen didn't have diarrhoea today!
    ! very happy
  * bed ~10pm :(; lots of cuddle :) :)

Lots of good things about yesterday, though mainly good in the sense of worse things avoided. I guess the one I'm most pleased about that I actually did was calling the person in charge of the caregiver support group at Kaiser, and signing up. That's pretty big, considering my usual problems with phone calls. I also spent several hours at work writing real code. Hopefully I'll get it running today.

Colleen had a PT appointment at Kaiser; it ate up the entire morning and part of the afternoon, so I ended up walking up and down the four flights of stairs three times instead of taking my usual walk. From the way my knees were feeling by the end of it I'd guess I got my exercise.

Colleen appears to be in pretty good shape, considering. I hadn't realized how much progress she'd made in the past couple of weeks. She still needs to walk more, though, and has started taking steps in that direction.

Her digestive system still isn't back to normal, but she's making progress.

I'm not all that happy about having to go to bed at 10pm, but I'm happy about the time spent cuddling.

Date: 2009-06-12 09:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You should be really proud of yourself for making that phone call! For you that was leaping at least two phobia hurdles.

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