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0614 Su
  * up 7:30; W=192.6; drugs, nose; coffee; teeth; C
  * backups
  * Somebody took the computer desk!  Yay!
  . more or less done with choruses in "I Like Pie" - 2 verses to go
  * Walgreen's: briefs, fiber sticks
  * walk: 3 miles by Los Gatos Creek (to the park and back)
    mostly thinking about summer travel 
  & Santana Row with Colleen and Rosebud
    ! happy -- lots of fun to go out for a st/roll with my RollyCat
  & YD made pasta for dinner.
  & Found two of the three missing bags in my closet
    The small shoulder bag and the laptop bag; the one still missing is the
    briefcase that goes with my gig bag.
  & about an hour's worth of snuggle in bed with the Cat
  & Pleasant IM with N. {and meeeee!}
  * Work on homework for Mindfulness group
  & Make a bowl of veggies for Colleen (and me)
  @ [ profile] thnidu posted about Monsters of Shamisen with youtube links.
  * Early to bed -- Colleen has to be up ~8am for 9:30 app't

Another good day - a three mile walk by myself by Los Gatos Creek, and a st/roll up and down the length of Santana Row (the local high-rent residential/shopping "street") with the RollyCat. It was especially fun seeing some of the surprised reactions she got, though I'm not sure why. Aren't there lots of grinning middle-aged ladies with striking silver-and-black hair out riding around on bright red scooters?

OK, when you put it like that...

And I found the small shoulder bag and laptop bag I was looking for all last week. That leaves only the briefcase that goes with my guitar gig bag still missing.

Fun music link: Saturday, [ profile] thnidu posted about Monsters of Shamisen with youtube links.

The group `Monsters of Shamisen` was formed in the spring of 2006 when two California based Shamisen players Mike Penny and Kevin Kmetz met with Sapporo based virtuoso Masahiro Nitta. The promise of this group is to offer audiences the most exciting and innovative examples of modern Tsugaru Shamisen in the world. Using their collective musical backgrounds Monsters draws inspiration from a wide variety of music including classical peices, American bluegrass, Irish folk music, and even modern pop/rock. To see this group live is to experience one of the most unforgettable fusions of not only East and West but also of past and future.

Date: 2009-06-15 04:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That's the worst banjo player ever. ::grin, duck, run!::

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