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1030 Fr
  * awake 5ish; up 6:15; W=197.2; coffee; drugs, nose, teeth
  @ (following a link from pidgin's get user info box)
    seems to be closely associated with AIM; yahoo requests go to
  ~ locate the multi-headed USB drive interface (probably in Kat's room)
  & Found purple gaffer's tape, a WinXP SP2 OEM install disk, and a coffee mug
    in Kat's room, but no USB drive i/f.  Probably somewhere in the office.
    (gadget lust)
  * walk: twice around pond.  Meditation, maybe 10m
  & Call from N.  TGl: "Rocket Ride" by Tom Smith
  * buy: coffee.  Looked for neck roll in BB&B but didn't find one.
  * box up the last of the 2008 stuff and take the box to the attic
  * clear space in office (take boxes out if necessary)
  * bath 10:30, bed 11; snuggle, slept well.

Poking around in the Wolfling's room looking for a missing USB hard drive interface I managed to find the roll of purple gaffer's tape, a coffee mug, and a Windows XP SP2 OEM install disk that matched an envelope I found in the office a couple of weeks ago. But no interface.

A nice walk, twice around the pond, with a little meditation break in the middle. A call from Naomi in the afternoon.

And I boxed up the last of the 2008 receipts, put the tax returns in the filing cabinet, and took the box up to the garage attic. And moved enough other boxes around that someone could actually sit in the other chair, and maybe evem use a computer if I have time to set one up.

A bath and some lovely, warm cuddle, and I drifted off to sleep.

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