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1204 Sa
  * up 7:30; W=195.2; drugs, nose, teeth; dishes, laundry, coffee
  @ also_huey: The Endgame of Discrimination via ysabetwordsmith
  @ Folding Beds from Griffon Make Reclaimed Space Look Good : TreeHugger
    7 Ways to Get Rid of the Bed : TreeHugger 
    10 More Ways To Get Rid Of The Bed : TreeHugger
  * installed rsyncrypto.  Not exactly what I'm looking for, but might do
  @ How We Made GitHub Fast - GitHub
  @ How to Read Ebooks |
    How to read ebooks, Part 5: How to read ebooks on your computer
    calibre - E-book management
    there are packages for Calibre in Debian, Ubuntu, and several other distros
  & puttering around cleaning up the home directory
  & moved transfer chair back into garage
  * 1pm title company will come to house with papers to sign
  : We can haz mortgage.  $350K 
  % 3:30ish very low energy.  Probably ate an English muffin + jam just in time
  ~ consignment center in El Paseo - love seats -> nothing of interest
  * get cash
  * buy: headlight for Honda
  * buy: milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, tofu (Lucky's, in El Paseo)
  * dinner:  chicken piccata, rice, artichokes
  @ elf: The future of the internet (links to this post of mine)
      I don't know how to express how *gleeful* this makes me. I don't speak
    enough hacker/geek to know what it all means; I don't know how DNS
    works. I do know that, when I try to parse the idea of a P2P DNS setup, it
    makes my brain go splodey in happy ways. 
  * cleaning the office with Eileen.  papers off the right-hand pile.
  * put Eileen in touch with Don Simpson see comment 
  * 11ish: bath, bed; snuggle

Another day that seemed pretty lazy, although signing papers for the refinance made a pretty good excuse for it. No walk, unless you count going from one end of El Paseo de Saratoga to the other and back, as part of the day's shopping expedition.

We can haz (yet another) mortgage. It's our second refi, but it consolidates the existing first mortgage with the equity line of credit, and saves about $750/month on payments. So much for going into retirement (if that ever happens) debt-free.

One of the links in this post of mine has inspired some good discussion on The future of the internet. I'm always happy to see my links getting out there. I need to write up some of my own ideas on the subject; I got stalled/sidetracked a few years ago and never finished the paper I was writing on secure document distribution.

We're looking for a loveseat/recliner for the living room.

The dinner I made was something approximating chicken piccata with rice, salad, and artichokes. Tasty.

I also did a fair amount of puttering/cleanup both in my home directory, and in the office and other parts of the house.

A reasonable number of links. See How to Read Ebooks | if you're thinking of getting an ebook reader.

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