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0624 Fr
  * up 7:00; W=196.2; M=g-; drugs, nose, teeth, laundry, dishes, coffee, light 
  ! mood continues to hover between ok+ and good-
  * walk:  3mi on Guadalupe trail by airport
  * Hardcopy of _Family Ties and Torn Skies_ arrived in the noon post.
  * buy: pantsu
  * buy: gin
  @ AV Linux 5.0 Released! (LWN)
  @ Mozilla Delivers New Version of Firefox  First Web Browser to Support Do
    Not Track on Multiple Platforms | The Mozilla Blog (LWN)
  @ Gay marriage legal in New York State after Senate passes historic bill 33-29
  ! so it wouldn't surprise me if there was such a thing as NRE with luggage. 
  * inform herbfarm about Colleen's disability
  : Colleen used the cane to get to the porch from the van today!
  @ CEntrance - MicPort Pro 1-channel USB audio i/f.  Phantom, 24/96
  * practice:  Millennium's Dawn.  Sounded good, but r. armpit hurts. :( 
    Will practice with Plink for the rest of the week.

High points in the day were a full 3-mile walk, and Colleen using her cane to get from the van to the porch. And NY legalizing marriage for everyone! That's big.

My mood has been hovering somewhere between ok and good for much of the last week. That's... I don't know. Still down from a string of "good" a couple of weeks ago. *shrug*

A couple of links up there in the notes, including the Firefox 5 announcement. Enjoy.

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