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0804 Th
  * up 6:45; W=199.4; drugs, nose, teeth, laundry, dishes, light
  * imported LJ to DW.  Set up crossposting DW to LJ.
  * walk: 3 miles on the Guadalupe River Trail (airport)
  @ git-annex
    gittorrent - Peer-to-peer Protocol for Synchronizing of Git Repositories
    MirrorSync - gittorrent
  @ Linux News: Reviews: Jokosher: A Completely Kosher Audio Multitool
  * Colleen has ordered a new lift chair via Bischoff's, which has them on
    sale.  Will probably not arrive until after Worldcon, though.
  ! It has not been a _bad_ day, but my brain has been fuzzily nonfunctional.
  @ SILICON SOAPWARE I'm pretty sure I know where the one about weak
    passwords and deniability came from.
  * dinner: shrimp on skewers, cole slaw with fresh dill and green onions,
    pan-fried rock cod with lemon and capers
  * DW transition post/policy.  I think what I want to do is post "articles"
    on DW (xp to LJ), and "done", etc. on LJ.  But this is more hassle, and
    there may be better policies. -> query posted; cross-post successful.
    -> all commenters want all posts both places.  Easy.
  & finds Cyrano's origin conversation, in  PJ/2010-06-27
  * Ame 21 -> post on DW
    mdlbear | Ame: 21.
    mdlbear: Ame: 21.
    callahanians: Ame: 21.
  * check bills.  Surprisingly, nothing due until late next week.
  % pain still mostly gone; nothing but some aspirin at lunchtime.
  * Thankful Thursday
    Og, Liz; restraining order, backup
  * Ame 21 to web page

Not a bad day, as such, but my brain was fuzzy and slow for most of it. I did get in a 3-mile walk, made a tasty seafood dinner, and made several posts in what appears to have been a transition from LJ to DW with crossposts to LJ. Most of my commenters appear to be in favor of my posting everything to both blogs, so that's pretty much what I'll do. And LJ is hosed this evening.

Ame: 21 proved to have been surprisingly easy to write. She seems to be finding her voice; I try not to block it even when she surprises me.

For there's no place as comforting, gentle, or strange
As the mind of the Middle-Sized Bear.

So, well, ... an ok day, I guess. I'm still a little fuzzy.

A couple of links up there in the notes, as usual. If you haven't encountered Tom Digby, or just haven't been keeping track, go read the latest SILICON SOAPWARE. If you think my mind is weird...

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