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I'm not sure batching my posts is significantly less work, but I seem to have fallen into that mode by default. We'll see how it goes; comments welcome.

It's been a rough month this last weekend. The back pain I felt yesterday was only part of it. Yeah, more exercise would probably help. Time? Ha!

Let's see... paid my sales tax, G&S (wonderful!), not as much practice as I wanted needed, helping friends (and trying to provide emotional support, which Middle-Sized Bears can apparently do, but don't really know how they do), making travel and other logistical arrangements, a couple of arguments with the YD, who seems to dig in her heels at every request or suggestion I or Colleen makes), ...

I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted needed to. I can haz xtra hrs plz? The trouble with this planet is that it spins just too damned fast.

Plenty of links down there in the notes, plus bonus haiku (Friday) and some dream notes (Saturday).

0120 Fr
  * up 6:30; W=192.2; drugs, nose, teeth, laundry, dishes, exercise, light
  & Crap:  seem to be missing the sales tax notice I got a couple of weeks
    ago.  So I'll have to tear up the desktop to find it, because it has my
    express login code.  Grr.
  * practice:  Gentle Arms - mostly guitar work, esp. the instrumental break 
  & Haiku composed on the way to work:  (and later edited to fix syllable count)
      Glorious morning / Washed clean over a night filled / With refreshing rain
  @ Despite whacking Windows, Linux gets too little respect - InfoWorld 
  * a couple of walks across the parking lot; misting.
  ~ track down sales tax express login code -> they sent me a reminder.  Nice.
    And it's due the 31st, so I have another week (or, realistically, until
    Monday night!)
  @ fonts - How do I make my document look like it was written by an Cthulhu
    worshipping madman? - TeX - LaTeX - Stack Exchange (Boing Boing)
  * Ordered gel pads from - $18 for two sets.
  & ... and of course I found the original sales tax notice; I'd apparently
    been looking for an envelope, and it was a single flat sheet.  In the box
    where I knew I'd put it.  My mind is going.  I can feel it, Dave...

0121 Sa
  % the dream last night involved a new dishwasher.  It worked, but everything
    leaked, including plumbing under the sink.  Not our RL house; more like a
    cross between the way it was before we remodeled, and some kind of duplex.
  * up 7:40; W=192.6; drugs, nose, teeth, dishes, exercise, light
  * wake Colleen ~10; she's taking Liz and Ogg out to lunch.  
    (I stay at home, do the sales tax, and putter)
  % and, as it turns out, I didn't need the express login code - I've already
    set up an account with the BOE.  Did want to verify the due date, though;
    it's nowhere on the website.
  @ The Return Of LiveJournal | Fast Company 
    via lj_refugees: Well, isn't this just lovely...? and others LJ goes merrily down the (intar)tubes, it's nice to have DW.
    " LiveJournal's leadership has made it clear that their future American
      business strategy lies in generating new traffic rather than catering to
      the service's current small-but-loyal membership. The challenge for
      Petrochenko and other executives at LiveJournal will be redefining the
      brand's identity in a crowded media marketplace. 
  @ The Freaky, Forgotten World of Abandoned Websites LJ is #5/7
    I seem to have quite a few of them lurking in my Web tree.
  * practice:  8 songs.  Some serious rough spots; need to run the whole set
    every day until the con.
  * make Colleen a Southwest account IJBGYZ
  * Call southwest, track down info on Colleen's Conflikt flight 800-435-9792
    She leaves at 8:10 AM flt 219, arriving 10:25 AM
  : DH passwords compromised.  The notice went to my work account -- gotta
    change that, I guess.  Changed shell account passwords.
  * full pass through the HSX box turned up one more sales receipt.
  * walk.  ~2mi, rather late. Nice weather, but got back after sunset.
    Still enough light, but it was getting colder and darker fast.
  @ Apple's mind-bogglingly greedy and evil license agreement 
    (The Wordsmith's Forge - Author Beware: iBooks Author) WTF?
  @ annathepiper | Heads up to all authors with Kindle Editions and to
    Goodreads users 
  ~ figure out which of Flame and Plink is more stable capoed; maybe have two
    guitars onstage.  Capo has to move, so see which one needs less retuning
    -> Plink is stable enough if I use classical capo ~1mm back from fret
  ~ see whether a 12v netbook power supply would work with the CPAP for travel
    -> no; need at least 4.5A.  Could order a 60W supply, or try to swap the
       Kingston with the one on -stargate- _nova_.
  * make sure we have Consonance memberships
  * 15min:  cleanup in

0122 Su
  * up 7:20; W=193.4; drugs, nose, teeth, exercise, light
    YD up; she made my coffee, and sat on the floor in the office.  
  * Swap the 60W power brick on nova for the 100, in the hope of using the 60W
    with the CPAP.  It's about half the size of the "official" one.
  * reorder simvastatin
  * try Nova's 60W power brick with the CPAP -> WIN
  * 2pm Lamplighters: Gondoliers
  & Spoke with Lara - I have a concert at Consonance
  * dinner at Old Port Lobster Shack  Yum!
  : Mom called a around 8pm (after I'd already decided it was probably too
    late).  She had just gotten back from the opera :)  
  @ ysabetwordsmith | Coping with Women's Clothes 
  @ posted Songs for... ok, Sunday: The Gondoliers
  * entered, totaled sales tax data.  $50 I owe tax on.

0123 Mo  012/01/23
  * up 6:30; W=193.8; drugs, nose, dishes
  @ Steal This Book! | TechCrunch
  @ solarbird | indie musicians and indie writers; whose future?
    Amanda Hocking and the 99-Cent Kindle Millionaires 
  % The last three weeks just evaporated.  Scary.
  @ SOPA, Internet regulation, and the economics of piracy
    via Lies, damned lies, and piracy statistics - Boing Boing
  & arguments with the YD over little stuff, like who writes the address on an
    envelope and where I like to have the tabasco sauce in the kitchen.  Growf
    Also more important stuff, like getting a normal college experience by
    spending time on-campus.
  @ Blithely - Writing Mise en Place 
  * walk:  .75mi; lower back/hips very hurty.  Owwww.
  * buy: pantsu
  * buy: N-cheese (Lucky) -> Colleen
  % total overload on walking through the door.  TV blaring, Colleen saying
    something, me juggling oversized packages, back/hip pain.  Make It Stop!
    After a drink, some hand-holding, and a kiss I may be approaching ok.
  | it would help if I could breathe.  Also, I keep clenching up my butt in a
    weird way that seems to do nothing except hurt.
  *  8:30ish: check in
  * sales tax
    * track down receipts -> Dog/2011/hsx.done, a couple on cards.
    * track down sales tax express login code
    * data entry
    * filing - didn't take my efile passwd, so used express login
    $ HSX $9 sales tax paid
  % drained emotionally and physically.  Wrung out.
  * print: two copies of set
  * load drugs.  pull out Tu first.
  * bath helped.  Still quite a bit of back pain.

Date: 2012-01-24 08:11 pm (UTC)
chaoswolf: (Default)
From: [personal profile] chaoswolf
Arguments with the sibling are always tiring, and my suggestion is tell her that if she wants to argue the shit with you every time is to tell her to start paying rent.

More hours in a day would help.

HSX -- could I possibly arrange an IM conversation with you about that soon? I need to interview a business owner, and you're slightly easier to get a hold of than Kim of Badger's Den. It's for homework.

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