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As usual, a fairly unproductive week at work, made even less productive by the fact that we had to be out by noon Thursday so they could move everyone on the floor to a slightly larger floor next door. And we're only supposed to be in that location for another 6-9 months. Not that I really expect to be there that long.

I actually got some work done after the afternoon meeting (I never turn down free food) that was scheduled after our move deadline - it was just a matter of finding a quiet place and firing up my laptop.

I need to talk to my financial advisor. I've been putting it off -- I'm really good at that -- but it's gotten more serious now that I'm about to turn 70 and will have to start withdrawing money from my retirement accounts. Plural. And now that $A stock is up over 800. (That suggestion courtesy of my therapist.)

Friday I tagged along with Colleen and G' while they went to C's urology and doctor's appointments. And, of course, Mazatlan, the Mexican restaurant across the parking lot from Urology Northwest. In between, C and G' went to Costco while I hung out in the UW Clinic (across another parking lot from Costco) and tried to get some work done. This was hampered by my having forgotten to bring my VPN token :P Need to pick up a spare to keep in my backpack.

Actually, should keep one in my backpack and one at home, and stop keeping it on my badge lanyard. In fact, ... *puts token in backpack* Less likely to get wet in the rain.

Went grocery shopping with Colleen yesterday. Exhausting.

The big insight for the week (see Sunday) is that not only do I not multitask worth a damn, but it takes me a long time to context-switch. I'm at my most productive when I can work on one thing pretty much all day. Which is one reason why being on call sucks so much.

Notes & links:

  * up 6ish; W=206.4, P=143/87, p=57; dishes, ..., laundry
  : The storm seems to have fizzled.  That's ok.
  % Sleepy and lethargic.
  * 3:45ish Walgreens for stuff Colleen needed.
  % feeling very out of it.  I want another glass of gin, which would probably be a bad
    idea.  I have gotten very little done this weekend, after getting little done last
    week.  Not feeling good about myself.
  % One of my big problems at work, I think, is that I not only don't multitask, but I'm
    very slow to context-switch.  Even when I want to, which is less often than I need to,
    it takes me too long to get the old context back.  And I miss things.
  & came close to rebooting Naomi's laptop by mistake -- it has Cygnus's old disk in it,
    and I hadn't changed the name.  Oops.  It was only the fact that it still had my old
    password that tipped me off.  Should probably fix that.

  * up 5:35; W=207.2, P=120/79, p=61; laundry, dishes
  % not as productive at work as I would have liked.
  * up 6:03; W=206, P=125/78, p=61; dishes, ... laundry
  * 3pm Anita Brown
    -> I need to talk to my financial advisor.
  @ The Fantastic Ursula K. Le Guin - The New Yorker +Kee Hinckley  Started reading
    it on the bus home from Shoreline, but my phone was running low on power.
  @ Deploy Your Static Or Dynamic Websites Using Git In Public Cloud
  & helped g clip Ticia's claws.  Big improvement.

  * Up 4:30ish; W=206; laundry, dishes
  : Tomorrow is moving day at work.  Packed up early so I don't have to go in if I don't
    want to, though I probably will.
  * Last Whiskey Wednesday in the old location.  Glad I didn't have to drive home.
  * writing:  255 words on Q about how to make a website using flat files:
  @ How can I insert data using flat files as the database in an offline web system? 

  * up 6:15; W=203.6; laundry, dishes
  * Moving day at work, so after the 12:30 meeting (which included free pizza from Zeke's)
    I found a quiet corner, worked on email, read a little code, dialed in to another
    meeting, and went home only a little early.  WFH tomorrow.

  * Up 5:35; W=204.6; laundry, dishes
  * practice: WItC off book.
  * WFH, because office still being moved
  * Went to lunch with Colleen, which actually means tagging along while G' drove her to
    her am urology appointment, having lunch at Mazatlan, hanging out for 2 hours while
    she and G' went to Costco and another half hour during her pm doctor's appointment,
    and coming home.  Which consumed the entire day.  I got a _little_ work done,
    including the 2-hour sprint planning meeting by phone.  Would have been more, but I
    left my Gemalto token at home so I wasn't able to reconnect when the VPN kicked me off
    after connecting to the open network at the clinic.  Monday I'll get a spare.
  % Reading Mindtouch on the kindle.  Recently started re-reading it because
    when I picked it up after starting the first time I realized that I had no idea how
    I'd gotten to where I was in it.  Still don't -- I have apparently completely
    forgotten it.  I know I was reading it on the phone; if it was last year, when I was
    out of my mind, that could explain the fortetting.
  % Also re-reading Digger.  I've forgotten large swaths of that, too, but not all.
  ~ buy TV wall mount at Home Depot -> G+N had it done

  * up 6:15; W=205.8; shower
  * Call Elliott's to inquire about tires.  Ordered.
  * Colleen and I looked at hanging lamps online.  There are two main possibilities:
    a Moravian star, or a Tiffany-style lamp.  I think we both like the latter more, but
    they're pricey.  (This is for the dark corner of the Rainbow Room.)  Either one will
    have to go over the couch; if they're hanging from the ceiling tall people will bump
    their heads.
  * Safeway with Colleen.  (Quick stop at Metro first, mostly for ground coriander.)
    We got stuffed clams and scallops - ok, but not really an experiment we need to
  % Ticia on my lap for... don't know.  45 minutes?  She does it so rarely; it's a
    ... she's been particularly endearing all evening.  Including lying across the top of
    the chair back and putting a paw on my shoulder.  Too cute.

Edit after discovering that I'd missed Saturday.

Date: 2016-10-23 08:47 pm (UTC)
alatefeline: Painting of a cat asleep on a book. (Default)
From: [personal profile] alatefeline
>> The big insight for the week (see Sunday) is that not only do I not multitask worth a damn, but it takes me a long time to context-switch. I'm at my most productive when I can work on one thing pretty much all day. Which is one reason why being on call sucks so much. <<

That's a really useful insight, but not a very encouraging one. Sigh. Brains are hard to work with. They get to be so picky!

>> Reading Mindtouch on the kindle. <<

By MCAH? I enjoyed the first two books in that series, haven't read the third, and didn't much care for the crossover with a darker series set in the same universe. But the first book, particularly, was golden.

I'm impressed you managed to clip Ticia's claws. That's tough. And I'm sorry things are hard and tiring for you lately. Please remember that you make other people happy just by existing, because you are wonderful and shiny and fuzzy, and you deserve all the happies you can get too.

Date: 2016-10-24 12:32 am (UTC)
alatefeline: Painting of a cat asleep on a book. (Default)
From: [personal profile] alatefeline
Hooray for cat-whisperers and creative artist-writers!

And for you and Colleen and all your family, Naomi and g definitely included. And Ticia-kitty. <3

Date: 2016-10-25 01:03 pm (UTC)
ext_69267: (42)
From: [identity profile]
*waves to you* Your name is at the top of a list I have, of people we need to contact over the next two months; and I'm really glad that you're of the same mind. We'll email you to get everything set up.

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