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It was a long year last week. 2016 is dead and buried; it wouldn't be hard to do better, but I don't expect 2017 to make the effort.

I was going to put a summary of the year here. I'm not up for it. See my previous post for a wrap-up of what I mostly didn't do. I can't think of any major accomplishments to report, except maybe living through it. That may have to do.

Notes & links:

1225Su Newton's Birthday/Christmas
  * up 7am; W=207.2; laundry
    Dragging bags of clean laundry downstairs counts as laundry
  @ All I Want for Christmas Is a Goat Is a Holiday Album of Goats Singing "Silent
    Night," "Jingle Bells," and More (VIDEO). f(Kathy Horning)
  @ Preparing for Trump: A Ten-Point Plan | Common Dreams f(Valerie Voigt)
  @ What Those Who Studied Nazis Can Teach Us About The Strange Reaction To Donald Trump
    | The Huffington Post (margaret-yakoda - We can't get comfortable with Trump.)
  : Desti bumped off a mouse again.  As usual, it was the one on the kids' computer in the
    Rainbow Room.  Pun intended.
  @ Myoclonus seems to describe my abdominal twitching symptom, but none of the usual
    causes mentioned seem plausible.  Hmm:  Psychogenic myoclonus? 
    " Psychogenic myoclonus has been described and has several typical features: decrease
      of the myoclonus with distraction, periods of spontaneous remission.... "
    ... biut that last, and most of the other features listed, don't apply either because
    mine comes in acute episodes, not chronic.  HMM:
    " For crying to be described as
      sobbing, it usually has to be accompanied by a set of other symptoms, such as slow
      but erratic inhalation, occasional instances of breath holding and muscular
      tremor. "
  @ La La Land - Audition (The Fools Who Dream) - Chords may have to learn for lgf
    Emma Stone – Audition (The Fools Who Dream) | Genius
  : grump.  once/future nova not booting.  Green light comes on, but no signal in
    monitor.  Could be either miswired power switch, lack of reset, or some other
  * Twice-cooked pork for dinner.  Really need to hit Central Market for proper
    ingredients.  Making do.

1226Mo Babbage's Birthday/Boxing Day
  * Up 5:15; W=207.6; laundry, dishes
    Ticia woke me at 4:30ish, so I had some nice snuggle after a bit of struggling to get
    my facehugger off.  She insisted.
  % felt weak and ?feverish after a few sips of coffee; three eggs over rice helped, so I
    think I guessed right that it was low blood sugar.  I don't usually get that first
    thing in the morning, though.
  @ Why Introverts and Extroverts Are Different: The Science (ysabetwordsmith)
    8 Tips to Help Stop Ruminating | World of Psychology
    How to Stop Ruminating: 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
  : O/F Nova booted this time; may simply have had the monitor on the wrong input.
  * Grocery shopping.  Naturally Safeway has been out of the on-sale prime rib since last
    week.  Got bottom round (also on sale; alternatives are 10.99)
  & and again to QFC for prime rib -- which _wasn't_ on sale.  Ouch!
  * N and kids return
  * Gift exchange - virtual Christmas.  Most of my gifts were custom gift certificates; a
    couple were IOUs.
  * Create/print gift certificates:
    * Glenn - baseball game
    * Joey - planetarium or any museum in the area
    * Grace - air time
    * Naomi - electric blanket
  * 15min: 9:40 all food put away. (except for the gravy, of which there is comparatively
    little, and it wasn't all that good.)
  @ ysabetwordsmith | Poem: "As Is" good links esp. on coping with meltdowns and
    NT/NV relationships.

  * up 5:30ish; W=207.0; laundry, dishes
  @ Backstopping: Supporting the Autistic Person in Your Life | Musings of an Aspie
    (ysabetwordsmith | Poem: "As Is")
  @ Stimtastic Chewable Jewelry, Stim Toys and Fidgets
  % apparently the last time I loaded the dishwasher I forgot to run it. :P
  @ The logic of Russian Internet censorship - The Washington Post 
    " LiveJournal has only been taken down explicitly twice to my knowledge. Last July, on
      the morning of the Navalny verdict, the entire site was suddenly taken down with a
      notice of “Planned Maintenance.” And the blocking of Navalny’s blog on LiveJournal
      Thursday was the only time it had been specifically taken down. "
    ... and now the servers have been moved to Russia.  Right.
    dw_maintenance | Nginx has been banished! 
    fail_fandomanon | FFA DW Post # 569 - Wham! has IP address, which
    says is in San Francisco. So no concrete evidence of this yet.
       traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
    1  gw.rainbows.end (  0.182 ms  0.217 ms  0.276 ms
    2 (  1.155 ms  1.443 ms  1.758 ms
    3 (  24.487 ms  24.519 ms  24.692 ms
    4 (  26.717 ms  27.300 ms  29.004 ms
    5 (  49.084 ms  49.906 ms  50.859 ms
    6 (  52.657 ms  53.117 ms  54.291 ms
    7  * * * # after which the trail goes cold.  So they could be routing to Russia.
    It's also rejecting pings; the last host in the chain has no reverse DNS.  Hmm.
  @ Bloggers of “LJ” now “under the hood” of the Russian intelligence |
  @ Boris Khodorkovsky
    on Twitter: "Farewell free #Livejournal. Welcome to Russian reality, now at full
    Oddly, the ip-tracker link they give a screenshot for still says San Francisco when I
    try it.  Caching?  Probably not.  Weird.
    @ blog entry in Russian - requires translation. LJ for understandable reasons
      appears to be doing their best to hide the transition.  Iiiiiiinteresting:
      Servers Alive magazine moved to the Lubyanka: dolboeb screenshots a traceroute
      (cygnus:~ 507) host domain name pointer
      (cygnus:~ 508) host domain name pointer
      (cygnus:~ 509) host has address mail is handled by 10
    DNS records with long TTL not caught up?  Entirely possible.
  @ Within days after moving servers LJ in Russia ILV blocked almost 100 entries 
  * 15min: got the last of the laundry downstairs.  Just in time for G' to arrive and do
    more, but...
  @ Emotional Dysfunction: Alexithymia and ASD | Musings of an Aspie 
  @ Sadness
  @ Carrie Fisher Had Just One Request for Her Obituary | Vanity Fair
    " no matter how I go, I want it reported that I drowned in moonlight, strangled by my
      own bra. "
  @ Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia in 'Star Wars,' Dead at 60 - Rolling Stone 
  @ ​CyanogenMod is dead. Long live LineageOS | ZDNet 
    Kirsten Lindsmith - Neurologically Mixed Relationships at Love and Autism
    emotional empathy.  alexithymia.  sensory processing differences.  info-centered
    conversation vs. emotion-centered conversation
  * Delivered N's electric blanket.  She loves it.  Yay!
  % pretty much wasted the entire day on LJ and alexithymia research. :P
  * Beef fried rice for dinner for me and Naomi; C had beef and mashed potatoes
  * Installed the other electric blanket upstairs on our bed.  Difficult, involving lots
    of bending, which hurts my back.   Grump.
  * Wrote draft of the year-end post.
  * Up 6:15; W=206.4; laundry
  @ [LJ, DW, Admin] Why Now - Sibylla Bostoniensis
    [LJ] The servers are in Russia, political purge of accounts alleged
  * LJ import.  Need to do that more often
  @ How can I claim my OpenID account with my Dreamwidth account?
  @ Using Your Own URL as Your OpenID – Stack Overflow Blog 
  @ Acceptance as a Well Being Practice | Musings of an Aspie
  @ My Anxiety is Not Disordered | Musings of an Aspie !!!
    " When a person with impaired social communication abilities has anxiety about social
      situations, they are like a poor swimmer who is anxious about boarding a boat. The
      perceived risk is real and rational. "
    ... so I don't have social anxiety.
  @ Stimming 101, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Stim 
  * called Safeco about windshield repair.  Appointment for Tuesday afternoon.
  : Had been wondering what had happened to [ profile] haikujaguar
    Turns out she's closed her LJ and moved over to patreon.  Which makes sense, although
    I think she also didn't feel safe on LJ.
  * Called Mom to wish her a happy 96th.  Spoke briefly to (nephew) Alex
  @ Making a local archive (of LJ) with wget - Antennapedia
  @ Debbie Reynolds Dead at 84 | Variety one day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher.
  % bending too much cleaning the GR litterbox hurt my back.  :P  Need to figure out a
    better way to do that.
  * up 6am; W=205.6; dishes
  @ No More Heroes
    " Alongside the icons we lost in 2016, we're mourning for a world that felt like it
      was changing for the better. "
  @ Google Scholar Citations
    Remote Service Software at the California Research Center
  * 2pm Realtors:  Chris, our main POC, and introducing Matt, their main negociator.
  * N and I talked with C' and C" about the move.
  @ LiveJournal servers moved to Russia: darkoshi
  @ Two projects designing Android apps that respect users' privacy [LWN]
  @ 34 of the best free and open source creative tools in 2016 | [LWN]
  : The Google business page for HSX has been suspended, presumably because it's moved,
    and should have been created as a "brand page" because it doesn't have a physical
    location.  But there's no way to create a brand page -- the form that's supposed to do
    it doesn't have a submit button.
    -> apparently one is supposed to hit return.  So all it really does is create a G+
       page.  Whee!  And it doesn't show up in Google searches, only in G+ to followers.
       So.. who cares?
  @ : Join Advantage looks like a better idea.
    -> except that it costs $99/year; not clear I could make that back.  I get 45%, so
       $6.75 per CD.  Createspace (see below) is POD
  @ Distribute and Sell Your CD through, eStore or as Amazon MP3

  * Up 5:15ish; W=205; laundry, dishes
  : Geolocation data from IP2Location (Product: DB6, updated on 2016-12-5)
    Domain Name	     	  	Country		     	Region	City	Russian Federation 	Moskva	Moscow
    ISP					Organization	Latitude	Longitude
    Rambler Internet Holding LLC	Not Available	55.752220153809	37.615558624268
    (End of the road for LiveJournal [The Mad Filkentist])
  @ A Letter to Donald Trump About Health Care - The New York Times
    (The toddler president - Bitter Grace
     " an example of the only sort of approach I think might work with him. Flattery, plus
       setting up advocates of the policy you decry as attempting to con him. " )
  @ FBI, DHS release report on Russia hacking | TheHill includes report on scribd
  @ Neuroscientists Discover a Song That Reduces Anxiety By 65 Percent (Listen)
    Instrumental, not a song, and specifically designed to be relaxing.  But still...
    direct link [YouTube]
    Marconi Union - Wikipedia
    (their website,, has an invalid cert.)
  * order humira -> next Thursday 1/5
  : M digging in his heels about move.  We'll probably have to stay in WA.
    ! scared, depressed, anxious, angry.
  : Email in that thread hasn't reached Colleen because they were sending it to  Working on it.
  @ megpie71 | How To Get Through This: Tips From A Lifelong Depressive (archangelbeth)
  @ How to see EVERY Google search you've ever made (thnidu)
  * 1:30?-4:30 Sorting - Most of it was easy.  Some of it wasn't.  Ame.  Old girlfriend
    and might-have-beens: L, G, W, E, M... My senior prom pic.  Kat's birth announcement.
    Yeah, we're keeping that and almost all of the stuff I wrote.  Really ought to scan
    that.  Songbooks for Interfilk.  Shirley.
  % back hurts.  Got through, ... maybe 2/3 of our boxes?
  % Definitely dry sobbing - started as soon as I got upstairs and into my chair.
    Colleen's taking the change of plans especially hard.  Guess I am too.
  : wget
    --2016-12-30 16:59:04--
    Resolving (
    Connecting to ( [...]
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 301 Moved Permanently
    Location: [following]
    --2016-12-30 16:59:11--
    -> So they're actively redirecting https to http, forcing insecure connections.
       Why are we not surprised?

  * up 6ish; W=204.8; laundry, dishes
  & 15min: spent some time on DW profile/circles management, now that there are more LJ
    refugees to add.
  $ $20 AX MR bought 2 cds in Flowinglass Music's end-of-year sale
  @ Novel diet therapy helps children with crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis reach
    remission -- ScienceDaily f() Interesting.  Difficult:
    " SCD is a nutritionally balanced diet that removes grains, dairy, processed foods and
      sugars, except for honey. The diet promotes only natural, nutrient-rich foods, which
      includes vegetables, fruits, meats and nuts. "
    Specific Carbohydrate Diet: Diet Review - webmd
    Specific carbohydrate diet, FODMAP, DASH diet
    Low-carbohydrate diet - all related; but different in important ways.
  @ posted mdlbear | River: Goodbye and Good Ridance to 2016
  @ GitHub - ibukanov/ljdumpgo: LiveJournal backup utility in Go
  @ LiveJournal - Archiveteam
  @ Archiveteam
  @ Modern, Eco-Friendly, Spacious Tiny Homes | ZeroSquared Aurora
  @ Will Ubuntu automatically adjust to the leap second at the end of the year?
    yes, but it might not show it.
  * bath, ~11:20

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