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Things are getting seriously packed up now. I spent five hours yesterday with the organizers getting my papers in order; there's an apalling number of unpaid bills and even uncashed checks in there. Today's session will focus on my tools and other clutter in the Great Room, I think. A few items have gone missing; hopefully packed. N lost track of some irreplacable photos; two of the four had been packed and were ready to go out with some other artwork, but the other two turned up in the bottom of a bookcase, apparently put there by a previous organizer.

Our closet and kitchen have also been decimated. Naomi put some items up for free on NextDoor -- that seems like the most effective way to get rid of stuff that we would otherwise have to donate anyway. Cx came to take the smaller bookcases. A few antique items have been sold.

Chicken tikka masala twice this week -- last Sunday, and yesterday. It's quick and tasty, though I probably should do some other things too. (Well, I can do chili, stroganoff, stir-fry; I just don't usually.)

$PROJECT at work hit what I hope was the last snag Friday; hopefully we can get that sorted out Monday.

I still can't reliably distinguish between physical and mental symptoms resembling exhaustion or depression.

Notes & links:

  * up 6:15ish; W=203.2; laundry, dishes
  * Quick flip through the bin of urgent mail from the desktop; found what I needed for
    the day's deposits.
  * 15min: took shelves out of one bay of a tower.
  * Full day of sorting/packing
  * Travis also put in a full day.  Breaker out in Rainbow Room again, as well as the
    kitchen hood and some of the lights.  The router in the RR is running on the UPS, so
    it won't be up long if at all.
  * need a run to Safeway and Walgreens.  Deposited the rent.
  * Woman came to buy the headboard and some other stuff (a drum, a tambourine, a wire
    shelf, a Moroccan table, Colleen's pole lamp from the sewing corner, some eggs.
    $150ish.  Exasperating person, but...
  * Chicken Tikka for dinner.  Found garlic naan at Safeway to go with it.  Should have
    bought some Kingfisher, too, I suppose.

  * up 6:15; W=201.8; laundry, sorting
  * Much garbage.  Got it down to two bags outside the can; it's full again now with
    several bags left over.  :P
  : Colleen: audiology, mammogram
  : Power still out in Rainbow Room; extension cord from the kitchen in use.  I found a
    3-wire one -- fortunately G had kept one out of both the trash and the pod -- and
    taped it down.
  * 15min: sorted luggage
0214Tu Valentine's Day
  * Up 4am; W=202.8; shower, ... laundry
  * 15min: sorted luggage
  * Moved Nova down to a board sitting on a file crate; swapped UPSs.
  : Colleen: UNW
  * 4pm Anita Brown
  * emptied the end table in the RR into a box for sorting.
  * Went through the bags of buttons and other stuff in the second drawer of my dresser.
    also put a lot of expired/unused meds in the bag for proper disposal.

  * up 6:15; W=202.8; sorting, laundry
  * 15min:  sorted stuff, mostly in the bedroom.  Found Osmiroid pen and two nibs.
  * evening:  sorting entryway.

  * Up 6:15; W=203.4; laundry
  & 7:40ish cleanup.
  * More scrambling in entryway
  % lightheaded/dizzy for about 10 minutes before lunch.  Felt like low bp and started
    when I stood up, but didn't stop as quickly as it usually does.
  & talk with $BOSS; I may be in better shape than I thought.  $PROJECT goes to Friends
    and Family testing Monday, and launches the week after that.
  : N furious about the mess I/we left things in; some precious things have gone missing.
  ! spent the afternoon after her text/call being miserable with depression and guilt.
  ! anxious?  Depressed.  Miserable, anyway.
  % found myself hand-flapping while trying to remember some words.  So, ..., yeah.
  ! feeling tremendously guilty even though I know that the pictures getting packed wasn't
    my doing at all.  As I often say, everything is my fault.
  : and there are things missing in the kitchen, probably packed.  The whole damned thing
    with the entryway was done badly; the tenents weren't told and may have lost some
    things.  Probably did.  We may live through this, but I have doubts.

  * up 6:15; W=202; sorting, dishes
  * 15min:  tossed all but two or three (signed) T-shirts.
  * Came home to find most of our bedroom done.
  * Spent quite some time sorting papers.  Lots of easy stuff, fortunately.  Main
    decisions for that are toss vs. shred.
  * N. listed furniture and the piano on NextDoor, which was a major win.  We need to get
    most of the furniture cleared so that people can come get it.

  * Up 6:15; W=203.2; laundry, sorting
  & The shower stall calking is in worse shape than I thought -- it will have to be
    scrubbed thoroughly before re-calking.  Which means I have to do it today.
  * 9:30 Organizers.  For me and Glenn.
    % stood up a little too long before grabbing a chair.
    -> 3:00 papers sorted.  Rather appalling stack of unpaid bills, and a stack of checks
       most of which should have been cashed at least a year ago. 
  * helped with people coming to fetch & look at other stuff.  May have found a taker
    for the inkjet printer -- I can get a small one for the apartment if necessary.
  : On N's advice, we'll be keeping the laptop stand for the apartment.
  * Turns out that what I was using to caulk the shower stall upstairs was construction
    adhesive, not clear silicone.  Given the problem, that might not have been a bad
    thing.  We'll see.
  : Desti is on the arm of the chair being a villain's cat.  She does it very well.
  % Left QL is being dodgy.  Started after the shower stall work.
  % 9:20 sleepy

Date: 2017-02-20 02:48 am (UTC)
amaebi: (Default)
From: [personal profile] amaebi
Wow, you're booking!

And I think probably substantially exhausted apart from anything else.

Date: 2017-02-20 03:55 am (UTC)
thnidu: winged staff with two serpents coiled around it (caduceus)
From: [personal profile] thnidu
«I still can't reliably distinguish between physical and mental symptoms resembling exhaustion or depression.»
I don't think that's unusual. I can usually tell in myself, but not always.

«Left QL is being dodgy. Started after the shower stall work.»
Ah, I figured it was likely something anatomical. Ouch.

tugh bIpIvqu'jaj May you soon be well again.

Date: 2017-02-20 06:24 am (UTC)
alatefeline: Painting of a cat asleep on a book. (Default)
From: [personal profile] alatefeline
You are making progress. The rising aggravation level is probably not completely evitable as you folks get down to things that have to be packed and/or dealt with later rather than sooner in the process. I know it is miserable. It's okay to be anxious and depressed and still hanging in there. It's okay to take a break for a little while. You are wonderful, and your family is wonderful, and this is incredibly difficult stuff, but I believe in you all.

Also, I volunteer to let N yell at me over text or email if she needs to vent (even phone if we can schedule it for a weekend) and will text her accordingly.

Good Desti! Good villain-kitty!

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