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Long month this week. Colleen started feeling ill Monday, and didn't eat anything to speak of; she spent most of the day dozing in her chair, and decided to sleep there at night. About midnight she called -- she'd fallen out of the chair; no telling whether she'd slipped when getting up, or accidentally hit the lift button. Called 911 for help. In retrospect, we should have had her taken to the ER at that point.

I decided to work from home Tuesday, which was a Good Thing. About 3:30 when I went up to check on her she was incoherent -- "out of it". Called 911; she was too weak to walk to the lift, so they had to carry her down in a stair chair. She had about three different bladder infections and was severely dehydrated; it was the low blood pressure from the latter that accounted for the weakness and incoherence.

Harborview's cafeteria is actually pretty decent.

She was discharged Friday; was good to have her home.

Meanwhile, since being with a sleeping person in a hospital leaves one with lots of time, I'd managed to get in about 2.5 days worth of work, and finally got the CR I'd been working on shipped Friday. I went in to work Thursday afternoon after establishing that C wasn't going to be discharged that day, and had my annual review conversation with $BOSS.

I'd been very skeptical about the new annual review process, which is absolutely freaking weird. Peer reviews have two questions, with a 60-word limit for each:

  1. What is this person's superpower? (required)
  2. Do you have any growth ideas for them? (optional)

The manager's part of it is the same two questions, only I think without the 60-character limit. The self-evaluation part has four questions.

As I said, skeptical. But it actually seemed to go very well: it's designed to highlight your strengths, and completely ignore past performance. The feedback I got from my peers (my manager could see who wrote which one, but one gets them unedited) was basically dead on. The fact that $PROJECT was in "friends and family" testing and stalled due to something that wasn't my fault (fixed by Friday) helped a lot.

My favorite superpower was "CraftWeaver". Others mentioned my willingness to mentor and answer questions from newer devs. Someone specifically mentioned the fact that when someone sends out a question in email to a wide audience, I'm usually the one who jumps on it with an answer. The most common growth idea was that I should speak up more in meetings.

Of course, the other thing going on in the household is moving. I got the tools sorted on Sunday, and with several peoples' help got the art sorted, mostly Sunday and yesterday. N's criterion for keeping art is pretty loose, based on the fact that it stores flat and can be rotated. Chaos and the Dwarves also took quite a lot of it; there are comparatively few pictures left in the discard pile. Most of the furniture is gone from the Great Room; the only things left are the klic-klacs (which we're keeping), the blue sectional (which we're keeping through next week), and the piano. Want a free piano?

Notes & links:

  * up 6:20ish; W=203.6; dishes
  * Kat and Rabbit came to take kitchen table and some other stuff.
  * 4 hours with the organizers (their names are Lauren and Rebecca, but I haven't yet
    learned to tell which is which).
    * Tools & papers sorted between pod and keep out (and donate, for some tools).
      Doesn't include tools and papers in the garage, unfortunately.  "Keeping out" tools
      now in  the tool bucket.  Tool chest, overloaded with stuff formerly in the bucket,
      will be podded this week.
    ~ should move Nova while nobody's up to notice.  * Swap UPS for a smaller one.
    * Nova and UPS in crate, along with some desk stuff.  That hack actually works.    
  * more packing afterward
    * Sorted artwork with Colleen and N.
  % 6:40 making dinner, in little stages because I can't stand up long.  I feel like I'm
    speaking and acting as though I'm exhausted, but I don't think I am.  My back hurts,
    and I'm incredibly tense, anxious, or stressed -- can't tell which.  Or possibly
    hungry, except that I had a cheese board not long ago.  See also, alexithymia.
  % 6:58 I don't have to get up until somebody rings the doorbell... or I run out of
    iced water.  I think dehydration is part of it.  So is exhaustion.  I came close to
  ! I was feeling accomplished and good about what we'd done, talking with N while we
    looked at things upstairs.  But now, I'm depressed.  Or something.  Numb?
  * took out all the shelves in the CD towers and pulled out all the support pins.

  * up 6:20; W=203.6; laundry, packing, dishes
  * Took out the opened bottle of Glenlivet for WWN, and the opened bottle of Jameson's
    for drinking during the transition.
  ~ wake Colleen ~8am (she came down herself 8:15)
  * take chairs off lifts before leaving
  : Colleen got the chills, so G' took down the electric blanket from our room, making an
    incredible hash of things in the process.  The furniture to go is now in the Great
    Room, which means that (G's mail server) Nick and the WAP ended up on the cat tree.
    Haven't checked to see what shape the laser printer is in, though it is at least
    reachable so I presume they left it where it was.  The TV has been podded; there is
    still stuff on and in the TV stand, which will be donated when possible.  Now
    regretting having put the box of furniture glides on the donation pile.
  % G' having left things in a jumble on my nightstand meant that I put my drink down on
    something I thought would be stable and wasn't, requiring a cleanup and a new glass of
  & in the course of putting C's electric blanket back on the bed, found one more box of
    art.  The one with most of the Bradley paintings she's been looking for.  How many
    times did I ask whether all the art from under the bed had been brought down?
  : C has been dozing in her chair all day.  I'm rather concerned.
  : The ceiling fabric is down in the Great Room, and with it most of the ethernet cable
    going across the room.  What a mess!
  : Yet another box of artwork; this one under the buffet!
  & wrote some notes on repackaging Nova; see  A laptop with a large drive
    would work.  Maybe Purple.  A Pi or NAS is tempting, though.
  : C decided to sleep in her chair.  That turned out to have been a mistake; around
    midnight she slipped getting up, and we had to call 911 for assistance.

  * Up 5:30ish; W=203.6; laundry, dishes
  * I now have the kids' PC daisy-chained on the extension cord.  Really ought to get the
    Lenovo Ideapad working for g, though.
  : Colleen staying in bed.  Decided to work from home.  No idea where G' is.
  : she asked for toast and a banana; ate the banana and about 3 bites of the toast.
  : 3:30ish she seemed incoherent when I went up to check; had trouble following
    directions.  Might have been just sleepy, but she wouldn't answer questions; when I
    asked her name and she said Emerald I hit the panic button.
  : Medics had a heck of a time getting her downstairs; I may just have to set us up on
    the sofabed.
  : 5:22 now at Harborview.
    -> bladder infection; pretty bad.  BP low.  Dehydrated.  The combination probably
       explains both the weakness and the confusion.
    -> IV fluids and antibiotics.
  & Got a fair amount of work done.  Package builds after changes; I'm not satisfied with
    the unit tests yet, though.
  : 8:39 She's going to be admitted.  N said that she and G are both in bad enough shape
    that I should call a cab to get home.
  % Wishing I'd brought a heavier jacket; I could take the bus.
  & Ordered a Yellow cab.  Came fairly promptly, but not impressed by the cabbie.

  * up 5am; W=202.4; laundry, dishes
  % We say that the kitchen is Colleen's territory, but the one who spends the most time
    there is _me_.  I'm the one who tries to keep it organized, does the dishes, between
    breakfasts and weekends does the most cooking, and so on.  That's why I have so much
    trouble when people reorganize it, or make stupid selections of what pots to keep
    out, or put wooden items in the dishwasher, or...
  : Looks like G had taken Rosie, possibly in the mistaken impression that the scooter was
    still in the van.  Left the scooter on the porch, since we would be using a wheelchair
    to take C out after discharge.
  & She's going to be there another day at least; left about 4pm.  Could have made it to
    work in time for WW, but wouldn't have been able to drink, so what's the point?
    & I am, nevertheless, having whiskey at the appropriate time.  And Whisky.

  * up 6:30; W=200.4; laundry
  : F&F will have to wait because E(who transfered off the team last year) created the
    service he was working on in the wrong region.  Grump.  But also, % Not my fault.
  % Annual review.  I was skeptical of the new process, but it went quite well.  So...
  : Looks like Colleen is getting discharged tomorrow, with a prescription for amoxicillin
    for the E. Coli infection in her bladder.  She is also colonized by MRSA, in her nose
    and sinuses, but it's quite common in the community and not an active infection so
    nothing to worry about.  Totally unrelated to the aforementioned infection that put
    her in the hospital in the first place.
  & bought cat food on the way home, so of course the Petco order arrived today too.
  % there is nothing quite as comforting as a purring cat.  Nothing.
  : Drunken Chicken for dinner.  g's favorite.
  : The bookcases are gone.  The TV stand and C's chair aren't, at least not yet.  The
    dining set is on its way out now; they're probably taking the blue sectional as well.
  & downstairs for cupcakes.  Read from my review.  It said things about me that I really
    hadn't considered.

  * up 7am; W=199.4; dishes, laundry
  % last time my weight was under 200 was 2016/07.  So go me!
  ~ N needs van for a vet appointment at noon.  Bus to Harborview and ping when ready. 
    -> Hospital called to say that they were arranging transport for Colleen via
       cabulance; it's $50, but worth it.
  & While waiting for Colleen, caught Travis as he was taking in the flooring and verified
    that he remembered that the cracks need sealing.  Gave him the roof racks from the
    Honda, which we don't need anymore.
  : After C got home she couldn't find her wallet, which had been her purse.  After
    considerable freaking out and calling both the transport company and the hospital it
    turned out that *she had never gotten it out of the safe*.  Despite my asking, in
    several different ways.  I'll get it tomorrow.
  * The missing 8" frying pan turned up *on the pot rack* -- which of course I knew we
    weren't using anymore -- just above eye level.  Nobody else saw it either, until I
    looked in that direction from far enough away that it was in my field of view.
  * Finished off a couple of emails and one last code review, so good to start my vacation
    next week.  Will log in a couple of times more anyway.
  * G' found the broom and dustpan; I swept out my corner of the Great Room.
  % 6:30: sleepy.  There's another prescription to pick up, but driving wouldn't be safe
  & made too much rice.  Put in three scoops, having forgotten (within the previous thirty
    seconds or so) that I'd gotten out the 1.5 cup scoop.  Or somehow confused three cups
    with three scoops, or something.
  % 8:48 can't tell whether I'm just cold, or (scared?) who knows?  I _think_ cold.

  * up 7:10ish; W=201.4; cuddle, laundry, dishes
  % so nice to have Colleen home.
  * Walgreens to pick up new prescription.  Required two trips because they changed their
    hours.  They now close at 9 on weekdays, but open at 10 on Saturdays.  So I could have
    done it last night.
  * Went with N to retrieve C's wallet from Harborview.  They close all but the ER doors
    at 3pm; we arrived at something like 3:08.
    % some great conversations along the way.
  @ siderea | Cloudbleed Security Bug: Change Your DW and Patreon Passwords
    GitHub - pirate/sites-using-cloudflare: List of domains using Cloudflare DNS
    (potentially affected by the CloudBleed HTTPS traffic leak)
    1139 - cloudflare: Cloudflare Reverse Proxies are Dumping Uninitialized Memory -
    project-zero - Monorail
    -> dw_maintenance | Two quick things not a major risk, but rotating passwords
       would be a good idea anyway
  @ A look at password managers [] timely - see above.  keepass
  @ Google Online Security Blog: Announcing the first SHA1 collision
    An MD5 collision can be generated on a smartphone in 30 seconds.  Ouch!
    SHAttered Yipe!
  * Sorted the rest of the art.  The dwarves and Chaos were over and took most of the
    don't wants.  Found the Falcowitz tree sprite that Colleen particularly wanted; pulled
    a few out of the discard pile, which is now pretty minimal.
  @ What motivates the open-source community? [] study
    Contributor Experience Research _ Findings.pdf - Google Drive 
  * Dwarves (Katy and Jess) over; took Colleen out for shopping, made dinner.
  & Sooj + Betsy concert at Soul Food with N and G.
    N pointing me at houses.  I seem to favor ramblers with hardwood floors.
    Found a place to plug in during break, so have another hour of laptop time.

Date: 2017-02-26 10:05 pm (UTC)
alatefeline: Painting of a cat asleep on a book. (Default)
From: [personal profile] alatefeline
I am so sorry!!!

Would C like it if I called? I might be able to. Or send a flower picture you can show her to her phone? *flails*

Date: 2017-02-26 11:55 pm (UTC)
patoadam: Photo of me playing guitar in the woods (Default)
From: [personal profile] patoadam
Glad Colleen is doing better!!!

Also glad your annual review went well!

Date: 2017-02-27 02:00 am (UTC)
annathepiper: (Default)
From: [personal profile] annathepiper
Yikes about Colleen's experience, hope she's continuing to heal and recover her strength!

Date: 2017-02-27 02:08 am (UTC)
thnidu: warm red heart on orange streaked background (heart)
From: [personal profile] thnidu
Ohhh, warmest sympathy for you and Colleen. ❤
And all the moving on top of that! Whoosh!

• % there is nothing quite as comforting as a purring cat. Nothing.
> 100% agreement.

• My favorite superpower was "CraftWeaver".
> All I can find for this is this FB page, whose owner apparently creates quite intricate tabletop gaming models as a hobby and a business. Hm?

• Others mentioned my willingness to mentor and answer questions from newer devs. Someone specifically mentioned the fact that when someone sends out a question in email to a wide audience, I'm usually the one who jumps on it with an answer.
> A *very* valuable treasure (that was a Swypo for "trait", too apt to fix!) in a team member, indeed!

• The most common growth idea was that I should speak up more in meetings.
> A logical extension.

• % last time my weight was under 200 was 2016/07. So go me!
> Like, YEAH!!

• & bought cat food on the way home, so of course the Petco order arrived today too.
> Murphy's Law

• siderea | Cloudbleed Security
> Ach, gotta!

Date: 2017-02-27 03:23 pm (UTC)
amaebi: (Default)
From: [personal profile] amaebi
Colleen's illness sounds terrifying-- I'm so glad she's out of the woods!

That sounds like and excellent review ritual, as review rituals go. )

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