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The big news is that Colleen is out of the hospital (as of Thursday), and at home doing reasonably well. She still needs daily trips to Coupeville for IV antibiotics.

We (me, N, and m) gave her a concert Sunday in her hospital room, which came off pretty well considering that I was playing guitar with gloves on. I really should have recorded it. For that matter, I ought to get back to recording our practice sessions and making setlists.

Monday Desti had minor surgery to remove the fluid-filled cyst on her left shoulder. She also got her teeth cleaned. She's been doing fine so far.

Wednesday I went down to Rest Stop after seeing Colleen in the hospital.

I had a couple of phone/video interviews; both seem to be moving to the next stage, whatever that is. I am almost feeling cautiously optimistic about these. Almost. But not quite.

I've been plagued by networking problems -- first one of the access points mysteriously losing its routing setup, then (yesterday) total loss of the DSL connection. I called tech support and they're going to give me a new router, but I suspect that it's more likely due to our flaky inside wiring -- apparently some random wires were left dangling after the original house was replaced by the present manufactured home.

A lot of my programming in the last week consisted of finishing up the NaBloPoMo word count script. You can see the results in the previous post. I'm not getting as much done as I'd hoped I would.

Did I mention that we had a really bad year last month?

Notes & links:

  * up 6ish; S=7:49;
  * 10ish take C' scooter out of Molly
  : the WiFi repeater appears to be working but doesn't have DNS.  Weird.  Especially
    since it was working yesterday
  ~ j reminded me to get N's mail to her.
  * ~11am down to C's for concert/handoff
  * Concert:  The Fox, Gentle Arms of Eden, Lord of the Buffalo, The October Country, The
    Mary Ellen Carter. Really weird playing guitar in gloves, but we pulled it off.
  : C coming home Monday; after that she's going to need 2 weeks of IV antibiotics.
  % 3:30 headache(?) I suspect sleeping might help, but not while I still have driving to
    do afterward.
  : The "apartment" over the garage is now officially called "The Box Barn" -- that's a
    barn with box (square as opposed to narrow) stalls.
  : Call from Al.  apparently Mom had told him about Colleen.
  * Locking down and securing SSH access to your server
  @ Two-Bit History fun!
  : cudy repeater - my speculation is that it got its DHCP lease from west, and that north
    isn't passing DHCP requests.  North, in fact, appears to be broken; nothing connects.
  * before bed:  make sure all cat food and kibble are secured.

  * up 6:10; W=198, S=7:29; 
  * 8:20AM Destra SWAC no food after midnight; water okay
    skin tag on left side of chest.
  : power chair - looks like "communications Fault" -- service light flashing 9 times.
    -> check connections and wiring.
  ~ 11am Mars landing coverage startsWatch NASA's InSight land on Mars tomorrow starting at 2PM ET (from yesterday)
    -> successful landing
    -> InSight's First Image from Mars – NASA's InSight Mars Lander
  * looks like I finally got north working.  not clear whether it's passing DHCP.  I did a
    lot of fiddling around, so I'm not sure what fixed it.  It's possible that it wasn't
    in router mode.
  @ Conflikt 12 PR 1
  * paid car, amex
  % 2:30 very restless.  Haven't heard anything about either Desti or Colleen
  & called C -- almost certainly not coming home today; likely tomorrow.
  * 5:30 pickup Desti coming home - wet food tonight because teeth. 2:45
    -> significantly less expensive than I'd estimated because there was a $230 regular
       customer discount.
  : Desti very hungry.  Vet said half a serving of food tonight.

  & Awake 2ish, at which point the CPAP said 4 hours.  Dozed a little but never really got
    back to sleep.
  * Up 6ish; W=198.6, S=;
  @ Chrome and Firefox Developers Aim to Remove Support for FTP (LJ)
  : Ticia is lying on my (side of the) bed; Desti seems to have claimed the recliner.
  : so far I've seen Cecil and a deer out my window.
  : the small ceramic paring knife seems to have vanished.
  @ Corelle - Wikipedia
    Talking about it to L, I guessed that the way it shatters was due to it being a form
    of tempered glass.  I was right -- two kinds of glass in three layers.
  * 11am Jaryd of DDG
    -> next step is two test projects; then a contract-to-hire phase of about 10 weeks.
    no oncall for the back-end people
  * 1-1:45 CrowdStrike phone screen Sat Nath, Senior Manager, Engineering -> rescheduled
    -> will have an interview with the team in Kirkland, possibly Dec. 17Mo
    kernel code that has to go into dozens of different releases/distros/etc.
  ~ C coming home (V)
  * 4pm singing -> The Fox, Lord of the Buffalo, and Ship of Stone.  There are still a few
    notes in Ship of Stone that I fail to hit.
  : C won't be home until Thursday because Dr. Rochier won't sign her orders without
    seeing her.  WTF?  A lot of ass-covering going on, I suspect.
    -> she has an appointment with Dr. R on Whidbey at 1:something tomorrow.  On the
       island, not Everett -- that makes more sense.  Meanwhile they're checking to see
       whether the hospital on Whidbey will accept just a prescription for the
  * awake briefly around 1am(?) but got back to sleep fairly quickly
  * up 6ish; W=198.6, S=; 
  * if possible, go down to Seattle.  Bring down the menorah
    combining it with a visit with Colleen.  Asked to see the social worker
    : Molly's WiFi hotspot is still running.  Thought I'd cancelled it.
  @ On November 26th, a mole will land on Mars - The Oatmeal
  @ sweetmusic_27 | Not Perfect, but Better: Survivor Day 2018 TW: suicide prevention 
  @ Signal boosted Winterfaire 2018
  @ Poem: "Where Symbols Had the Power" - The Wordsmith's Forge (linkback poem)
  : Dinner at Rest Stop.  L said that I should stay there overnight -- would have had to
    have brought my drugs; good thing to plan for.  Hmm.  Leave my spare CPAP there?

  o up 6:00; S=6:37; shower
  @ GoogleChrome/lighthouse:
    Auditing, performance metrics, and best practices for Progressive Web Apps
    Lighthouse | Tools for Web Developers | Google Developers
  @ Amazon Polly Features txt2speech
  : Network Solutions added "" to my account and sent me a renewal
    notice for it.  Riiiiight.  Called them and they said just leave it there and it will
    go away when it expires.  sleazy.
  * 8ish leave to pick up C
  * stop at Rite Aid for drugs, then home for bathroom
  * 1:40 C Dr. Rochier Freeland Clinic (took us in at 1:15)
  % _very_ flaky.  Maybe blood sugar, but there's probably more of it.
  * unloaded car, and plugged in.  Pretty much all I was able to do.
  % 2:30 home.  Exhausted.  Definitely low blood sugar at this point.  L making peanut
    butter and chutney sandwiches.
  % 3:50 call from YD; I kind of fell apart when she tried to discuss moving the wedding
    to somewhere in the next two weeks while C is getting daily IVs.  I'm a wreck.
  : and now I can't find the USB stick that *arrived this afternoon in the mail*  It's
    either gotten lost in one of the piles of crap on my desk, or become a cat toy.
    -> on the second shelf down of my deskside table.  Fell?  Put there?  WTF?
       I still blame the cats.
  % feeling totally defeated.
  : Call from YD with revised plans for the wedding.  Small, in Port Townsend
  & Awake 3ish
  * up 6ish; S=7.7;
  * 7:30 – 8:15 am cloudstrike interview zoom
    -> mostly technical discussion.  Questions on both sides, but more from me I think.
  : Consulting contract from DDG!  So that's progressing.
  : file transfer vv/mm/audio -> thumb drive for YD worked;
    403 errors (charset) Half of those, though, are index.html?... so can be removed ->
    done The really annoying thing is that I remember going through this exercise before,
    but don't remember where/when/how.  Might have included doing it manually.  illegal
    characters for windows: <>:"/\|?* (may be more; possibly ') However, 3 of the errors
    were *, and the remaining 216 are ?'s.
  * stir-fried broccoli asparagus beef for dinner
  . fix filenames in mm/audio for E's thumb drive.
    find . -depth -name '*[?]*' -exec echo {} :: \
        ${dirname {}}/${echo ${basename {}} | sed s,:,--,g | tr \ /\? __Q |\
        tr -d \'\"\[:cntrl:\]} \;
  * found the knife -- L had put it in the dishwasher (because nobody had told her not to)
    Why didn't I look in the dishwasher's silverware rack?  I looked in the dishwasher...

  * Awake 4am.  Tubing had popped out of mask.
    -> apparently the CPAP does _not_ turn off when that happens.  But it still registered
       a mask fit of 100%.  Switched to a different mask, with medium nosepiece.
    -> medium does seem to be a slightly better fit.
  * up 6am; S=5.11;
  * filename fix script.  Pretty slow; should write one in perl or python.  Or make.
    Not going to fix spaces, though -- at least not this time.  Spaces only occur in
    downloaded mp3 albums.
  * 9am C MAC - leave by 8:30
  : some websites behaving oddly.  gmail -- in fact, all google sites -- and slack.
    Restarting FF doen't help.  Both cygnus and raven (which doesn't have ddg ext.)
    gmail works in chrome.  Suspicious. -> actually that fails too.  Same for slack.
    Slack presumably failing because it uses google authentication.  Gmail on chrome shows
    subject lines but doesn't fetch.  Slack, similarly, shows channels but can't fetch
    messages.  Doesn't work plugged directly into the dsl router.  ssh to
    fails. works.
    -> everything working fine on darkstar.  Worked for _about a minute_ switching back to
       West.  Now it doesn't.  This appears to be a Whidbey Telecom problem. 
    -> tech support can't ping it; tried several things.  Will swap the router, though my
       guess is that it's the line.  Probably the inside line.

Date: 2018-12-03 01:10 am (UTC)
amaebi: Richard's hands (Richard's hands)
From: [personal profile] amaebi
I'm glad you're gradually crawling up from the horror f last month, and I'm holding my thumbs for you, hard.

Date: 2018-12-03 06:12 am (UTC)
alatefeline: Painting of a cat asleep on a book. (Default)
From: [personal profile] alatefeline
Yay! I'm so, so happy that Colleen got to get out of the hospital! Please pass along my greetings and well-wishes, when and as that seems apropos.

I definitely hear you on the 'bad year last month'. You all have been through a LOT.

Date: 2018-12-03 10:38 am (UTC)
mxsupermarinespitfire: Mx Supermarine Spitfire (Default)
From: [personal profile] mxsupermarinespitfire
The conversation about removing FTP support from Firefox and Chrome crossed my radar the other month. I can see the reasoning behind doing so—there are much better (and more secure) alternatives for those cases where you still need to do file transfer. I recall that many people and companies made their FTP sites accessible via the web back in the 1990s just because it was quick and easy and didn't require much effort.

One change that I made to my reading environment recently was to use the OpenDyslexic font in my RSS readers of choice (Fiery Feeds on iOS, Reeder on Mac) and in Firefox via the Mobile Dyslexic addon. I can't tell if it's helping with my reading speed or comprehension, but my eyes don't seem to be straining so much, which is a good thing. (Last eye check revealed that the focus in one eye was slightly longer than the other—eventually, I will need to get varifocal lenses.)

Not much change on the home front here. Dad is as comfortable as we can make him. I've been doing regular daily self-care and working through some online courses on Udemy.

I hope you all have a peaceful December.

Date: 2018-12-06 12:08 am (UTC)
jesse_the_k: Black dog on patio tongue tip showing (BELLA at ease)
From: [personal profile] jesse_the_k
Thrilled to hear that Colleen is home.

Also! DDG contract! Yes, you do have marketable skills.

Also also I can not imagine playing guitar in ?nitrile gloves--and I used fingerpicks.

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