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Good grief! Got so wrapped in songwriting -- or is that FAWMwriting -- that I didn't notice it was Sunday. I will attempt to rectify that error.

I managed to start FAWM (February Album-Writing Month, in case you missed the announcements) pretty well; the silly thing's been well received, I think. You can also see the lyrics on yesterday's Songs for Saturday, but you'll have to click through to FAWM if you want the audio. Which is not too bad for something that was slapped together in under an hour. It's only the one song so far, we'll see whether I can make a second song come together by tomorrow night.

Related to that, I finally got around to uploading Coffee, Computers, and Song to bandcamp

It's still snowing here on Whidbey; we're well on our way to getting the predicted 3-4 inches. I am not crazy about driving in snow, but I can do it when I have to. I parked on the street this evening; I don't know what the driveway is going to be like after the slush freezes, but I don't really want to know.

The most useful links this week are probably the ones on Monday about Data Privacy Day.

Notes & links:

1228Mo Data Privacy Day
  * up 6:30ish; ;
  % my left big toe hurts.  WTF?  Started yesterday sometime.
  @ Validating Leaked Passwords with k-Anonymity (Troy Hunt via marahmarie)
  * late checkout 1pm
  * put a figure-8 cord into the cpap carrier
  * QV to Kathy Mar for Bridge -- look on f(F is for Filker)
  @ Data Privacy Day(Data Privacy Year | Linux Journal)
  @ Talk - The Coral Project open source commenting package (node.js, mongodb, redis)
  @ Do You Recommend Home Page Sliders? - Matthew Pressly tl;dr: no.
  @ Behold the theorbo, an enormous baroque lute / Boing Boing
  * Up 3:30ish; W=197.6, S=;
  : sherman is in a weird state: WiFi is on, it gets DHCP, but it won't talk
    -> thinks it's in -- weird.
    -> it was the stupid range extender, which apparently set itself up as a DHCP server
  : rejection from DDG - not unexpected
  * V coming, because we won't be here Monday
  ~ (V) take garbage up to curb
  * (V) 3:40 C Dr. Rochier
  : C back from clinic; not looking good.  Needs to contact urologist about surgery
  @ joined FAWM.ORG | mdlbear
  * awake 5:30ish, up 7ish, S=8:13; shower
  * set up Bandcamp fan account (both that and the artist account are ssavitzky; I could
    probably use a different screen name for the fan account but it's the same login.)
  * I must put in for the extended warranty on Molly (auto pay from household account)
  * paid car loan (due 2/22)
  * (V) 2:30 C MAC clinic 
  * ordered tips for the new Targus charger.  Needed a stupidly excessive amount of info,
    and the older ones had to be "sent for testing".  No way to get tips for anything I
    didn't actually have in hand, i.e. Raven and j's Dell (came with no Dell tips at all,
    and only the flat rectangular one for Lenovo.)
    -> here in 2 weeks, maybe.  There are several sets of adapters on $A, mostly to go on
       5x2.5mm tips.  We'll see whether that's one that I have.
    -> How-to-Buy-Replacement-Laptop-Power-Chargers- has size/mfgr table
  * order checks -- down to the last 5.  Order# 6109811293
    -> miserable UX.  low contrast, lousy navigation
  : The section of 2x4 across the door of the shed broke off when V removed the scooter.
    Apparently I'd cut it _almost_ all the way through.  Win.
  * Uploaded CC&S tracks to Bandcamp.  Probably wants more information in the album
    and track descriptions.  In all it took an hour or so; would have been somewhat less
    if I'd had suitable descriptions and metadata ready to go in a form suitable for
    @ Coffee, Computers, and Song | Steve Savitzky on bandcamp
  * humira

  * Up 3:30ish; W=198.6, S=3:41;
  @ This Is Your Brain Off Facebook - The New York Times (LI)
    The Welfare Effects of Social Media [PDF]
    Research - ROBERTO MOSQUERA links to downloadable PDF working paper
  * Bolt extended warranty offer expires (paid 0130)
  * found the wall wart for the Seagate drive, in the bathroom.  It appears to fit the
    iOmega as well, though I remember that one as being black.
  * electrician coming sometime
  : rejection email from carbonblack
  * posted Music: Coffee, Computers, and Song - Now on Bandcamp
  * started Lyrics-WIP/
  * C must make urology appointment and schedule surgery
    -> it's very difficult to listen to.
  % pretty severe headache - right temple -> 2 naproxen -> seems to be getting better
  % huge kerfuffle with C caused, I think, by my asking an "is that right?" question and
    her answering something else.  I need to get complete information for one thing at a
    time and double-confirm before moving on to the next.
  % 7ish very sleepy
  * up 3:45ish; W=198, S=7:12;
  ~ 6am get C up -> she didn't even sleep as long as I did.  Of course, she's been
    spending most of the day sleeping in her chair
  * 7am get moving for Everett
  ~ 9:25 C nephrology appointment Everett kidney institute (Everett Clinic)
    -> actually the appointment was for noon.  WTF?
    -> she got in a little early, while I was out getting food at McD's nearby
    -> The nephrologist prescribed an antibiotic; agreed that the bladder should come out
  ~ G coming up this weekend with G (from Mo)
  @ kate_nepveu | DW tips for G+ users (firecat) poll for +1's (controversial)
  : network seems very flaky right now.  I suspect some kind of firewall crap.  Yeah; this
    also happened at Freeland clinic.  Slack and ssh blocked; DNS suspect.  Also illegal
    certificate at -> yup -- all works fine at home.
  : and there's muzak, so fawm is problematic.  Made some progress on the truck thing
  * SL: Stock (beef, chicken, veg), roll butter, unsalted butter, cat food, sage, thyme,
    rosemary, paper towels, almond milk, almonds, baking soda, diced tomatoes, tomato
    paste, distilled water,  x nitrile gloves,
  * put a figure-8 cord in the case with my old facehugger for travel

  * up 7ish; W=198.8, S=8.3;
  @ DuckDuckGo Blog lots of good privacy articles
  @ How to Live Without Google
  @ ask/tell culture | Compass Rose (as opposed to guess culture)
    " Tell culture is a variant on ask culture where instead of just making a request,
      you express the strength and exact nature of your preference, so other people can
      respond to your needs cooperatively, balancing your interest against theirs, and
      suggesting better alternatives for you to get what you want. "
    'Askers' vs. 'Guessers' - The Atlantic
  @ FAWM.ORG | Twenty-First Century Breakup Song
    seen somewhere:  "Now that we have self-driving cars, it's only a matter of time
    before there's a song about a guy whose truck left him."
  @ Anne Thériault: How to Talk About Mental Health - FLARE

Date: 2019-02-04 05:00 am (UTC)
alatefeline: Painting of a cat asleep on a book. (Default)
From: [personal profile] alatefeline
Yay, you’re making music!!!

Stay safe with the snow and cold. Give my love to C? Wishing you both hot tea and comfort.

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