Nov. 27th, 2007


Nov. 27th, 2007 08:35 am
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Finally had a chance to walk yesterday. Skipped the monitor, since I didn't want the kind of positive feedback that seems to lead to pushing it too hard. (I still have to get some professional advice on that.) But I walked for an hour -- up the hill and twice around the pond -- and didn't get cramps. So I must have done something right for a change.

Things I've learned: stretch, start out slowly, take small steps. Apparently years of sitting cause your leg muscles to shorten. Taking smaller steps means that they don't get overstretched. And I'm finally (I think) figuring out how to stretch properly: you have to remember to fully relax the muscle you're trying to stretch. That's hard.

I don't appear to have gained weight over the weekend, though I haven't lost any, either. I have gained about three pounds in the three weeks or so since I started getting leg cramps to the point where I couldn't walk regularly. So I'm glad to be getting back to it.

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Thanks to this post by the clever and resourceful [ profile] cadhla we now know that she, I, and [ profile] billroper have featured products at And by the way, I've heard those other albums, and you should too. Go and buy!

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... but not after this privacy disaster. (via boing boing) There's an earlier article here.

For those who just want the high-order bits, the fuss is about "Facebook's 'Beacon' advertisements, which post information about users' activity on partner sites (movie rentals, purchases from online retailers) onto their friends' News Feed." There's an opt-out, but it's well hidden and you have to opt out separately for each merchant.

Note to vendors: if I buy something and don't mind letting the universe know I've bought it, I'll blog about it. Much of the time I mind a whole lot, so it's my damned choice, not yours. If Facebook ever gets its metaphorical face out of its metaphorical arse, I'll reconsider setting up an account.

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(Cross-posted to [ profile] healthy_fen and [ profile] mdlbear.)

Same route as yesterday, and my muscles still aren't trying to tie themselves into knots, so I may be back in the groove. On the other hand, the neuropathy may be increasing, in spite of the assortment supplements I'm taking. It seems to be affecting my feet now. Well, we'll see...

update: forgot to mention that I bought a cheap pedometer a couple of weeks ago. 10643 steps yesterday.

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