Nov. 9th, 2011

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Mostly a good day, I think. I took a walk -- somewhere upwards of four miles -- and my knee didn't bother me. And I did some major work on the new makefile for recordings -- it combines the functions of the old "album.make" and two wrappers for practice sessions and concerts. More on that whey I actually finish it.

Still, it's functional, and I got a directory full of reference tracks put together, so I was feeling fairly accomplished.

And Colleen got from the bathroom to the bed without her cane! I saw it! On the gripping hand, she fell sometime around 1:30 and needed outside help to hoist her up. Nothing injured but her dignity -- she long ago learned how to fall without hurting herself -- but still...

So... mixed?

I got a call from a trade magazine to renew my (free) subscription. My address has changed, and they didn't have my email address. Do I really mumble so badly that it takes five tries to convey a street name and an email address? Spelled out slowly each time? I often do blame myself for not communicating well, but I don't think the problem was all on my end of the wire this time.

Not too many links this time; looks worth perusing.

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