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It's been a good morning: a little cooler than the last week, and a little less smoke. The allergy version of Visine eyedrops helped, too. I went out for my walk, to the Rose Garden, at about 9am before it started getting too hot.

I was delighted to discover that the Friends of the San Jose Rose Garden were having one of their three annual "deadheading days" -- I didn't have time to do anything today, and may never, but at least now I know where they are on the web, and where to send a donation.

The mood in the house has lightened considerably now that the [ profile] chaoswolf is off the hook for jury duty for the year and has a ticket North for next week. I also got a few things figured out last night about my emotional state -- no problems, now that I understand what was going on and can avoid a few obvious pitfalls. My mind is an odd and occasionally fascinating place.

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