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It was still dark when I got up at about a quarter to six this morning; the house was full of little lights. It's amazing how many electronic gadgets we have these days.

I spent the entire day yesterday with IM turned off, and managed to get a solid start on the server-side code we need for a possible demo on Friday. Hacked it together as a Perl CGI, of course. Today I'll be doing the image-processing parts with PerlMagick.

I was originally planning to do it as a stand-alone server based on CherryPy, but decided after looking into somebody else's similar app that I didn't have the time to learn both a new language and a new framework.

Snuggle and conversation ate up most of the evening; I'm not complaining, but I'll have an awful lot of catching up to do. The office and sewing room both need serious organizing and re-packing, and that in turn will get into the garage and attic. Towers of Hanoi, indeed.

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