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0424 Sa
  % slept badly, as usual.  BPH (or maybe I dreamed it)
  * up 8ish; W=197.4; drugs, nose, teeth
  @ Quark (from In which beauty is a fundamental building block of the universe)
  * clearing non-clothes out of dressers
  @ The Three Micahs: Day Jobs, Part 2.
  * 12:30 dressers done; salad for lunch
  * 16:58 Tired bear.  beds out, dressers out, wall cleaned, floor cleaned,
    shelf standards up, flea powder down, chili and rice started.
  ~ 6pm Filksing at Kanef's
  * Lenny installed on argo (Thinkpad A30).  Setting up.
  * 7:30ish beds installed, pathways mostly cleared
  % some back pain, but managable.  very tired, which isn't surprising.
  ! very close to the edge.  Fell apart when Colleen needed bags cleared from
    the path to the commode.
  * 20:20 shelves and closet pole up on my side.  Still deciding whether to
    slide Colleen's track over. -> yes, but it needs a sheetrock screw
  * 21:15 everything done but sheets, quilts, and Colleen's shelves
  * 10:50 bath
  * 11:30 bed.  cyclobenzaprine, loratadine

Yesterday was mostly about getting the bedroom done, or at least to the point where the new beds were in by bedtime. With help, I did it. Go me!

In the end I was pretty pleased with the accomplishment, but hurting and emotionally fragile. I slept well; a combination no doubt of tiredness, a hot bath, and cyclobenzaprine.

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