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0425 Su
  % slept very well.  (drugs undoubtedly helped, but so did new mattress)
    dream: the only part I remember was finding a large mailbox in our side
    yard (it seemed to be the Perry Ave house) that several visitors had put
    things in to be mailed, a long time ago.
  * up 8:30ish; W=197.4; drugs, nose, teeth
  @ The T Word
  * propagated ssh keys, config to argo
  * took DSL modem out of rack.  How long has it been?
  * backups:  2010-04-25T08:59:10-0700 - 2010-04-25T09:47:01-0700
    /dev/sda5            1349854392 421059080 860226684  33% /media/bak
  % I'm not so old that sex doesn't matter to me, but I'm old enough for love
    to matter more. 
  & found my pedometer - it apparently turned up in the pile of stuff next to
    Colleen's chair.  Must have fallen off when I was kissing her.
  * OSH run for wallboard anchors, museum putty, wipes (simple green)
    = Rubbermaid brackets fit Elfa standards.  Not the reverse, IIRC.
  * Colleen's shelves up.  The top one is way the heck up there.
  * drive: Hwy 9 to Santa Cruz, back via 17
  * call Mom.  She downloaded the iPad manual; says it's useless.
  * call Apria to pick up beds -> will call tomorrow to schedule pickup
  @ A quick clarification about Boobquake
    In the name of science, I offer my boobs (original Boobquake post)
  * bath; bed ~11; S=3483

Sunday's main accomplishment was finishing the bedroom makeover by putting up the shelves on Colleen's side of the bed. Go me! Also some configuration work on Argo, the newer of my two Thinkpads.

My pedometer turned up -- it appears to have been found amid the clutter next to Colleen's chair, so it must have fallen off my belt during a kiss. So there's an umimpressive step count again.

River content: a random observation, a month or two after the conversation that it would have been in context in: I'm not so old that sex doesn't matter to me, but I'm old enough that love and companionship matter more.

Mom bought herself an iPad. She downloaded and printed the 150-page manual; it's apparently pretty useless. I'm not surprised.

A couple of links under the cut, as usual.

Date: 2010-04-27 06:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
150 pp! Shouldn't require more than 20!

You've read about the 100 yo woman who got the iPad as her first ever computer? She has glaucoma and hadn't been able to read books in dunno howlong. She's read a few now, and composed a lot of limericks.

Date: 2010-04-27 05:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
> I'm not so old that sex doesn't matter to me, but
> I'm old enough that love and companionship matter more.

Had to pull this one out...I hope I never get so old that sex doesn't matter to me...and I hope that I always remember that love and companionship matter more. Thank you for the reminder.

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