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0620 Mo
  * up 6:40; W=196.6; drugs, nose, teeth, dishes, coffee, light, hair
  @ ICANN votes to roll out 400-800 new generic top-level domains
  @ Automakers sell more cars without spare tires - (ebonypearl)
  * 15min: empty large suitcase; start moving to travelpro.  Helps the traffic
    flow in the bedroom, since it doesn't stick out as far.
  * YD to school
  * short walk: to Metro (with a coworker)
  @ filkertom: This. Is. Fucking. OBSCENE. jail as health insurance
  * 15min:  took large suitcase upstairs to attic
  * firm up RainFurrest plans and make Herbfarm reservations. 
    -> Thursday preferred.  Kat can be at the con Fr, Sa nights.
  * drive - down to the edge of Morgan Hill via Santa Teresa
  @ - Why Context Matters in the Long and Short of Words (thnidu )
  @ mdlbear: Public service announcement 
    the Starport is air-conditioned - Colleen is usually home.
  @ Apples SaaS: Software as a Soul Not sure I entirely agree
  * write Kaiser checks
  * clipboard into Minnie for group

A fairly productive day at work, and a drive after dinner with Colleen. I also wrote some checks that I've been procrastinating for no good reason, and put in for dinner reservations at the Herb Farm during RainFurrest. More on that later, when/if I get the confirmation back.

But... I don't know. Sort of unsatisfying, on the whole. (Or maybe it's just the fact that I haven't had my coffee yet.)

Some links under the cut, and a reminder that if you're in the SF Bay Area, the Starport has air conditioning, a good net connection, and a Colleen who likes company.

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