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Yesterday was ok, though ultimately not really satisfying. There's always too much to be done, and I don't do most of it. But...

I went out for a drive with Colleen; we bought ripe jalapeno peppers at the produce stand, than looked at the new Whole Foods on Blossom Hill on the way back. Dinner consisted of guacamole, rice, cauliflower, and bay scallops. We also had bagels and lox for breakfast.

Saturday I saw a tennis racquet bag at Sports Basement, and came close to buying it for Plink (the travel guitar). It would have room for the songbook and even for Minnie, my shoulder bag. Six inches or so of Plink's neck would stick out, but that could be handled with a padded sleeve. Tempting.

I also made hotel reservations for Orycon. I'm a little reluctant to go, because it's been an expensive year for travel and next year looks likely to be almost as bad. We'll see.

1002 Su
  * up 7:40; W=199.4; drugs, nose, teeth, laundry, dishes, exercise, light
  @ naamah_darling: Nobody knew I was sick. invisible eating disorders
  * belated s4s:  Amanda McBroom's The Rose
    @ Judy Collins - The Rose - YouTube
      Bette Midler-The Rose - YouTube
      Joan Baez - The Rose (Viareggio, Italy, 1984) - YouTube
      The Rose - Amanda McBroom (Original by herself!) - YouTube
  * lunch:  bagels and lox.  
  * 15min:  moved s4s to Private/Journals/Music
  @ Crowdfunding: A Communal Business Model — Communities Magazine (ysabetwordsmith)
  @ Congratulations #OccupyWallSt, you've arrived. One of the best
    @NYPost headlines ever. (@xenscooter)
  * 15min:  finished stringing two tennis balls for a back roller.
  @ The Battle of Brooklyn Bridge: What happened at Occupy Wall Street before
    hundreds were arrested? – Boing Boing Interesting pair of screencaps
    of the same article taken 20m apart.
  * drive with Colleen; Produce Stand and Whole Paycheck.
    Also Office Max, where I found a set of 5 new chair casters.
  * Now considering a tennis racquet bag for Plink.  Saw a nice one in Sports
    Basement; it would have room for a binder.  A little short, but that's
    fixable with an extension, or simply a bag over the head.
  * made dinner:  guacamole, scallops, rice, cauliflower.  Good.
  | still itching.  Diphenhydramine, on Colleen's suggestion.
  * bath.  Bed midnight.

Date: 2011-10-03 11:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I can't remember if you mentioned it previously, are you going to make it to OVFF this year?

Date: 2011-10-04 09:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sorry to hear this. It'd be nice to see you, but it's completely understood.

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