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I actually felt good yesterday. Maybe even cheerful, though it's hard for me to tell. Apparently, though, the weekend was more tiring than I realized; I was tired most of the afternoon and evening.

I did get in a roughly 3.5mi walk, though. And had a reasonably productive day both at work and at home. Especially at home, I guess: I finished all of the lyric-sheet edits from the weekend.

As for links, how about Digital music finally outsells physical media, books look on in alarm, and The Greatest Speech Ever Made (the latter by way of filkertom)?

0109 Mo
  % awake before the alarm went off, but we both wanted snuggle.
  * up 7:10; W=196; drugs, nose, laundry, dishes, exercise, light
  % apparently, the weekend was more tiring than I expected.  Or something.
  * put in almost all the lyric-sheet changes from the weekend.
  * pick up scooter keys at Bischoff's
  ! almost cheerful (at work, but feeling somewhat accomplished for the morning)
  : all my glasses-cleaning kits seem to have vanished
  * walk: 3.5mi to corner of DeAnza and Stevens Creek
  * order:  guaifenesin (in bulk), Tripp-Lite 3-outlet+2 USB travel strip.
  | 4pm feeling sleepy.
  % current earworm:  "Landscapes"
  @ Digital music finally outsells physical media, books look on in alarm 
    The Nielsen Company & Billboard’s 2011 Music Industry Report 
    Units, not dollars, so of course dominated by track sales, but still.  
  @ poetree | On illustrating poetry by meeks 
  @ Tom Smith and his Digital Acoustic LJ - Possibly the Ultimate Mash-Up 
    but this version is better: The Greatest Speech Ever Made
  * finished lyrics edits
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