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Not all that good a day; I spend my lunch hour on IM rather than out walking. Not sure what I can do about that. And a lot of my time and even more of my mindspace went down the rabbit-hole of a difficult but necessary post (trigger warning: domestic violence). Somebody has to say these things, even if C doesn't want to hear them.

I did, finally, track down the problem I've been having with printing. Apparently, CUPS gets confused if the print server's name is associated with in the hosts file, instead of with its actual IP address. Sheesh!

There are links under the cut. Most of them will be triggery.

0113 Fr
  * up 6:05; W=196.8; drugs, nose, teeth, dishes, exercise, light
  * practice.
  @ I surrender - PIPA/SOPA and Shochad 
  * get cash
  * fixed the printing problem (i.e. where printing to nova-w fails) -- turns
    out to be a combination of making correct entries in /etc/hosts on nova
    for all of its IP addresses, and adding "ServerAlias *" to cupsd.conf.  Sheesh!
  @ Naomi Gayle Rivkis - A chilling reminder
    Texas Mother Julianne McCrery May Reveal Motive For Killing Son Camden
    Hughes In NH « CBS Boston 
  @ cflute - If wishes were horses... ... where only friends can comment.
    cf. Enabling
  ~ transfer tax info to keychain drive.  NOT netbook:  shouldn't be on
    something portable.  Maybe a VM. -> entire homedir from old macbook now on
    an external drive.
  * a difficult but necessary post

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