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Reasonably productive at work -- pretty much done with the tech reports -- and I took a good walk. The tracking app seems useful; at least it gives me a more accurate reading on distance. Before I was just estimating.

Some of my estimates were probably pretty accurate: apparently my pace is solidly stuck at the 3mph that I've been using all along.

The most interesting link was undoubtedly Broken Heart Syndrome: Yes, It's Real (on PBS)

0215 We
  * up 7:25; W=191.2; drugs, nose, teeth, dishes, exercise, laundry, light
  @ Broken Heart Syndrome: Yes, It's Real | PBS
  * walk: McClellan Ranch Park.  2.63mi; 3.0mph. (CardioTrainer)
  * avoiding
  * memtest:  3 (2?) passes, no errors
  @ Researchers Find Flaw in an Online Encryption Method - 
  @ A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: Amazon Will Destroy You 
    (gmcdavid - To the publishing industry:)
  * ping Lara about length of Consonance concert slot.  cc my gmail addy.

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