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Monday I read LHH's book, Managing Your Search Project, did a little walking (in a mall, but it was so deserted that I could mostly walk in my usual pace), and spoke to my insurance agent. Determined that we're actually covered at about the right level, but that after we move we'll be paying quite a bit less because we won't be needing nearly as much coverage for liability or the contents of the house. So that'll be a net win. He's also getting us a referral to an agent in Shorline.

Yesterday, I went in to LHH for a class, and worked on my resume (which is now down to two pages, plus a 2-page list of projects. I also worked on my LinkedIn profile, though that still has a ways to go.

I spent a little time noodling on my guitar Monday but, as with walking, I've been neglecting it. Need to work on that, don't I? Music and walking are really about the only kind of regular self-care I'm at all interested in -- I should be doing them daily. :P

As for links, well... Daily Kos: 30 Years Ago Today: The Day the Middle Class Died kind of nails it.

0423 Mo
  * up 6:35; W=194.6; d, n, t; dishes, exercise, laundry
  * glued up broken drawer front
  * a little cleaning in the garage; replaced attic light
  @ Software Engineers Will Work One Day for English Majors - Bloomberg
  * goal for the morning:  read _Managing Your Search Project_
  * 15min:  bring down a couple of items from the garage attic.
  * (3ish) 9ish:  Insurance?  * Track down last appraisal.
    rebuild cost close enough that it's not worth worrying about.  OTOH,
    insurance will go way down once we move out because much lower liability,
    personal property, etc.  Getting referral to another Encompass agent in
    Shoreline for car and renter's ins.
  * ~.75mi walking in Vallco Mall.  Very different, and still partly empty even
    after converting several blocks of storefronts into a food court and various
    amusement areas.  :P  One furniture store had something the air that I was
    lucky to get out of alive.
  * headhunter call via  Obviously hadn't read my profile, just found
    a keyword hit or three and made the call.
  * finish reading LHH book
    Software as a dead-end job.  Well, maybe.
  * moved housing leads to
  * 11ish about 20m of noodling on the guitar

0424 Tu
  * up 6:40; W=197.4; d, n, t; laundry, dishes
  @ Why AT&T and Verizon Are Rooting for Windows Phones -
  * about 90min working on resume formatting (using fancyhdr) and figuring out
    how to make LaTeX2e page formatting do the right thing.  Obscured by the
    fact that a reload in gv doesn't work right if the fonts change.
  * 12:15 plan to arrive early for module A
  * 1pm-3:30 LHH module A: Assess Opportunity
    Ellen Shulman.  Consistency between verbal and written messages.
  * Colleen's replacement phone arrived.
  @ Daily Kos: 30 Years Ago Today: The Day the Middle Class Died
  * add monitoring to IWB accomplishment
  * add GeoFi to resume
  * fought resume down to 2 pages plus a 2-page project list.  Much crisper.
  : via FB - (Carleton friend) Dick Shelton found a copy of CC&S in a used
    record store.
  * split Ricoh work into 3 segments on
  @ You Thought Cubicles Were Hell? Try 'Open Plan' Offices Duh.
    "Working in a collaborative cubicle office is kind of like working in a call
     center, and call-center workers last nine months before they get out of
     there," said Orfield. "When you can work better from a Starbucks than you
     can from your own office, that's an issue." 
  @ Daily Kos: Supreme Court to review first-sale doctrine in copyright law 
  * load drugs

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