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Pain levels, in particular standing for any amount of time unsupported in the evening, have been pretty high lately. Mostly hips, though there's still some pain in the right leg. Do not like, and it makes me snappish as well as lazy. Also, I was extremely congested last weekend and well into the week. In combination with the muscle aches and weakness Sunday I almost suspect flu. Almost. Some kind of virus, certainly.

I worked a little on my setlist; most of what little practicing I did was guitar. Which is ok; my fingers were kind of in bad shape and my playing obviously needed the work as well. It's mostly going to be off my (still-planned) second album, so I thought a little about Amethyst Rose and felt sorry for myself for not marking her birthday this year.

Quote of the week, from a T-shirt by way of G:

Most programmers struggle with 2 things:
0. Cache invalidation.
1: Naming things.
2: Off-by-one errors.

It doesn't mention being on call or facing hard deadlines, but those are right up there. It's been an uneventful oncall this time -- the only times I was awakened at 4:30am were by Ticia. I also spent altogether too much time in meetings, when I should have been working the ticket queue.

I continue to be wasting too much time on Quora, and quite a bit reading poetry and fiction on DW. Well, at least Q keeps my word count up, and I've been getting a little positiveifeedback via Twitter. I mostly don't try to track everything, but you'll find one of the better answers below at the end of yesterday's notes.

Also in the notes, The What-He-Did: The Poetic Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith, and this stunningly beautiful pic for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Notes & links:
  * up 7:01; W=204.4, ; laundry, dishes
  * Practice: Stolen Child.  I'd forgotten how far up it's capoed.  Right up there on the
    fifth fret with QV.
  % Apparently the combination of pain and the recent deaths has taken some kind of toll:
    when Colleen asked for onion on her bagel after I brought it to her, I went "Ok.  I'll
    take it back.  I'm sorry." ... and I don't think I'm going to be capable of much for
    the next hour or so.
  % Now that I have a kindle, it's probably a good idea for me to start reading books on
    the bus rather than news.  I could do it on the phone, but the kindle is a lot better.
  * 15min: took down recycling and trash from the North room upstairs
  * practice:  Stuff that Dreams are Made Of (guitar only)
  * 15min: updated the gig list in
  * identical Makefiles in Myrtle and Mathilda.  Mathilda's local was more recent; the
    others mostly came from Myrtle; chaining needed cleanup in both.
  * practice:  QV (guitar)
  * Made chili for dinner.  Plus roasted brussels sprouts, at Colleen's request.
  % headache, weakness -- do not like at all.  Getting a little concerned.    
  " Most programmers struggle with 2 things:
    0. Cache invalidation.
    1: Naming things.
    2: Off-by-one errors. " T-shirt posted by f(GPB III)
  % Given the increased congestion and the general ill feeling, I think it's safe to
    assume that I have some viral disease.  Probably either a cold or the flu.  Hopefully
    not severe enough to make me stay home tomorrow.  Or Tuesday, which is going to be
  * Paid Amex
  * Up 4:30; W=206, P=136/90, p=61; dishes, laundry
  @ How Tesla Will Change The World - Wait But Why (ysabetwordsmith)
  @ Scientists Trace Society's Myths to Primordial Origins - Scientific American
    (ysabetwordsmith | The Evolution of Mythology) 

  % second night in a row Ticia has woken me at 4:30.  Colleen apologized for waking me
    up, so I think it was her getting up that woke Ticia.  Beats the hell out of a pager.
  * up 6ish; W=204.4, P=119/74, p=66;
  " Living in Seattle, will not relocate, not interested in contract
    work.  Do not contact again unless you can satisfy those requirements.
       I am amused by the fact that your office is in my home town, but I
    haven't lived there in 50 years. " -- me, to clueless headhunter.
  : One of my coworkers -- Sachin G -- just followed me on Quora.
  % so congested it was basically impossible to breathe through my nose.  Managed to get
    it to the point where I could put my mask on and let it force air through.  Clear by
    morning.  But... sheesh!
  * Downstairs until 11pm babysitting a deployment.  Went smoothly, thank goodness.

  * Up 5:25; W=205.4, P=125/90, p=81; ... laundry
  * bills - * utils, * C-max tabs, Wells, * Sound, * insurance
  * The tag-end of yesterday's deployment, because yesterday was a black day in EU.
    Mainly because the EU servers are shared with India, and it was Diwali.
  & The week's first Sev-2 at least had the decency to come in while I was still awake
    (and even sitting in front of my laptop -- see above).

  * up 5:35; W=205.4, p=120/74 p=67; dishes, ..., laundry
  * Went to pick up my tabs, only to find that West Seattle Licenses has apparently been
    closed all week.  Growf!
  * Brought in the little folding table that's been sitting out on the front porch, and
    moved our bedroom fridge to it.  It is just a couple of inches too wide to slide all
    the way back, but moving the dresser will require help.

  * Up 5:45; W=207.8, P=133/71, p=66; laundry, dishes
  @ Mystical Star - Google+ Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Stunningly beautiful pic

  * up 6:30ish; W=207.8, ; laundry, dishes
  @ Every Body Goes Haywire (hsifyppah)
    chronic illness/chronic migraine.  Yeah.
  * First van-load from Claire's storage locker.  Started rainng on the way back; we'll do
    the second load tomorrow.
  @ The What-He-Did: The Poetic Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith f(Jeffrey Cornish)
  * Out for gin, coffee, tikka sauce, and chutney.  Couldn't find the chutney at either
    Safeway or Metro; but I did get chili oil and oyster sauce.
  @ How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016    I'll stick to HTML, thanks.
  @ Religion for the Nonreligious - Wait But Why
  @ The Cook and the Chef: Musk's Secret Sauce - Wait But Why Being original
  * Made egg salad for dinner, somewhat at C's suggestion.  G and N went out for steak.
  : Desti is upstairs, having come up with G.  She and Ticia bumped noses.
  @ How do you deal with the phase of life your friends start dying? - Quora 

Date: 2016-10-11 04:11 am (UTC)
alatefeline: Painting of a cat asleep on a book. (Default)
From: [personal profile] alatefeline
Trying to think of something good to say; have had tab open in background all weekend. I'm sorry; pain sucks; brainweasels are awful; illness is hard; I hope things improve. You and Colleen are wonderful. And Ticia is a good kitty even if she did wake you. *sends virtual hugs and petting as wanted/appropriate*

Date: 2016-10-10 07:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You could also read new or magazines on the Kindle, couldn't you?

Meanwhile, get well soon.

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