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Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for literature. I am still kind of blown away. I mean... He's one of my personal heroes, and I've always known that there's a difference between a songwriter and a poet who sets their poems to music. The latter are quite rare. Most -- all? -- songwriters know which side of the divide they fall on. But... But... Nobel Prize!

Meanwhile, here I am on Desolation Row. Our predicted storm of the century wasn't even the storm of the decade; but it still did quite a lot of damage. The zipper on my pants broke -- again. We have a crack in the floor of our basement, which of course water is coming up through. I cut a corner too close and badly scraped the side of the van. What's left of my self-confidence is somewhat in tatters.

They're spoon-feeding Cassanova
To get him to feel more assured
Then they'll kill him with self-confidence
After poisoning him with words.

Ok, so at least I don't have to worry about that. Also on the plus side in no particular order, we never lost power, we can see the crack because I have been procrastinating getting the floor re-done since our flood last year, our second tenant has moved in, and all the damage to the van was cosmetic. So there's that.

Rather an unproductive week at work.

Notes & links:
  % awake 3:30; never really got back to sleep.  Quora for about 45min.  Very frustrating
    on the Lenovo netbook; I'm going to have to switch.  The buttons are horrible.
  * Up 5am; W=209.4, P=167/77, 160/78, 149/89, p=71, 66;
    % Not only is my BP too high for comfort, I've gained 10 pounds since going off the
      diuretic.  Do. Not. Like.
  @ Driving Miss Norma: 91 Year Old Dies After Year-Long Adventure
    Takes a road trip instead of chemo.  That would work for me, too, at that age.
  : C' canibalizing a thinkpad.  Gave me the keyboard.  Which is just what I need to fix
    the thinkpad keyboard with the broken space bar.  Score!  The only really annoying
    part is that the newer ones have a slightly different layout for home, end, etc.  But
    I only have one of those, and I may not be needing it soon. -> Hmm.  No, it's actually
    different from *any* of the three I have.  :P  It's out of an X230.
  * practice. Mary Ellen Carter - off book; pretty much nailed it.  Ticia and C' came in
    to listen.

  * up 5:06; W=206.2; dishes, laundry
  @ cat haiku (ysabetwordsmith | Poem: "Creatures of Chaos") 

  * Up 5:30; W=206.2; ... dishes
  @ 11 Beautiful Japanese Words That Don't Exist In English (ysabetwordsmith)
  * Pick up tabs at West Seattle Licenses.  Quick, fortunately.
  % 6:22 P=145/94
  @ Seanan McGuire on #NationalComingOutDay (with tweets) · LyleD4D · Storify
  @ Defying the odds: How to flip a Trump voter using pure logic -
  : ran a load of dishes and put the baking pans in the sink.

  * up 5:45; W=206.2, P=133/82, p=69; laundry
  % rather an unproductive day.  Wasted too much time solving what turned out to be a
    non-problem.  The tool was lying about when I'd get my instances delivered.  Yes, I
    needed two levels of approval, but the whole thing only took an hour or so.  The fleet
    management tool said November 6. :P
  * activate HSX card by buying something at Office Max/Depot.  Should have used it in HD
    0927 - batteries and brackets for the desk would count. -> rechargable AAAs
  @ Cliff Mass Weather Blog: Warning: Major Storms Threaten the Pacific Northwest
    (annathepiper) Looks
    like a *rough* weekend.  Planning to do some shopping tomorrow night -- if that 
    isn't too late!

  * up 5:15; W=205.6; laundry
  % left wrist hurting; heat seemed to help
  : It's raining.  I expect that waiting for it to clear would be an exercise in futility.
  @ Bob Dylan Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature - The New York Times f(Elliott Mason)
  @ The Great Silence by Ted Chiang 
  @ Free Programming Ebooks
  % Quite a lot of R. QL pain.  OTOH my left wrist hasn't hurt since this morning.  I
    suspect that the main cause was the way I quickly take my backpack off, which involves
    sliding a strap down the left arm and catching it on the wrist.  Recipe for ouching.
  * My passport arrived.

  * Up 5:15; W=205.6; dishes
  : zipper on my pants broke.  Again.  I think it's endemic to Croft + Barrow.  May be
    able to fix it with a kit, but not clear that it's worth it -- I can see the place at
    the top where it keeps pulling loose, and the button-plus-hook fastener probably
    doesn't help. -> put on my older yukata after getting undressed
  : Last night's/today's storm wasn't as bad as predicted, but still pretty bad; 3K people
    still without power.  Tomorrow's will be considerably worse; not historic, but
    comparable to the  2006 storm.  Winds short of hurricane strength.  Gale though.
  : Chaos is disappointed because her larp got cancelled for the weekend.
  % 10:14pm P=121/81, p=70

  * Up 5:15; W=205.4; shower, laundry
  % wore my fluffy red bathrobe most of the morning, because it's warm and snuggly.
    Ticia seems to like it, too.
  : raining.  No wind yet; that's predicted for the afternoon. (3pm-2am)
  @ re-read The Game
    of Rat and Dragon, by Cordwainer Smith, which I looked for, and found unexpectedly
    on Project Gutenberg, because it felt like a great prompt for this month's
    @ Crowdfunding Creative Jam with the theme of Games
    ! noticed that catch in the throat that indicates some kind of emotion; don't know
      exactly what.  Hadn't noticed it before with this story; probably a memory of Curio.
      ok. grieving.  sadness.
  % Between Ticia, Desti, and Cordwainer Smith it's turning out to be a very feline
    morning.  I like this.  I really ought to make another pot of coffee, use the
    bathroom, and get dressed.  But there is a cat purring on my lap.
  @ Cliff Mass Weather Blog: Today's Major Storm: A Difficult Forecast 
  & QFC (bread, peanut butter, crackers), Petco (kibble)
    % cut the corner too close going in; flattened the back end of the van.  Door still
      works, amazingly, and no significant damage to the building (I'm probably not the
      only one; there were a couple of different colors there)
  * Passport card and old passport arrived.
  * N asked me to braid her hair before Phil + Sandy's wedding.  Assured me that I'm not
    as stupid as I feel.  Well, ok.
  : Our basement is flooding.  Definitely leaking through a crack (or cracks) in the wall,
    so apparently not all of our chronic problems were due to leaking pipes.  Perhaps not
    even most of them; though it's pretty clear that water in that area is what caused the
    drainpipes to rust out in the first place.  Grump.
  : 6:15; the wind has been picking up since 4pm or so.
  * practice:  Desolation Row.  Off-book; pretty much nailed it.  Only a couple of minor
    flubs and a hesitation or two between some of the earlier verses.
  & We've been listening to Dylan all afternoon.
  : 9:30ish Emmy called -- so far so good, but they're closer to the coast and the highest
    winds haven't hit yet.  They have a bug-out bag ready, and have been eating stuff that
    doesn't require cooking, same as we have.  I have a sensible, grown-up kid -- how the
    heck did that happen?
  @ A Republican intellectual explains why the Republican Party is going to die - Vox
    " Goldwater opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He himself was not especially racist
      — he believed it was wrong, on free market grounds, for the federal government to
      force private businesses to desegregate. But this “principled” stance identified the
      GOP with the pro-segregation camp in everyone’s eyes, while the Democrats under
      Lyndon Johnson became the champions of anti-racism. "

Date: 2016-10-16 09:38 pm (UTC)
alatefeline: Painting of a cat asleep on a book. (Default)
From: [personal profile] alatefeline
I am sorry about house and car and pants and emotions. Talk about aggravating-level damage to ALL the things! I'm glad you folks are all right yourselves.

Date: 2016-10-16 10:29 pm (UTC)
alatefeline: Painting of a cat asleep on a book. (Default)
From: [personal profile] alatefeline

If I had adamantium nail polish I'd offer you some.

... Don't forget, when hanging from a cliff with nothing in reach except a small cluster of wild fruit, to eat the strawberries.

*offers virtual hugs*

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