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So I took the week off from work. I'd originally planned to return from Orycon Sunday afternoon, and go in to work Monday and possibly Wednesday. The best-laid plans... Monday was occupied by the drive back from Portland, Tuesday by medical stuff (including a urology appointment on short notice for Colleen), and Wednesday by waiting for the tech from Acorn to show up and do the proper inspection that the tech who had arrived early on Monday had failed to do. So.

Spent much of the week on personal software projects. Wednesday and Thursday I was mostly hacking in my .emacs file, fixing some long-standing annoyances with html-helper-mode (and incidentally lj-update-mode, which is partially derived from it). Friday and Saturday I worked on the build software for my website Songs pages -- you can see the results (so far -- there's still quite a bit of prettying-up to do) on LookingGlass Folk's Songs. The LgF page was the main motivation -- it's been a broken link on the site for years. The secondary motivation was putting my songbook on GitHub.

In the course of doing this, I finally got around to writing tests for the makefiles -- predictably, they turned up lots of bugs. By no means complete, but I now also have an easily-extensible test framework that I can use for the rest of MakeStuff and my other make-based projects like Honu.

Thursday we had a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat. Glenn spatchcocked the bird -- this was my introduction to the technique, which lets a 16-pound turkey cook in two hours with a beautifully crisp skin. Recommended. There were just Colleen and I, Glenn and Naomi, and N's kids. The YD had dinner with her boyfriend's family, and Chaos spent the day working on term papers. The tenants ate at C"'s parents'. (I may have to go to subscripts.)

Fair amount of political stuff in the links; not going to re-hash most of it because apparently Post-Trump Stress Disorder is a thing, and I haz it. I can, however, recommend moem's Cybersecurity for the Trumped series, and Tor Browser.

Notes & links:

  * up 6ish; ; laundry
  : My cane seems to have disappeared at some point during the weekend.
  @ Email privacy | Mailfence protects your mail privacy (moem
    Cybersecurity for the Trumped 6: Getting away from Google)
  * G' texted about noon to say that the Acorn guy had arrived early.
  @ Harold Feld: The George Washington Pledge:
    “To Bigotry No Sanction, To Persecution No Assistance.” 
  & Called Acorn and read them the riot act about the guy arriving early and the
    incomplete inspection.
  % Anxiety?  Tension?  Not fear -- that's lower; this feels tight across the chest just
    above where my paunch starts.  (or it could just be the fact that I can barely
    breathe because of congestion)
  % here's an odd one:  I don't think I'm as arthritic as I think I am.  I find myself
    moving as if I'm expecting something to hurt, but it doesn't (or doesn't as much as
    I'm prepared for).

  * up 5:30; W=206.2; laundry
  % my toes are cold.
  @ We Ain’t Gonna Play Trump City – Medium 
  * Acorn called to schedule a follow-up visit.
  @ 10 free resources to learn how to use git 
  ~ leave ~10:30 - I'm seeing times like 1:40, so 2 hours to be safe
  * 12:30 Anita Brown.  Not, on the whole, all that helpful.  Hope.  Music.
  * 2:15 Colleen UNW
  @ via Post From Tumblr Help save the Affordable Care Act: - November 22, 2016 at 12:14PM
    Paul Ryan’s office is conducting an extremely biased survey hoping to show a people’s
    mandate to repeal Obamacare. The system is entirely automated and you can tell him you
    support the ACA in less than 30 seconds.  
    1. Call (202)-225-3031
    2. Wait through a LONG silence til it rings.
    3. Press 2 to respond to the survey.
    4. Listen to a bullshit message about how ACA should be repealed.
    5. Press 1 to register your support for Obamacare. -> DONE 8:44pm
    6. reblog
  @ How to Cope With Post-Election Stress - The Atlantic Not helpful.  Others I found
    via the same search are even less so.  Herbs.  Right.
    @ For those seeking a more political solution, there’s labor songwriter Joe Hill's
      exhortation, "Don’t mourn, organize!”
  % I'm not getting much of anything done.
  % I've felt cold all evening.  At least I've been assuming it's cold.  Putting on
    slippers and a flannel shirt don't seem to be helping much.
  * Firing up Whitewood (mac mini) because I need my tax return for the financial planners.
  * pay sound credit
  % it's only Tuesday.  Feels later.
  @ The 2016 Song - YouTube audio distinctly NSFW: justifiably foul language.
  : Colleen's damned catheter popped out.  Same day.  (new assistant)

  * up 6:30; W=204.6;
  # Apparently I haven't put up any concerts on the web since 2012.  Most of the ones
    since then haven't even been recorded, but I should at least have the setlists up.
    % The websites have been neglected to the point where I have problems finding the
      motivation required to fix them.
  % ... to generalized anxiety add, paranoia. (thinks) Well, ok, social anxiety.  Classic:
    I think people are judging me.
  : DreamHost has completely changed their look, and the wiki has apparently become the
    "knowledge base".  I'll forgive them because they now support
    Let's Encrypt Free SSL Certificates with automatic renewal. Alternatively, 
    @ GitHub - srvrco/getssl: obtain free SSL certificates from letsencrypt ACME server
      Suitable for automating the process on remote servers.
  # Apparently I found a set of examples for hardening a .htaccess file, but neglected to
    actually apply it.
  * 3:30 -> 2:00 Colleen UNW - ok, that's going to be a problem -> leaving with G' 12:45
  * 3pm Acorn (again) -> 1:00 - of course, they called Colleen.  :P  And showed up after 3
    anyway.  -> needed new batteries, $70 or so
  * some fixing in html-helper-mode in .emacs; taught some lisp to a curious g
    (defun fib (n)
      (if (< n 2)
	(+ (fib (- n 1)) (fib (- n 2)))))
  $ AAAS renewal $99 (apparently I have it on automatic)
  * Started working on songs.make, aiming toward establishing lgf/Songs and updating

1124Th Thanksgiving
  * Up 6ish; W=204.0; laundry, cooking, dishes
  * hacking in .emacs - fixing some long-standing problems with html-helper-mode
  * Dinner.  Aiming to take the bird out about 4:15-4:30; G butterflied it, so it should
    cook pretty quickly.  (G said that the recipe came from Sunnie Larsen)
    @ How to Cook a Spatchcocked Turkey: The Fastest, Easiest Thanksgiving Turkey 
    -> very successful.  That's how we're doing turkey from now on.  Chicken, too.  Yum!
       the back goes into the gravy along with the neck.
  @ 318 | depression comix
    " Love itself may not be enough to cure depression, but your patience and
      understanding, well, those help more than you know. "

1225Fr Black Friday
  % awake 3:30; got back to sleep ~4:45
  * up 6:30ish; W=205; dishes
  * work on songs.make - multiple lyrics directories
  * set up stock transactions - sell all vesting on 12/15
    40 previously-vested shares available now; would be worth ~ 25K after taxes.
  * Start of a test framework in MakeStuff.  Turning up lots of bugs.

  * up 6:35; W=203.8, P=133/69, p=68 ; laundry, dishes
  * pushed changes to MakeStuff.  Still some work left regarding printed songbooks and
    web index.html files, so it's not quite ready to go.
  @ LaTeX2e unofficial reference manual (August 2016)
  @ LATEX 2ε for class and package writers [pdf] 
  * Dwarves coming over.
    -> their little dog spooked Ticia; she is now nowhere to be found.  Can't have left
       the house, but...
  * lgf/Songs now has a web presence.  Lots of work still needed.
  : 6:08 Ticia has been gone for about two hours.  Worried.  I've looked most of the
    obvious places.
    -> C' found her -- under our bed.  I'd looked there, but...  Sneaky cat.
  * more bug fixes in {songs,lyrics}.make.  Re-tagged some songs in lgf.  Tagged
    essentially _all_ of _my_ songs, since tag-driven indexing is new.
  : Colleen and her friends are going through her massive fabric collection 
  . Songbook, * Tools on github - makefile, * multiple lyrics directories
    Just about ready to put the songbook up, I think.  LICENSE and needed.

Date: 2016-11-27 07:35 pm (UTC)
alatefeline: Painting of a cat asleep on a book. (Default)
From: [personal profile] alatefeline
Ticia is indeed a sneaky cat. Would she accept some petting sent to her from me by way of you?

Also, I completely hear you on NOT rehashing.

Thanks again for your help with my bad formatting of links.

*offers virtual hugs* Hope your household does OK this coming week.

Date: 2016-11-28 03:23 am (UTC)
alatefeline: Painting of a cat asleep on a book. (Default)
From: [personal profile] alatefeline
Yay! Hopeful is good.

Meanwhile, across the pond...

Date: 2016-11-28 09:50 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] montemplar
Here in the UK, we've now got not only a new Investigatory Powers Act (aka the Snoopers Charter) recently nodded through Parliament (yet again) and due to come into effect in the new year, but now mandatory age verification for 'obscene' websites. Will be looking for new tools and services, looks like I'll be needing them.

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