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It's been a week. Not only are we moving house, a large number of people are moving from LJ to Dreamwidth. I'd already mostly moved, and since I have a permanent account I'm not likely to leave completely, but I've been reducing my exposure -- the entire journal is marked "adults only" and I've taken off all of my interests and most of my personal details. I also gathered together and posted a few notes on the process, under the tag ljexit. Feel free to crosslink, and to use the tag yourself.

Monday was a bit rough, both emotionally and physically exhausting, from spending all day at Rainbow's End organizing and sorting. I did some finishing-up Tuesday night, taking advantage of a dentist appointment and the resulting personal day, when our mover failed to show up. (We found out later that he'd been in an auto accident on the way up.)

Tuesday night was miserable and mostly sleepless, and I woke up on Wednesday with a queasy stomach and muscle aches. It was a close enough match for flu that I called in sick. As it turned out, though, it's more likely to have been physical overwork, lack of sleep, dehydration, and low blood sugar from having been thinking about things other than self-care for much the previous two days.

Thursday at 1pm our listing went live: 4126 37th Ave SW, Seattle, Washington 98126 | The Warmack Group. If you're reading this and interested, the open house is this weekend, and you only have a couple more days to get an offer in.

Friday I got in to work late, having gone with N. to look at another house. I very much wanted to get in to work for the last meeting of the day, with $BOSS and $HR_PERSON. Um... yeah. I've been offered an "early" retirement package. (Scare quotes because it would be only a couple of months before my target date.) I may very well take it. The emotional roller-coaster ride one might expect from having to look reality in the face from up close, but at this point I think I'm ready.

Saturday -- yesterday -- Naomi and I went to look at The Dome House in Monroe. It was magical. Almost perfect for us -- EXCEPT: it's isolated as heck, at the end of a mile of twisty, narrow, gravel road. Haul the garbage to the dump yourself. Lots of unpermitted, unfinished construction in the barn. It would have been perfect for who we were 20 years ago. *sigh* I wouldn't have missed seeing it, but it makes me sad to have to pass it up. N called it the other end of the rainbow. Had a great talk with the owner, who is moving to someplace dryer for health reasons.

So that's the week. I'm glad it's over.

Notes & links:

  * Up 5ish; W=200.2; laundry, dishes
  * 8:30ish leave for RE by bus.
  * Spent pretty much all day at Rainbow's End organizing and sorting.  Took down the
    ethernet cables - cut them because of tape stickiness etc. - and moved the DSL and
    gateway modems down to the garage, along with the corresponding UPS more as an outlet
    expander than anything else.
  * Came back with (piggie) Clea, a pair of stackable bookshelves, and a lot of odds and
    ends.  Stopped for gas and piggie hay on the way back.  Tired.  Took about six loads
    to get it all up from Van.
  * activate flex card
  & Took N out for dinner - she needed some pampering.  Jak's Grill; brought back
    bacon-wrapped scallops and onion rings for Colleen.

  * up 5ish; W=202.2; 
  * Ford Credit bill -> paid 3/13
  * pay ..., * mortgage 
  * set up Seattle City Light account 8683837624
  * change of address:
    * 0403 Post Office,
    * 0403 DOL - also updates voter registration
    * 0403 Wells Fargo (mortgage; mailing address only; e-billing)
    * 0403 AMEX
    * 0403 Accredo (also, order)
    * 0403 Union Bank - online delivery; HSX had both.
    * 0403 BECU
    * 0403 Express Scripts
    * 0403 Amazon (employment) - also updates Morgan Stanley, but maybe not tax addr. 
  * pick up C's prescriptions at Walgreen's*
  : Amazon did something random with ExpressScripts, so when I got to work I verified that
    my benefit selections where what I remembered, then spent an hour or so on the phone
    a) figuring out why Walgreens refused my insurance card this morning, and b) making
    sure that Colleen's humira is ok.
  : LJ has a new user agreement.  Doesn't look all that bad, except for the fact that it's
    full of references to Russian laws that one has no information about, and that it's
    specifically a translation and not guaranteed to be the actual agreement.
    -> removed some information from my profile.  Too little, too late, but still...
    -> Oh, there's a "no advertising" clause, and probably no political posts either.
    : without the Administration’s special permit, use automatic scripts (bots, crawlers
      etc.) to collect information from the Service and/or to interact with the Service;
      -> arguably covers backup and archiving software.
    : post advertising and/or political solicitation materials unless otherwise directly
      specified in a separate agreement between User and the Administration;
    : ... If User participates in any rankings or if User’s Content is used in any
      editorial projects of the Service, User provides to the Administration an additional
      authorisation to modify, shorten and amend his/her Content, to add images, a
      preamble, comments or any clarifications to his/her Content while using it, and in
      certain cases based on the Service functions, an authorisation to use User’s Content
  % I'm pretty sure I'm not getting nearly enough sleep.  Not sleep apnea -- more likely a
    combination of Ticia, Colleen, and anxiety.

  * Up 6:30ish; W=201.2; shower,
  @ med_cat | Once again, a free public service announcement LJ user agreement -
    translated, with commentary.
    -> removed more info from profile, disabled ratings, marked journal as adult content.
  @ mdlbear | PSA: LJBF: Goodbye's too good a word... Livejournal.
    LJBF was way too good not to use.
  * go back to Walgreens and give them the new prescription insurance info.
    -> apparently what Premera gave me when I called is wrong.  Go figure.  And she
       already has lisinopril from Express Scripts; why Walgreens filled that one I have
       no idea.
  : And both our usual mover, Derek, and the guy N found to replace him, have ghosted.
  : There's no AC in the apartment, but there's a window that can be opened.
  * 2pm dentist
    -> the tooth pain on the right side?  From clenching.  There's also muscle pain there.
  . change address:
    * Accent Dental
  & Picked up Indian simmer sauces, lime pickles, garlic powder, and gin at Central
  * duplicated apartment key at Lowes (in the machine)
  * Down to RE to help with the cleanup.  Pretty much all the last of it.
    : the stagers have been there all day
    % mostly it's my knees that are complaining.  Mostly the left.  Grump.

  * up 6:30; W=199.2; laundry
  % miserable night.  Some kind of stomach queasiness; can't tell whether it's flu,
    hunger, or all in my head.  T=100.1 or so, but I don't know where my baseline is.
    Got up at least once, probably twice; Ticia didn't help though she eventually settled
    -> combined with the muscle aches? possibly, but most of the other symptoms, e.g. high
       fever and cough, are missing.  Maybe just overdid it yesterday? Maybe lack of
       sleep?  Could still be; it's progressive.
       CDC's map shows little flu
       activity in the PNW.
    -> Went up to Walgreens and got a thermometer.  98.6 on the nose.  Stupidly forgot to
       take wallet, so couldn't use the flex card.  Grump.
    -> 12:50 flu or not, it includes severe headache and balance issues.
    -> 14:10 nap helped, but still in pretty bad shape.
    -> 16:ish feeling better after nap and food.  Best guess is that it was lack of sleep,
       dehydration, lack of food, and physical overwork.       otoh maybe not.
  * Paid rent.  The website is horrible -- slow, apparently
    incompatible with privacybadger (meaning it includes spyware),... and the phone app is
    even worse, judging from the overwhelmingly negative reviews.  But you can pay your
    rent with it.
  @ telophase | Well, they finally did it. (more LJ, via solarbird)
  # added "ljexit" tag on DW.
  @ The Revolution, Brought to You by Nike

  * up 6:50ish; W=199.2; laundry, dishes (stopping that because I do both every day now)
  @ promethia_tenk | How to Move to Dreamwidth and Like It
  * Listing for RE goes live
  @ 4126 37th Ave SW, Seattle, Washington 98126 | The Warmack Group
  * N and g over for dinner (from Snappy Dragon, which is only a few blocks away)
    after having looked at houses.
  & DNS has been slow.  Added comcast's server ahead of Google's in case they're doing
    that deliberately.  Things still seem slower than they should be; possibly because
    with Nova off the net I don't have a local caching DNS server anymore.

  * up 6:20; W=200.2;
  * Looked at a house with N.  Spectacular triple-wide, most of which was an L-shaped
    living room with the kitchen and entryway open from one arm of the L.  Not enough
    bedrooms to be workable under the current budget, since it would have required a tiny.
    The barn has 5 stalls plus a large indoor riding ring.  Storage shed out between the
    barn and manure pile.
  * Finally got on the phone to Safeco and updated for the new car and the apartment; I
    come out a hundred dollars or so ahead (reduction in car premiums more than covers the
    renter's insurance).
  : I have been offered an early retirement package.  I may well take it.
    % spent the bus ride home feeling stressed and numb and, and, ..., and wondering
      whether the news was going to be considered marvelous or devastating.  But the
      4-block walk in the rain to Petco, plus the 4 blocks home from there with piggy hay
      and claw clippers, left me in pretty decent shape.  Reassurance from N. that it
      wasn't a disaster at all got me calmed down.  Things are in process now, there's
      no stopping them, it will all be over in a few months, and all will be well.  And
      all manner of thing will be well.
  @ cellio | LJ to Dreamwidth in a hurry (5 minutes)
  % I do take a certain amount of naive pleasure in being able to control my apartment's
    lights and lock from my phone.  Ticia is very dubious about the lock.

  * up 6ish; W=200.2;
  * Update addresses for me and Colleen in ../../contacts
  * To Monroe with N. to see the dome house.  It is gorgeous, magical, and perfect for a
    family like ours, only 20 years younger, in perfect health, and with no school-age
    kids (who would have to walk a mile to the bus stop along a twisty narrow single-lane
    gravel road.  Still, I wouldn't have missed it.
    @ 23510 105th St SE, Monroe, WA 98272 | Zillow
  @ siderea | [DW, LJ, Patreon] Welcome Back to Social Journaling

Date: 2017-04-09 11:51 pm (UTC)
madfilkentist: Photo of Carl (Default)
From: [personal profile] madfilkentist
It's a lot to deal with. Keep hacking away at it. Glad to hear you didn't have flu.

Date: 2017-04-10 12:16 am (UTC)
stardreamer: Meez headshot (Default)
From: [personal profile] stardreamer
It would have been perfect for who we were 20 years ago.

Yeah. I keep running up against that one too, in various contexts.

Date: 2017-04-10 02:36 am (UTC)
jenk: (Jen)
From: [personal profile] jenk
If you're already planning to leave Amazon, the biggest issue may be about vesting dates. Does your boss know you're leaving?

Date: 2017-04-12 10:26 pm (UTC)
septemberlilac: (Default)
From: [personal profile] septemberlilac
Even apart from practical considerations, sometimes one's sanity needs to take precedence. BTW, are you going to be at Norwescon?

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