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So, it was a week.

I actually got in a couple of walks, so that's good. Half an hour takes me to the bus stop at Goss Lake and E. Harbor, so it makes a nice turnaround. It is, unfortunately, uphill coming back. But a nice walk. I've also been making progress with shelving, and the last pod arrived, with our mattresses, so I could put the beds together. And I have Flame and Snuggles, my guitars, back.

That was the good stuff. On the other hand, ...

I also paid the outrageous copay for Colleen's humira, and (after something like six hours on the phone spread across multiple calls) got what I hope is correct information about how much I'll be paying before the "catastrophic" coverage kicks in. The whole system isn't designed for patients -- it's designed to transfer money from the large corporations that pay for their employees' insurance, to "insurance" companies, and from there to drug companies. As soon as one transitions to Medicare the "copay assistance" card goes away, and your copay goes from $5 to $1400.

Meanwhile, two of our four cats had pretty serious upper respiratory infections. They responded to antibiotics, thank goodness! but...

And it being that kind of a week, one of our toilets isn't draining properly, and I can't reach the problem with a snake. So tomorrow we'll have to call a plumber. Oh, joy! And, it being that kind of week, I got confused about the beds and swapped the head and foot ends. This doesn't work so well with adjustable beds, because the ends adjust differently. Fortunately they roll, but I may still have to do some extra work.

Notes & links:

  * up 7:55; W=200.6; shower
  @ SoundConverter - GNOME Sound Conversion (Don Marti: Extracting just the audio from big video files)
  * The Brother mfp is back in operation, now that it has yellow ink.
  * heating pad is helping the back pain.
  * Walk: down to Goss Lake & E. Harbor and back.  t=1h, d=3.48mi, s=3.4mph, S=5600
    % tired, but neither exhausted nor hurting.
  * Booked hotel room in Portland for the night of the 20th (solar eclipse eve)
  * put up hanger strip to the left of our bedroom door, where the wood shelves were
  * down 0:10

  * up 6:45ish; W=202;
  * Dang, Nghia <> mortgage insurance and LTC insurance
    As it turns out, the scooter disqualifies Colleen.  So, ...
  * 15min:  cleared out the sheets and towels in the sewing corner, with Joey
    -> turned up a go-bag and the TV from N's room.
  @ What it’s like to watch the Senate debate whether your life is as valuable as a tax
    cut for Trump (patoadam in mdlbear | Done last week (20170723Su - 0729Sa))
  * To Ace for a vacuum cleaner.  Got a Bissel - compared to an almost identical Hoover it
    was specifically pet-rated and looked easier to clean.
  $ HSX: $20.55 from CDBaby
  * up 7:55; ;
  @ Lughnasadh - Wikipedia
  * 15min:  shelf-hanging strip and standards up in sewing corner.
  : could have sworn I saw both the rolling step-stool and the other card table being
    unpodded; damned if I know.
    -> found.  Table toward the front; stool under the back left shelves behind the bed
       rails.  Stool in kitchen; I'm using the white folding table for sewing.
  x 11am:  (cleaning lady) Monica -> late -> no-show
  * Scotch eggs (1.5) for lunch
  * 15min:  sewing table installed; sewing machine on it.  Not much space underneath.
  * walk: just out to Melody Lane.  Picked up mail on the way back.
    : somebody out on Nautilus just bought a blue Bolt.
  * Move scooter to Rosie; verify placard in Rosie.
    & just as an experiment, drove scooter up the steepest part of the driveway.  Worked.
      It's possible that the secret is not to put too much weight on the front wheel.
  * Garbage cans to curb.  g did most of it; I helped with the wheelless one.

  * up 6:55; W=200.8;
  * Call from Accredo about copay.  paid with Amex; ordered next shipment.
    now trying to find out what my next couple of payments will be.  Apparently nobody can
    (or is allowed to) answer that.  I've been on this call for over an hour at this point
    (10:52) 1475, 1475, call dropped after 1:49, mostly on hold.
  * Pay Amex.  (Did not include the accredo copay.)
  @ The Skinny On (Uncured) Beef Bacon | Kitchn
    How to Make Beef Bacon | LEAFtv
  * 1:30 Colleen - Freeland Clinic.  Scooter and placard to Rosie.  Gina
  : another call from Express Scripts, to say that our copay assistance had been
    terminated (which I already knew) and that other assistance funds are available:
    Assistance Fund - 877-245-4412
    Patient Advocate - 866-512-3861
    Patient Access Network - 866-316-7263
    Health Well - 800-675-8416
    this shipment:  coinsurance 825 371 deductable 279.69 coverage gap. 1825.35
    1442 next.  1442.  3095 coverage gap  5% of 4370 = 249 catastrophic
  x possibly go riding with N
  : Kittens!  Hastily kitten-proofed the place; threw the quilt over our bedframes.  We'll
    also want a shelf just at the level of the top of the dryer, and something for the gap
    behind the washer (which is more complicated because of the hoses and power cords)
  @ Cracking the Case: Science Solves Ancient Mystery of Durable Roman Concrete
  * 15min:  measure for shelves
  * cancel Comcast account (thought I'd already done that, but got a bill for August)
  * update Raven.  Also the Windows install, which is of course a nightmare.  Horribly
    slow.  So far Firefox, JDK, and Chrome.
  : more kittens.  Ticia has retreated to her hidey-hole in the cylindrical cat tree
  @ On the Fear of Death | The Order of the Good Death (ysabetwordsmith)

  * Up 5:50; W=199.2;
  : we have a thundering herd of kitten.  I heard it thundering.
    # Kitten is a mass noun, like other liquids
  o Bronx's cold isn't getting better - call vet.  (S. Whidbey Animal Clinic?)
  o call additional copay assistance funds
    o Assistance Fund - 877-245-4412 -
      We may qualify for copay assist, even at $93K for a household of 2
    x Patient Advocate - 866-512-3861 -
      -> they go by disease, and Crohn's isn't one of them.
    x Patient Access Network - 866-316-7263
      Crohn's: This program is currently not accepting new applications. It may reopen
      when funds become available. 
    x Health Well - 800-675-8416
      -> 400-500% federal poverty level. (16,240 *4=64960, *5=81200) - marginal.
        Doesn't matter - the inflamatory bowel disease medicare fund is closed.
    ~ abbvie patient assistance foundation - 800-222-6885 -
      (65K income limit typical - 400%)
  @ Other Resources - HealthWell Foundation (basically a search engine)
    x - Crohn's fund closed.
    x - Crohn's not supported
    x - Crohn's not supported
    x - search engine; all it finds is Medicare
    x - no relevant resources
  * app misinformation case# 76103268 connection center team 877-558-8352
    there's another case open for the website connection problem.
  * Pod swap
  * call S. Whidbey Animal Clinic; make appointment for Bronx
  : Temperature = 87 according to Weather Underground; probably higher indoors.
  * RiteAid for pantsu, ziplocs, B12, iron, loperamide, simethecone, women's multivitamins
  & Kids off to M's by way of his sister's; N to g's room with the kittens and Cricket.
    Damn, this stuff is complicated.
  * down ~midnight

  * Up 5:45; W=199.2;
  * Country Store for piggy hay and piggy and cat litter.  Both of the latter are pine, so
    it might be possible to use the same litter for both now.
  o humira arriving 800-803-2523 (this is an Accredo number; not clear why it's here.
    Copay info?  Seems to be just their regular number.)
  * Bed setup with N and G".  Mattresses, quilts, and everything.
  * Pod extraction with N and G".  Maybe a quarter of it; we found the mattresses,
    guitars, Rebel, and a lot of the shelving, including C.'s baker's rack.  No air
    conditioner, though; that must be buried somewhere.  N. really needs it.
  # Possessives of name abbreviations should either be of the form Ns or N.'s to prevent
    confusion between the apostrophe and a prime.
  : Ticia has been using the box I set up with her towel.  Box of cat.  Adorable.
  * 4pm Bronx South Whidbey Animal Clinic 11197 Sr 525 Clinton, WA 98236 (N)
    -> Brooklyn is doing fine; Bronx is quite sick with a bacterial upper respiratory and
       sinus infection; got antibiotics.  One injection that should be enough for 2 weeks.
  * tuned and played Snuggles.  Wildwood Flower, talking blues, Freight Train.
  * brought nightstand peds into bedroom
  * tuned and played Flame.  Wheelin', Millennium's Dawn, Lilly, Desolation Row
  * Gina made caprese; there's enough for another plate, which I will make later.
  @ mdlbear | River: Amethyst Rose: 27
  : Cricket in rather bad shape; seems dehydrated.  Suggested lactose-free milk, since she
    doesn't drink water.  Called vet to ask for an early appointment.
  * up 7ish; W=198.6(!);
  : Cricket drank some of the milk!  N will take her to the vet.  If she can't get seen
    this morning the nearest emergency vets are in Mt. Vernon and Lynnwood.
    -> 11:20
  @ Filk the World | Folklounge (Daniel Kelly)
    @ The Sun is Also a Warrior by Leslie Fish (Cover) - YouTube
  @ Euler–Mascheroni constant - Wikipedia (The mystery of 0.577 - Numberphile)
  : I can hear the ferry's foghorn.  Also the hiss of several different fans in the house
  @ Moon_Ghazals.pdf  Not sure where I got this.  Found on an open tab.
    Poetry Form - The Ghazal
  * 11:20 Cricket - S. Whidbey Animal Clinic (N) - not eating, dehydrated, lethargic
    (I went along for company and support)
    -> definitely dehydrated; gas in the intestines; abdominal pain (hopefully just due to
       the gas, though more serious things, including FIP, can't be ruled out); fever
    -> we need a household altar to Bast
  * Payless for canned tuna, salmon, and chicken to tempt Cricket; picked up a few other
    items including large ziplok bags and LED bulbs.  They only had 40W~ and 50W~, not 60
    or 100.  Probably have to go to Home Despot in Oak Harbor for those.
  * On C.'s suggestion of a baby bottle or doll's bottle for Cricket, went to RiteAid and
    got a couple of alternatives.  The one that seems to work is the syringe.
  @ Hey kids, favicon!
    Favicon Generator for all platforms: iOS, Android, PC/Mac...
  @ Shipping to any destination: The convenient, mobile home that does not need to be
    built | Pionic (comment in mdlbear | Done this month (20170702Su - 15Sa))
  : Managed to set the beds up swapped head-for-foot.  Purely a case of not remembering
    that the motors belong at the foot; not sure what the heck I was thinking.
  * down 11:30ish

Date: 2017-08-07 07:58 am (UTC)
acelightning: adorable little bunny blinking adorably (bunnyblink)
From: [personal profile] acelightning
Submitted for information purposes:

When my household included rabbits, we used pine or cedar shavings for bedding for a while, until the 4H rabbit club my (then pre-teen) son belonged to taught that any kind of wood is bad, because they all give off various volatile substances that can irritate the animals' feet, urogenital area, and upper respiratory tract. We switched to shredded newspapers, and our rabbits were much healthier. (Incidentally, used rabbit litter makes extremely good compost.) We also switched from clay-based cat litter to pellets made out of recycled newspaper - a container of that weighed far less than an equivalent-size container of ordinary litter!

Date: 2017-08-08 08:12 am (UTC)
acelightning: server surrounded by rabbits (bunnyserver)
From: [personal profile] acelightning
You're welcome!

Date: 2017-08-07 08:36 am (UTC)
gingicat: drawing of me based on wedding photo (Default)
From: [personal profile] gingicat
Isn't Humira one of the drugs where you can apply for financial assistance directly from the manufacturer?
Edited Date: 2017-08-07 08:44 am (UTC)

Date: 2017-08-07 12:33 pm (UTC)
amaebi: (Default)
From: [personal profile] amaebi
Argh. :/

Date: 2017-08-07 09:04 pm (UTC)
kyleri: (Default)
From: [personal profile] kyleri
Wheeeeeee cat illnesses. An altar to Bast is ALWAYS a good idea. May everyone recover well & inexpensively.

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