Jun. 26th, 2007

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I need some help on this one. Listening to the latest dump, I found the transition from "Little Computing Machine" to "Silk and Steel" to be rather jarring.

So I'm wondering... )
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Headphones to Shut Out the World - New York Times
PANASONIC RP-HC500 The pleasantly smushy-edged earcups on this new model do an excellent job of isolating your ears. That may be one reason the noise cancellation works so well; all but the highest frequencies are subtracted. Better still, the music reproduction is stellar, especially in the crisp, clean higher registers.

I waited to look up the prices for these products until after I’d tested them. So I was astonished to discover that you can find these online for $100. You get quality that’s nearly indistinguishable from the Boses — for a third the price.
The Panasonic phones look like the best of the lot for the price. Pogue seems to like headphones that sit on your ears instead of around them. I can't stand them, which eliminates his other low-cost favorite, the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7.

Since there's air travel in my near future, ...

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