Nov. 23rd, 2011

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Monday was pretty good, except for a couple of red flags. Productive at work, for once, with a full afternoon of coding (writing a makefile that makes RSS feeds -- hee!). That was fun.

After sleeping on it, I ordered a TASCAM US-800, which Musician's Friend has on sale this month. Linux support is a little iffy, but at that price for a USB-powered interface with six mic preamps, I figure it's worth the risk.

And a short walk (it was cold and moisty), and some music practice.

And I forgot to mention it in Sunday's notes, but Colleen has actually started sewing! Cut out a set of PJ bottoms, all by herself on the scooter.


At 11:30ish I had a major adrenaline spike. Out of the blue, as far as I could tell. In some people, I suppose it would have been a panic attack; fortunately there are some major advantages to being almost completely unaware of my emotions.

And sometime in the afternoon, I started getting neuropathy symptoms, specifically a burning sensation in the sole of my right foot when I walked on it. DO NOT LIKE!

There are good links in the notes; check them out. I should get to work soon.

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mdlbear: the positively imaginary half of a cubic mandelbrot set (Default)

You know it's been a bad day when hearing of Anne McCaffrey's death wasn't the worst thing to happen. Or even the second worst.

The neuropathy was the second worst. Both feet, feeling like they were on fire after standing for a few minutes. Probably diabetic neuropathy, though there could be other explanations.

And then there was hearing that one of my good friends had assaulted her partner, my sister of choice [ profile] pocketnaomi, in a fit of blind anger. Naomi and her kids are safe, but I was shocked and saddened. I will post more on this later. Soon.

Physical pain isn't always the worst kind.

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